Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
  • Guarantee casual uni staff sick pay and leave!
    The possibility of university-wide shutdowns in response to the COVID-19 virus is a terrifying one for casual and insecure workers who have no sick pay or leave entitlements. In Australian public universities, more than half of all teaching at our universities is delivered by casual staff, we are not marginal we are the backbone of the sector. This means that in the event of a shutdown, thousands of university staff are facing the loss of income they rely on to pay the bills and keep food on the table or even job losses. Casual workers who become sick in the coming weeks and months will have to decide whether they can afford to self-isolate or quarantine. This is both unconscionable and dangerous. The responsibility for this disastrous situation lies squarely on the shoulders of university managements who have responded to declining public funding by building an insecure workforce – all while enjoying some of the highest salaries in the world for university executives. So far, only Macquarie University has guaranteed access to sick pay and leave for casual staff in the event of self-isolation or shutdown. This is a welcome decision and we call on all other universities to follow their example. Currently, universities remain open for business, but the COVID-19 travel bans and public health crisis have given spendthrift universities across Australia an excuse to cut jobs. Frontline teaching staff have already lost work and more job losses are threatened. At the same time, staff workloads have intensified as student support needs have escalated. Despite the number of unknowns facing Australian universities, one thing is certain: domestic and international students will need more support – not less – because of the disruption caused by COVID-19. A well-staffed university workforce is fundamental if we are to meet the needs of students during this public health crisis. Casual staff must not pay the price for the COVID-19 outbreak. We are not a ‘soft expense’ to be cut when convenient, nor should we have to choose between our health, the health of our students and colleagues, and putting food on the table. By March 18 all universities must guarantee: · Casual staff continue to be paid if they are required to self-isolate. This is a basic requirement to secure the welfare of casual staff and ensure the safety of the university community. · Casual staff continue to be paid in the event of university shutdowns, even if they are unable to work from home. Casual staff perform work in teaching and research that is core to the mission of universities. Retention and support of casual staff must be a university priority. · Stop job cuts and austerity measures. Universities need more – not less – frontline staff to support and retain students through this difficult time. Endorsed by: NTEU UniMelb Casuals Network, NTEU ANU Casuals Committee, NTEU UoN Casuals Collective, NTEU UQ Casuals Caucus
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    Created by NTEU UniMelb, ANU, UoN & UQ Casuals Picture
  • UniMelb must pay Arts tutors for Lecture Attendance
    Lecture attendance is crucial for university teaching. While 16 university management executives are making more than a combined $10 million and students are paying more than $50,000 for degrees, 4000 staff members are having to work 2-3 casual teaching jobs to make ends meet. This petition responds to the cessation of payment for lecture attendance in the School of Culture and Communication, but advocates for all staff and students in the Faculty of Arts. For the University of Melbourne to have a vibrant intellectual community, that community needs a place to meet and belong. The lecture theatre is one of the few fixed locations on campus where tutors carry out their work alongside lecturers and coordinators. Content isn’t merely disseminated downward from the lectern. The lecture theatre is a space where practitioners share knowledge before, during, and after the lecture itself. It is an important space for lecturers to receive feedback and contribute to ongoing discussions, and for senior tutors to mentor junior tutors. The integrity of the tutorial space is in question when lecture attendance is neither expected of tutors, nor paid. In order to appropriately model and support student engagement with course content, tutors need to attend lectures. Tutors provide the majority of face-to-face contact students have throughout their degrees. Students need assurance that the Faculty values best practice pedagogy, and that their tutors have a meaningful relationship to the campus they work on and the content they teach. We, the undersigned, petition the Faculty of Arts to recognise that staff working conditions are student learning conditions, that lecture attendance is vital pedagogical work, and that tutors must be paid for this work separately from and in addition to tutorial preparation.
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    Created by NTEU UniMelb, ANU, UoN & UQ Casuals Picture
  • Support for global climate strike September 20
    The call from students organising the strike states: “Last year’s UN intergovernmental panel on climate change’s special report on global warming was clear about the unprecedented dangers of going beyond 1.5C of global heating. Emissions must drop rapidly – so that by the time we are in our mid- and late-20s we are living in a completely transformed world. But to change everything, we need everyone.” Already the NTEU, the GSA and UMSU who represent staff and students at the University of Melbourne, have endorsed this call to action. We will work together to ensure the widest possible stoppage of work and study so that staff and students can attend demonstrations on this historic day. The University of Melbourne has an opportunity to be a global leader on climate action – an opportunity that staff and students want the University to take. Climate change and climate action is a top concern within our university community for students and staff. As students and workers in the higher education sector, we have a particular responsibility and opportunity to campaign on climate action. Universities will play a leading role in the research and development and retraining that will be needed for the transition. Our fight against casualisation and the marketisation and commodification of education is inseparable from supporting our fellow workers and unionists in energy, transportation, and agricultural industries to decarbonise the economy and create dignified clean energy jobs. Transforming our destructive relationship with the environment requires a system change at all social, economic and political levels. To that end we stand with Indigenous people in struggles to protect their lands and waters from impending expansion of fossil fuel projects. We stand with workers in fossil fuel industries and their communities facing insecure work and an uncertain future. We stand against the vested corporate and political interests placing profits above the future of the planet. Students and staff call for the University of Melbourne to be bold on climate action and agree to stop work and class for all members of the university community to join the global climate strike on September 20th. There is no education on a dead planet.
