Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
  • Fix Reservoir East Primary School
    Reservoir East Primary School received some exciting news last week from Robin Scott, our state local member. He announced that our school will be receiving $6.3 million funding in the next budget to build a new school. We would like to sincerely thank Robin Scott for his support and hard work in advocating for our school. In addition, we would like to express our utmost appreciation to our dedicated parents and friends who have put in massive effort lobbying on our behalf. We are incredibly lucky to have such a supportive community and parent group.
    218 Signatures
    Created by Jodi Peskett Picture
  • La La Bar Group is a wage theft empire. Raid them NOW!
    WIN! In May Hospo Voice exposed the La La Bar Group, revealing workers were being paid below award wages in envelopes stuffed with cash. On 31 July six bars in Chapel Street run by this group were raided by the watchdog. Step by step, Hospo Voice members are changing our industry. This is #UnionPower. Join us:
    1,525 Signatures
    Created by Dave, Hospo Voice member
  • Fire George Calombaris from MasterChef
    Worker win! Because of the pressure of thousands of workers in union, Channel 10 have refused George Calombaris' contract demands, sending a signal that wage theft won't be tolerated by the community. He will not return for the next season of MasterChef.
    27,009 Signatures
    Created by Orlaith Belfrage, Hospo Voice member
  • Protect Patient Safety!
    Pharmacist and Tech members at Epic won a new agreement that covers Qld employees and gives them basic rights and a big pay rise. They can now solve problems at work together through the agreement and have won paid parental leave for the first time.
    972 Signatures
    Created by Jessica Hensman
  • Fair deal for ACT Health Pharmacists
    The pharmacists at ACT Health won improved wages and workloads to address high turnover.
    277 Signatures
    Created by Professional Pharmacists Australia
  • Keep Destroyer 666 from touring Australia
    The tour has been cancelled due to the outrage expressed from across the music scene - including this petition
    168 Signatures
    Created by Mitzi McKenzie-King
  • CGU, don't lock your doors on injured workers
    With your support, the Injured Workers Network have won their next big fight! CGU agreed to meet with Injured Workers' representatives from Victorian Trades Hall Council, and have written a formal apology for their treatment of injured workers. Another important victory! Start your own campaign on Megaphone today.
    51 Signatures
    Created by Injured Workers Network
  • Chemist Warehouse: Respect Your Workers
    After two weeks on strike, NUW members at Chemist Warehouse have won a new agreement! This is union power. Workers have secured a payrise of minimum 18.75%, permanent jobs for all labour-hire casual workers on strike, and recognition of and training to deal with gendered violence, amongst other wins.
    18,663 Signatures
    Created by Chemist Warehouse workers
  • Condemn Joe's Shoe Store
    Over the last few days thousands of Hospo Voice members and supporters have piled the pressure on Joes Shoe Store over its treatment of staff. Following this pressure management at Joe’s urgently requested a meeting to seek to resolve the issues contained in Alfonso’s petition. Management has agreed to meet with Hospo Voice leaders, and allow us to review employee payslips. They have agreed to resolve any issues we uncover. Joe's has also agreed to resolve Alfonso's concerns about being underpaid wages and superannuation, and Hospo Voice leaders will meet with Joe's to ensure they comply. Congratulations to Alfonso and everyone who stood with him. This is the power of hospo workers when we stand together in a union. Join Hospo Voice:
    1,742 Signatures
    Created by Alfonso Elizondo
  • Le Bon Con: The Hipster Hotel That Fails The Pub Test
    WIN! Watchdog launches investigation into wage theft at Le Bon Ton. Huge congrats to Jess Perry & 2288 people who signed her petition. To all the wage thieves out there, we're coming for you too. This is union power.
    2,363 Signatures
    Created by Jess Perry