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To: Australians of voting age

Calling for a vote of no confidence in the Morrison government.

Sign the e-petition calling on members of parliament to raise a no confidence vote in the Morrison government.
Copy and paste the link and share via email and social media with the reasons why you think a vote of no confidence should take place. Use #VoteNoConfidence

Why is this important?

I created the petition based on the myriad of scandals the Morrison government is embroiled in. The prime minister isn’t honestly dealing with allegations of corruption and rorting. He isn’t taking climate action seriously and the political/financial interference of the fossil fuel industry is likely behind that. He’s hell bent on rolling out of the Indue card despite evidence of how it disadvantages the most vulnerable people. And there’s an overall lack of accountability, transparency and integrity. Where is a Federal ICAC? The list goes on. I could also include the unwillingness to implement recommendations from Royal Commissions, the poor response to the bushfire crisis, and the rise of right wing extremism, and claiming a surplus from the NDIS underspend while splashing money around dodgy contracts with Indue, Paladin and others with links to the LNP.
I truly believe that if enough ordinary people stand up we can let politicians know that democracy belongs to us and not to them.
They should serve the public good and not just be in it for themselves, and the power that comes with their elected positions. When they make bad decisions, they need to take responsibility and be answerable to us.
I’m sure there’s enough of us who want to give the prime minister the message: Scotty from marketing - we’re not buying what you’re selling.


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