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To: Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Paid Vaccination Leave for All Workers

Australia needs to be vaccinated as soon as possible. But we’re running last in the race to get it done.

We won’t reach the required levels of COVID vaccination without both significantly increased vaccine supply and a rollout program that doesn’t rely on workers to try to get the jab on weekends or during lunch breaks.

Why is this important?

The latest plan from the Morrison Government predicts 2 million jabs per week from September. But too many employers are not allowing workers to take the necessary time off to get the job. Those at the greatest risk include casuals and low paid essential workers.

No worker should have to choose between getting vaccinated and paying the bills.

Last year workers in their unions won paid-pandemic leave and Job Keeper. This year, together, we can win paid vaccination leave.

We need a strong voice to demand nationwide paid vaccination leave to give workers paid time off to get the jab and recover from any side effects.

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Nearly 50,000 workers now have access to paid vax leave in a union win today. But we need to keep the momentum going to ensure all workers in Australia will get this!

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More media reporting on channel 9 news

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Gaining momentum with media now following this campaign: