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To: Premier Rockliff

Fair Go for Tasmania

We urgently need the Government to invest in Tasmanian public sector workers who deliver the essential services that we all rely on.

This means:
- Fair Pay for Tasmanian State Servants.
- Invest in education, health, emergency and community services.
- Attract, retain and recruit workers.
- Fix the services, invest in Tasmanians.

Why is this important?

The public services we all rely on - schools, hospitals, health care services, courts, child protection, fire and rescue, community services and more - have now faced staffing shortages and under-resourcing for many years, leaving Tasmanians missing out.

Record vacancies, and an inability to attract and retain workers threatens to deepen the crisis in our public sector. The workers that carried us through COVID and support us when we need it most are also suffering from the skyrocketing cost of living that is hurting all workers.

At the same time, many of Tasmania's public sector workers including firefighters and child safety staff are some of the lowest paid in the country.

But they're being insulted by a Premier who fails to recognise that with a fair pay rise.

Stand with us to demand a fair go for Tasmania.

Tasmania, Australia

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