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To: Cr Fiona McAllister, Mayor Yarra Ranges Shire Council and Councillors

Save Yarra Ranges Aged Care

Councillors will soon be voting again on privatising in-home Aged Care. COVID has shown the failings of the Aged Care system and Council should retain control of this vital service. The Federal Govt is not responding to the Royal Commission into Aged Care until the end of May, but recommendations from the Royal Commission include minimum Cert III for personal care and better pay - both of which Council already deliver! Privatisation will result in less qualified and lower paid workers and ultimately an inferior level of care for elderly members of our community. Councillors should vote to retain the high standard of care delivered by Council staff.

Why is this important?

Council-run home care enables those in need to live independently at home for as long possible. Being able to retain a sense of independence is so important for mental and emotional health. Our ageing relatives, friends and neighbours deserve to retain the quality care they get from our highly trained Council workers

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