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To: Scott Morrison

Coronavirus - A guaranteed wage subsidy to save jobs now!

The Morrison Government must provide a guaranteed wage subsidy to all working people immediately.

Why is this important?

Working Australians have been dealt a body blow by the impact of the coronavirus. Millions of workers are facing the very real prospect of losing their job and they need the government to act.

Sign our petition and tell the Morrison government it must provide a guaranteed wage subsidy to all working people immediately to save jobs.

Other countries' governments have already done this. The UK government is guaranteeing 80% of people's wages. It’s time Scott Morrison gave Australian workers the same assurance that they are not being abandoned.

Scott Morrison has announced a wage subsidy for Australian workers, but it excludes 500,000 casuals and over 1 million temporary visa holders.

Let the Prime Minister know that it is only by keeping people in jobs that the future of Australian workers, their families and their communities can be secured.

If we guarantee wages now we will keep people in jobs and out of welfare. Sign the petition for a guaranteed wage subsidy and let Scott Morrison know Australian workers need a government that puts the well-being of workers first.

Reasons for signing

  • The arts as an industry create and sustain more jobs than fossil fuel industries. Stop subsidising a dead end, unproductive non sustainable tax rort and put that money in an industry that genuinely creates long term growing employment i.e. the creative industries. Thank you.
  • Casuals should be included in JobKeeper! And so should the tertiary education system.
  • Government needs people to still have basic living standards and also retain their jobs. Wage subsidies are the only way.


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