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  • Ichi Group: Stop Exploiting Migrant Workers
    Dozens of people came to our action at 127 Brunswick St last Friday, hundreds of hospo workers and supporters signed the petition. And it worked! The Fair Work Ombudsman is investigating the Ichi Group for wage theft.
    1,003 Signatures
    Created by Oscar Shaw, Hospo Voice member
  • La La Bar Group is a wage theft empire. Raid them NOW!
    WIN! In May Hospo Voice exposed the La La Bar Group, revealing workers were being paid below award wages in envelopes stuffed with cash. On 31 July six bars in Chapel Street run by this group were raided by the watchdog. Step by step, Hospo Voice members are changing our industry. This is #UnionPower. Join us:
    1,548 Signatures
    Created by Dave, Hospo Voice member
  • MDHS: Recognise our 2020 Results
    Grades received in the second and third years of an Undergraduate degree are normally given double weighting meaning that students currently completing third year subjects are denied the opportunity make improvements to their WAM. Honours degrees must be completed by Semester One to be included in WAM calculations when applying for Medicine, while an ongoing Honours degree counted towards Optometry or Dentistry. As a result of the changes to WAM calculation, Honours at any stage of completion will not be included, for any of the three degrees. Additionally, changes to Honours projects mean that they do not attract sufficient credit points to be included in the University’s broader approach to WAM. Overall, these changes are manifestly unfair and disadvantage students who are able to improve their competitiveness for MDHS applications this month. The University made this decision in the absence of student representatives and has not provided a rationale for how this change benefits students, or why this decision was necessary. It is astonishing that the University of Melbourne has decided to adopt this model given that the same outcomes could have been achieved for students whose results have suffered this semester, by applying the WAM changes announced only a short time ago. Other Australian medical schools have allowed students to receive the benefits of good results in 2020, or have changed their approach since this announcement was made. We call on the University of Melbourne to rescind its decision to ensure WAMs that improve in 2020 can be used.
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    Created by UMSU Inc Picture
  • Woolworths: Wage equality now!
    Woolworths Wyong members have voted to return to work on Thursday 6 August after the company made the following offer: - All level 1's and 3's will receive a 11.2% increase over 3 years, which is almost double what was offered before the strike - All level 2's who have had 6 years service with the company will be made level 3's, meaning their pay will increase by 17.4% over 3 years, which is almost double what was offered before the strike - An 80:20 ratio will apply of permanents to casuals (including agency casuals) - the best one in the Woolworths supply chain, with nothing offered before strike - Both Woolworths and agency casuals have the right to convert after 12 months' service, with a fairer, transparent conversion process that favours tenure above other factors. - Site rates of pay for agency casuals to be put in MOU - Redundancy cap doubled in the event of site closure - from 40 weeks to 82 weeks - Union rights and recognition including paid union meetings - Family and domestic violence leave - 5 paid and 5 unpaid - Natural disaster leave of 2 days paid after devastating NSW bushfires earlier this year We are proud of our members for taking the fight to one of the biggest companies in this country and inspiring all workers to not just have to accept whatever scraps are tossed their way in this pandemic, but instead stand up, unite and fight for good wages and conditions, decent jobs and a more equal society.
    4,876 Signatures
    Created by United Workers Union
  • Spotless: Give your laundry workers paid pandemic leave
    Because union members stood together and took action, Spotless laundry workers at Dandenong have won conditions to keep themselves and their community safe, including: -Paid leave will be granted for the days they refused to work due to unsafe conditions. -Every Spotless Dandenong worker, full-time, part-time or casual, will receive a minimum of $150 per day pandemic pay. -Conciliation around safely re-opening the workplace are ongoing between the company and the workers in their Union.
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    Created by United Workers Union
  • COVID-19 - Call time on Term 1
    Your recent support of our "COVID-19 - Call time on Term 1" petition has resulted in governments finally taking action to move our schools to student free mode from this week. Our schools are now exploring ways to ensure school sites remain safe for the staff and small numbers of students who continue to attend given their parents are required workers including emergency services and health care workers. Critically, our teachers and school support staff are now using this time to develop and enhance the online learning provided to students off-site.
    5,932 Signatures
    Created by Independent Education Union Qld & NT
  • Fire George Calombaris from MasterChef
    Worker win! Because of the pressure of thousands of workers in union, Channel 10 have refused George Calombaris' contract demands, sending a signal that wage theft won't be tolerated by the community. He will not return for the next season of MasterChef.
    27,045 Signatures
    Created by Orlaith Belfrage, Hospo Voice member