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To: All Levels of Government

Government's to Ease Living Costs

Bendigo Trades Hall calls on all levels of Government to help ease the pressure on all Australians due to the rising cost of living.
Our demands:
1) Living income for all
2) Close the gender pay gap
3) Free Childcare
4)Increase public housing to meet demand
Government's at all levels can and should introduce policies that help the working class people of all age race and gender.

Why is this important?

Cost of living keeps going up while wages and conditions are continually eroded away, people receiving government support are trying to get by with just $42 a day and living in poverty. The gap between wages for men and women is still around 22.8%. The dream of owning your own home has become out of reach for too many people with rentals also becoming more unaffordable, meaning the demand for public housing is increasing.

How it will be delivered

We will email all state and federal and many of the local governments as well. This issue is shared by all of us.


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