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To: Melbourne City Council

Save Melbourne City Child Care Centre

Hey! Melbourne City Council, keep the Melbourne City Childcare center on A'Beckett Street open.

Why is this important?

As parents of pre-school kids at the Melbourne City Childcare Centre on A'Beckett Street, we are upset and angry about the hastily announced proposal from Melbourne City Council to shut the centre in four weeks.

We have been given an unreasonably short consultation period of two weeks and are feeling rushed and stressed by the sudden announcement.

We want the decision reversed because it is going to be bad for our kids, bad for our families and bad for the early childhood educators and carers who work at the centre.

Our kids need to stay with their friends and educators and carers they trust. The educators and carers need their jobs. Our families need accessible care near our work for our kids.

Melbourne City Childcare Centre provides a safe, fun and professional service to our pre-school kids. This centre offers a unique 'family' like environment. Our MCCC community is irreplaceable and the value cannot be seen in budgets and bottom lines. Our response to this proposal is a reflection of the respect and support that we have for one another.

As parents, we worry about moving our kids from their established friendships and relationships at the centre. We also worry about the confusion and stress caused by finding and settling in to new childcares.

As working families it is important that we have access to childcare near our workplaces, we know that finding other good quality centres for our kids in such a short timeframe will be incredibly difficult and stressful.

We ask that you sign this petition to call on Melbourne City Council to keep our childcare centre open.

- Parents of Melbourne City Childcare Centre, A'Beckett Street


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