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To: Vice-Chancellors

Coronavirus: Don’t make uni staff pay!

We're in a crisis and we need Vice-Chancellors to act now. We demand they:

1. Guarantee special paid leave for all uni staff, including casuals, for any Coronavirus related absence including for any shutdowns, compulsory isolation or caring commitments.

2. Support the call on Prime Minister Morrison & Treasurer Frydenberg for a targeted stimulus package to save jobs and protect tertiary education.

We need our rights at work, so we can protect our health at home.

Universities are rich enough to protect their staff and keep our community safe - it’s time to do the right thing and act now.

Why is this important?

No university worker should be forced to choose between quarantine and feeding their family.

The Coronavirus Covid-19 crisis is engulfing Australia - and our universities are in the eye of the storm. Right now, job security is health security and we need university Vice-Chancellors to do the right thing by staff, students and the public.

That means securing our rights at work so we can protect our health at home.

No-one can predict how long this crisis will continue - perhaps weeks or months. That's why we need to lock in firm commitments from university employers now to keep things fair, and keep us safe.

Reasons for signing

  • Cuts to staff erode the quality of eduction. Students will suffer. This is a death spiral for universities. The gov needs to properly fund tertiary education.
  • Hold the university boards and the government accountable for fair work conditions in the current economic crisis which the latter is responsible for creating in the first place by unnecessarily shutting down the economy.
  • All academics should be provided with the same financial support that is being offered to other Australians whose employment and incomes are affected by the pandemic, without distinction. The employment situation of Australian academics was already atrocious before the pandemic. Universities are themselves part of that problem but have not yet become part of any solution.


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