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To: QLD state government

Help save lives and low the cost of living for low income earners

I want the QLD state government to install air conditioning in state govt homes to help regulate those that have problems regulating there body temperature: babies, the disabled, children, the elderly and low income earners

I also want the Qld state govt. to supply department of housing homes with solar panels to combat the high cost of living for low income earners or those on low incomes.

Why is this important?

People are dying in govt state homes due to not being able to control there body temperature because the Qld state government won’t install air conditioning into government housing.

Also it’s unfair that homeowners are paying next to nothing for electricity because of solar panels and the Qld state is giving them all the rewards. For equality the low income earner should also be entitled to this as well.

For those who are homeowners please read the article because there’s something in there for you that will also benefit you. Thank you and keep safe.

How it will be delivered

I will present this petition to the Premier of Qld and have her make it legislation