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To: Members of NSW Parliament

Stop the NSW Government fining striking workers

The NSW Government is proposing fines of up to $110,000 for workers in their unions who strike - nurses, teachers, paramedics and many others will be silenced.

But it can be stopped. The Government does not have a majority in Parliament and we must convince MPs to support worker's rights.

Why is this important?

Unions of nurses, teachers, paramedics, cleaners, transport workers, child protection workers and many more are saying their jobs and conditions are under immense stress.

The NSW Government is ignoring their pleas for help. Workers have been left with little choice but to strike to force the government to listen.

So the NSW Government has proposed fines of up to $110,000 for striking. It's unfair and undemocratic - workers will suffer in silence and their unions fined if they take action.

But it can be stopped. The Liberals and National Government does not hold a majority in Parliament. If Labor, independents and just 3 minor parties team up they will have a majority to overturn the new fines. The vote is expected in early August - which means we have just a few weeks to act.

Add your name to send a clear message to members of the NSW Parliament - you must use your vote to protect essential worker's rights.
New South Wales, Australia

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