Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
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    Created by NTEU Monash Branch
  • Boycott CSR Gyprock products until all workers are paid fairly!
    Thanks to union and community support, CSR Gyprock workers in Yarraville have won. Workers will now get a fair and reasonable pay increase that keeps up with the cost of living. Thanks for sticking up for workers and CFMEU members - merry Christmas and happy New Year.
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    Created by CFMEU Vic/Tas
  • Protect LGBTQ+ Victorians from discrimination
    The Victorian government passed new discrimination protections! This new law that was passed means that religious organisations and schools in Victoria will no longer be able to sack or refuse to hire people based on protected attributes such as sexuality, gender identity or martial status. Congrats to everyone who fought so hard for this win.
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    Created by Equality Australia and Independent Education Union Vic/Tas
  • Stop Scott Morrison's Undemocratic Voting Laws
    We stopped Scott Morrison's undemocratic voting laws.
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    Created by United Workers Union Picture
  • Tell Sydney Trains To Stop Targeting Our Delegates
    Our elected representatives need to have the ability to represent us, the members, free of harassment and the threat of disciplinary hanging over their heads like the hangman's noose. The actions displayed from Sydney Trains set a terrible precedent and will impede the movement's ability to bargain into the future due to workplace delegates being in fear of the employment.
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    Created by Scarlett Bellette
  • Titanic Williamstown: Don’t throw hospo workers overboard!
    BREAKING: Eleven Hospo Voice members at the Titanic Williamstown have won back more than $5000 in stolen wages and super. This battle’s been epic and inspiring. Workers got organised and joined Hospo Voice. They spoke out on Fair Plate, then in the media. They used our Member Hub tools & resources. They got huge public support. And stood ready to go all the way, including covering Williamstown in some oar-some union posters to shame the Titanic. That's what it took to win back their stolen wages and get solid proof the Titanic is making repayments to the ATO for their stolen super, which was finally provided. Rumour has it the Titanic is keen to reopen soon, but with one member still in negotiations over his outstanding wages and leave, we stand ready to turn up the pressure again at a moment’s notice. That’s union power. ✊✊✊ Wanna stand up and fight back for your stolen wages & super? Join now:
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    Created by Titanic Theatre Workers
  • Woolworths: Wage equality now!
    Woolworths Wyong members have voted to return to work on Thursday 6 August after the company made the following offer: - All level 1's and 3's will receive a 11.2% increase over 3 years, which is almost double what was offered before the strike - All level 2's who have had 6 years service with the company will be made level 3's, meaning their pay will increase by 17.4% over 3 years, which is almost double what was offered before the strike - An 80:20 ratio will apply of permanents to casuals (including agency casuals) - the best one in the Woolworths supply chain, with nothing offered before strike - Both Woolworths and agency casuals have the right to convert after 12 months' service, with a fairer, transparent conversion process that favours tenure above other factors. - Site rates of pay for agency casuals to be put in MOU - Redundancy cap doubled in the event of site closure - from 40 weeks to 82 weeks - Union rights and recognition including paid union meetings - Family and domestic violence leave - 5 paid and 5 unpaid - Natural disaster leave of 2 days paid after devastating NSW bushfires earlier this year We are proud of our members for taking the fight to one of the biggest companies in this country and inspiring all workers to not just have to accept whatever scraps are tossed their way in this pandemic, but instead stand up, unite and fight for good wages and conditions, decent jobs and a more equal society.
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    Created by United Workers Union
  • Stop the privatisation of SA Pathology
    The PSA has campaigned for two years to stop the privatisation of SA Pathology, and today the state government announced it is ruling it out. PSA members and supporters can be proud of their strong commitment to protecting this vital, world-leading public health service.
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    Created by Public Service Association of SA
  • Bridget McKenzie Resign Now
    Bridget McKenzie resigned.
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    Created by Unions NSW
  • Stop Morrison’s union-busting bill
    We welcome the Morrison Government's withdrawal of the union-busting ‘Ensuring Integrity’ legislation. Here are our priorities to get through this pandemic: 1. Stopping a second wave of COVID-19 2. Better quality secure jobs 3. Working people getting their fair share of the wealth We will make sure the voice of working people continues to be at the table, as we have been throughout the crisis, as we rebuild the economy.
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    Created by Australian Unions