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To: Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk & Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner

COVID-19 - Call time on Term 1

Your recent support of our "COVID-19 - Call time on Term 1" petition has resulted in governments finally taking action to move our schools to student free mode from this week.

Our schools are now exploring ways to ensure school sites remain safe for the staff and small numbers of students who continue to attend given their parents are required workers including emergency services and health care workers.

Critically, our teachers and school support staff are now using this time to develop and enhance the online learning provided to students off-site.

School employees, parents and concerned community members call for an immediate nationwide end of Term 1 in schools and early childhood education centres.

The health and safety of everyone in the school community is paramount in the face of COVID-19.

School employees with underlying health conditions, those aged 60+, First Nations peoples aged 50+, those who are pregnant and those who provide care for elderly relatives within their own household should, with immediate effect, be permitted to work from home or granted ex-gratia paid leave.

There must also be an orderly transition to emergency schooling arrangements.

Arrangements should include support for continued school attendance of the children of workers required in their workplaces including children of emergency services and health care workers.

Resources and protocols to enable remote teaching and online learning require urgent confirmation.

An end of term with student free days would allow teachers and school support staff time to develop the remote learning modules and programs which will be needed to facilitate ongoing student learning given the new reality facing our communities.

Why is this important?

Our union’s primary concern is that schools cannot currently meet either their legislative Work, Health and Safety (WHS) obligations or their duty of care to both their employees and students while the school term continues.




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