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To: Spotless Group Holdings

Spotless: Give your laundry workers paid pandemic leave

Because union members stood together and took action, Spotless laundry workers at Dandenong have won conditions to keep themselves and their community safe, including:

-Paid leave will be granted for the days they refused to work due to unsafe conditions.

-Every Spotless Dandenong worker, full-time, part-time or casual, will receive a minimum of $150 per day pandemic pay.

-Conciliation around safely re-opening the workplace are ongoing between the company and the workers in their Union.

Low-wage migrant Spotless laundry workers in Dandenong took a stand for public and community health after one of their co-workers tested positive for COVID-19.

They stayed home because they were fearful of the safety risk of contracting COVID-19 at work.

Instead of managing the health risks, Spotless took the workforce to the Fair Work Commission as more co-workers tested positive. After workers took action, the Department of Health and Human Services ordered the closing of the facility on Friday 31st July and that all workers be tested for COVID-19.

Spotless has yet to make a decision about paying their workers pandemic leave while they are in enforced quarantine to prevent the spread of the virus.

Spotless workers did the right thing by the community and now it is time for Spotless to finally do the right thing by the workers!

Why is this important?

Spotless Group Holdings is an integrated services company that also provides laundry management to hospitals and the broader health care system. Spotless laundry workers handle COVID linen from health care providers.

Paid pandemic leave will give workers the peace of mind to take leave when they feel sick, even if they are casuals.

It means no worker has to choose between their health and paying the bills; or worry about their next pay check when self isolating.

For the good of the community, the workers and the company, Spotless must give workers paid pandemic leave now.



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