Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
  • Don’t Close the Door – Save Homelessness Services!
    We won! We did it! We saved Homelessness Services. The Federal Government have announced they will continue this important funding to housing and homelessness services! Because of you, they listened and together we won!
    2,440 Signatures
    Created by Australian Services Union Picture
  • Keep Destroyer 666 from touring Australia
    The tour has been cancelled due to the outrage expressed from across the music scene - including this petition
    171 Signatures
    Created by Mitzi McKenzie-King
  • 147 Signatures
    Created by National Union of Workers Picture
  • Yakult workers deserve a fair pay rise, not a kick in the guts!
    The Yakult workers reached an agreement with management on Wednesday 28 March. They successfully won all of their demands, including a 3% annual wage increase!
    257 Signatures
    Created by National Union of Workers Picture
  • Save UTAS Security Jobs
    With your support, UTAS listened to Security Officers; and as a result, United Voice members have been able to secure some significant wins through this campaign. They are: * A commitment that all jobs will be permanent with casuals only being utilised for backfill and leave * Wilson will train all those who do not yet have their cert 3 to obtain it free of charge * Wilson will consult security officers around rostering These are fantastic and hard fought for wins by United Voice members. However, members have been clear that their fight is not over until every United Voice member is given a job they can count on.
    761 Signatures
    Created by Sarah Ellis
  • Justice for Tina 為Tina討回公道
    Awesome news! Tina's determination to see her old boss held to account has paid off. On Wednesday March 29, a Federal Court judge issued an order for Shanghai Street Noodle Wizard to pay Tina the full $20,000 she is owed within 21 days. This is a massive win for Tina and for young workers. Every single boss who is trying to exploit workers on visas is now on notice. We'll be watching carefully to make sure Shanghai Street Noodle Wizards pays up, and if he doesn't - we'll be back!
    1,121 Signatures
    Created by Amy - Young Workers Centre
  • Sacked for requesting fair pay!
    My former employers at Barry Café have finally apologised - and they are taking steps to pay back stolen wages to me and other workers. This is union power! This is why hundreds of hospo workers across the state are joining Hospo Voice, speaking out and fighting back against wage theft:
    3,996 Signatures
    Created by Anna Langford
  • 6 Signatures
    Created by Louise Dillon
  • McCormick: Treat your workers with respect!
    After almost six weeks on strike, United Workers Union members at McCormick voted to accept a new offer from the company. For five years McCormick has worked to slash hard-won conditions and offered a 0% pay rise. After almost six weeks on strike, McCormick workers have managed to retain all the conditions and won a fair pay rise. The offer includes: - Retaining ALL previous conditions the company wanted to remove including the 4 day week roster - 9% pay rise across 3 years - $5000 sign on bonus From the start, workers knew this was bigger than just one site. This has been a fight for respect for all essential workers who toiled through the pandemic, while their companies made massive profits, only to be told that there was no money for a pay rise and that workers had to accept what they were given. But McCormick workers drew a line in the sand and said enough is enough. This win has shown that when workers stand united, they can win! Thank you to the more than 1250 people who donated, to the unions who supported workers on the ground and anyone who attended the strike or took action to support these workers! We are a mighty movement!
    4,520 Signatures
    Created by McCormick's employees
  • We need a Sex Discrimination Commissioner now!
    After a lengthy delay the Federal Government has finally appointed a Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner. Over 200 people signed our petition calling for the urgent filling of this position given the obvious need to tackle sexism at work. Current VEOHRC Commissioner Kate Jenkins has been appointed to the role. Ms Jenkins has a strong background in the area of employment law and in investigating the impact of sexism at work including chairing the Independent Review into sex discrimination and sexual harassment, including predatory behaviour, within Victoria Police; establishing the Victorian-based Male Champions of Change program and the upcoming review into equity and gender within the MFB and CFA. There has been a history of appointing women from diverse backgrounds to this role, all of whom have done an excellent job in raising issues of systemic discrimination that impact on the human rights of women. There is a lot to be done! We look forward to raising the concerns of Victorian working women with Ms Jenkins when she takes up the role.
    224 Signatures
    Created by We Are Union Women Picture