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To: Dominic Perrottet

Keep Sydney Water in public hands!

The NSW Liberals have privatised almost $100 billion of public assets since they were first elected.

Dominic Perrottet and the NSW Liberals can’t be trusted on privatisation – we have to fight to protect Sydney Water and make sure it stays in public hands.

Why is this important?

The waterways in and around Sydney, as well as the water we drink, are kept safe, clean and affordable by Sydney Water, which operates for the public.

Making our harbour, coastline and drinking water a source of profit puts this at risk.

If Dominic Perrottet and the Liberals privatise Sydney Water:
• Water rates will go up by $264 a year;
• Thousands of jobs will be lost;
• Our pristine beaches and waterways are at risk.

Don’t risk our water.

Add your name to send a clear message to the NSW Premier – hands off Sydney Water!

Sydney NSW, Australia

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