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To: Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Keep Our Commbank Open

Keep Our Commbank Open

We the undersigned request that the Commonwealth Bank of Australia reconsider its decision to close their branch operating out of the Logan Central Plaza in Logan City.

Why is this important?

The Commonwealth Bank is withdrawing their services from Logan Central Plaza, a move that will impact hundreds of local pensioners, not-for-profit groups, families and local business.

Distressed residents from the local community are coming to me asking for help to reverse this mean-spirited decision. The planned closure is outrageous and lacking in community spirit.

I regularly hold mobile offices at Logan Central Plaza and the queues to get into the bank can span the frontage of several shop tenancies. The people who frequent the bank then go on to spend money in the local shopping centre which in turn supports local jobs. Moving the bank away from the centre will move the spending capacity of local residents.

This quiet closure of the local bank has come at a time when business is just starting to get on their feet post-covid, when pensioners are starting to feel confident about heading out to the shops for social outings and when families are receiving an income again.

I have written to the Finance Sector Union and the Commonwealth Bank asking for a reversal of the decision. It is important to note that the staff from Commbank know locals, know their circumstances and know their challenges. A lot of clients are aged, come from CALD backgrounds and have trust in the staff that have been servicing their financial needs in a prompt and professional manner for years.

I urge residents and community members to sign the petition and let Commbank know we need our local bank branches to be active in our community. Invest in us like we do in you.

74 Wembley Rd, Logan Central QLD 4114, Australia

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Reasons for signing

  • Im a 77 year old who relies on Anglicare to take me shopping once a fortnight to do my banking/food shopping. I only have 1.5 hour in total to physically get in the car (im in a wheelchair and have a breathing machine), visit the bank and complete all of my food shopping for the fortnight. Moving the bank will mean I will have to choose between doing my food shopping or getting money. This isnt right and I'm sure there are alot of people who feel the same.
  • The bank is busy always and I am a pensioner with phyical disabilities, springwood is too far for someone with no car
  • This bank is convient and while banking I then go shopping at that centre. To relocate the bank will kill off the shopping centre. Business people, and people of all ages need this bank to remain here. It's stupid to move it and then the other ones within 30mins travelling distance will close in the end then what do we do. Elderly people don't do on line banking and business need the bank open to deposit takings into. Save this bank please


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