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To: The Australian Government

LANTITE Campaign

To allow all students Nationally to graduate without the LANTITE.

It will provide students with the choice to participate in the LANTITE for teacher registration or use their degree for other avenues of study or employment.
Alternatively, students who began their degree prior to July 2016 to be exempt from the LANTITE. No student was informed of the LANTITE prior to entering leaving them with a HECS debt of $40,000.00 or more, with no degree and the inability to pay the debt they incurred for a degree they have not received.

Why is this important?

Literacy and Numeracy Test for Initial Education Students [LANTITE] and the administration of LANTITE.

We can understand your frustration given Education and the COVID-19 pandemic; We believe you can understand and appreciate our frustration in regard to the LANTITE and our inability to graduate. As a result, we implore you for your support in removing the Literacy and Numeracy Test for Initial Education Students (LANTITE) administered by ACER as a graduate requirement.

These students have successfully completed the units in their degrees, as well as professional practise in the form of placements. Throughout degrees and placements, the importance of literacy and numeracy is highlighted.

We implore you to support the removal of LANTITE as a graduation requirement. In doing so, you will be contributing and assisting Australia’s economic return through this pandemic.

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