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To: The University of Tasmania and the State Government

It's Time for Action: Demand Action on Sexual Assault at UTas

It's Time for Action: Demand Action on Sexual Assault at UTas

Immediate action on sexual harassment and violence at the University of Tasmania. .

Why is this important?

According to the Australian Human Rights Commission report released on the 1st of August, over half of all students at UTas were sexually harassed in 2016, and 6.5% were sexually assaulted

Of these students the vast majority did not seek help from the university, and 0% made a formal report about the incident.

While the Vice-Chancellor Peter Rathjen has since come out to say sexual violence is “never OK,” we are yet to see the university take action on any specific incident, or commit implementing a system that offers any real support to students.

What students need is not more slogans, or hollow campaigns, but fast and immediate action from the university that tells that they believe us, that it’s not our fault, and that we will have justice.

Sign the petition and join the UTas Women’s Collective, and Tasmanian Young Labor members, as we call on the State Government and the University of Tasmania to to commit to implementing:

A standard sexual assault reporting model which recognises the rule of law

Clear penalties for perpetrators of sexual assault and violence


A full-time trauma informed counsellor that specialises in harassment and sexual violence.

Reasons for signing

  • I know someone who was a victim of gross group sexual assult, druging and rape in 1986. She was unable to finish her medical degree and is still, 32 years later, working full time trying to heal the damage
  • I signed because I feel that the sentences for sexual predators are hugely insubstantial and their rights post serving their sentences, especially when little or no remorse is shown, should not be the same as they are for every one else. They should definitely not be allowed to mingle with young, vulnerable people on our university campuses.
  • if we don't someone else may become a victim


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