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To: The Ramsay Health Care Board of Directors

Protect, Respect and Pay Us Fairly at Ramsay Health Care!

We the undersigned Health Workers at Joondalup, Hollywood, Attadale, Glengarry, and Peel Hospitals in Western Australia call on the Ramsay Board to intervene in our EBA negotiations and help deliver a fair and reasonable outcome for all.

We need your help to protect and retain the current, experienced workforce and attract new Health Workers to support the community, with a fair pay rise and better conditions.

In our roles as frontline workers we have delivered critical and essential care to the public through an unprecedented time of a worldwide Pandemic. During this time, we have endured working understaffed creating long hours, additional shifts, and extended time away from our families.

To add to our stress the cost of living in WA has skyrocketed. The CPI inflation figure in WA for June 2022 has hit 7.4% which means on the current offer our real wages will decrease by 5.4%.

We love what we do, but the truth is the current pay offer of 2% is unacceptable. We believe this devalues all of us health workers and is not reflective of what is happening in the health industry in WA. We do not want to leave Ramsay Health but if we continue to feel undervalued and cannot earn a fair wage then the reality is we may have to.

We call on the Board to come back to the bargaining table with our representatives, the HSUWA, and present an offer that better reflects the work we do and helps us bridge the gap between the cost of living. We also ask that any pay offer is back-dated to when the pay increase was first due.

Protect Us. Respect Us. Pay Us.

Why is this important?

By signing this petition, you will be supporting thousands of critical health care workers at Ramsay Health Care, to deliver vital Health Services for the WA community.

These workers are employed with Peel Health Campus, Joondalup, Attadale and Glengarry Hospitals and have not been provided a fair pay offer which will enable them to keep up with the cost of living. Ramsay Health Care needs to be encouraged to pay Health Workers enough to demonstrate they value the work they do.

By signing the petition you will let the Ramsay Board know:

- A 2% pay increase is not enough, and will see health workers' pay go backwards in real terms.

- Health Workers have given their all, with increased workload and significant demands through COVID.  They deserve more.

- A fair pay rise will retain the current workforce and demonstrate health workers are valued.

- Competitive pay will help attract experienced health professionals to the Ramsay workforce.

You can make a difference to the lives of WA Health Workers and their families. Support the people who have supported us and sign the petition today.

How it will be delivered

Once the petition has closed on 29 August 2022, HSUWA will deliver this to the Ramsay Health Care Board of Directors to advocate for further negotiations on health worker pay.

Western Australia, Australia

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