• Tasmanians need a pay rise
    Since 2011 Tasmanian governments have capped the wages of Tasmanians working in the public sector, like rangers, health professionals, teachers and nurses, at 2% per annum. Premier Will Hodgman plans to continue this 2% cap until at least 2023. For many of these Tasmanians this means a struggle to make ends meet while the cost of living rises. When Will Hodgman decides to underpay his employees, everyone suffers. We cannot recruit and retain the people who provide the quality services that Tasmanians deserve. The cap holds down wages for all Tasmanians – private businesses look to government as a barometer for setting wages and conditions. Tasmanian public sector workers deliver opportunities, education, care and protection, improving all of our lives. But these workers need jobs they can count on to deliver these services. Bargaining is how we’ve built the jobs, wages and living standards we rely on. This doesn't happen when outcomes are decided before negotiations begin.
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  • #RAISETHERATE of New Start
    The National Union of Students is calling on the Federal Government to increase commonwealth income support programs such as Newstart. It’s been 24 years since any government has increased the payments for newstart. Anglicare Rental Affordability Snapshot, there were only 3 rental properties in the country that were affordable for students under Newstart. Under Youth Allowance there are only 2 affordable rental properties. The NUS and Anglicare Student Housing Survey in 2017 reported that: - 82% of working students said that the amount of time they spend at work hurts their studies. - 85% of students do not believe that Centrelink provides them with enough to live and study Former Prime Minister John Howard has even admitted the freeze on NewStart has gone on too long. We are joining with organisations such as the Everybody's home campaign and ACOSS to raise the rate of Newstart and fix youth homelessness and poverty.
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  • Stop the cuts to NSW Public Libraries
    NSW currently pay the lowest percentage of their budget towards public libraries currently paying only 7.8%. With this cut the funding levels will be the lowest they have been since the These cuts will cause serious damage to the ability of public libraries to provide their current services and could threaten services, and local jobs. This does not only affect NSW state libraries but affects grant money towards local government libraries, as a result affecting every level of the community.This directly effects the most disadvantaged communities with grant funding going directly to provide community services, resources, and programs. The leader of the opposition Luke Foley has committed an additional $50m funding to Libraries at next election Support this petition to gain a parliamentary debate and reverse these cuts
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  • Save The Checkout
    This program was informative and provided a generation of Australians with information about their consumer rights in a unique and engaging way. This program has been axed because of cuts to the ABC. These cuts are having real consequences. We the petitioners call on Scott Morrison to restore funding to the ABC and for Michelle Guthrie to bring back the program.
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  • Royal Commission into corporate tax avoidance
    Every year the Australian public goes without vital public services due to the tax avoidance of companies that trade within Australia. The recent revelations of high scale systematic corporate tax avoidance within the Panama papers show the need for a widespread review of Corporate taxation within Australia. Everyone needs to pay their fair share...
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  • Tell the PM to apologise to care workers!
    Malcolm Turnbull just proved one thing: how little he values care workers, and the people we care for. For many of our aged and disabled clients, we are their only link to a dignified life. It’s hard work, but it’s absolutely vital – and I’d be hard pressed to find a ‘better’ or more rewarding job. Yet tens of thousands of Australians are waiting for home care packages or for room in aged care facilities, while the people who do the vital work of caring for them struggle to get by – with the rate of pay no where near matching the demands of the job. This is a national disgrace, and I don’t believe Turnbull's views reflect how Australians feel about some of our most hard-working and caring citizens – or our most vulnerable. Turnbull's comments did a disservice to both, and care workers and the people we work with deserve not just an apology, but genuine recognition. Care workers deserve fairness, certainty, and recognition for our work – not derision from our Prime Minister. Add your voice to make it loud and clear: care workers need jobs you can count on!
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  • Stop the Liberal’s plans to privatise the ABC
    The ABC is a national treasure. It provides high quality entertainment and news services for all of us. Now the Libs want to sell it to the highest bidder. We need to keep it in public hands so it can continue to educate and entertain the next generation of Australians without ads and without a right-wing agenda.
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  • Ballarat residents need more time to have their say on Ballarat Council parking strategy.
    Whether you're a nurse working at the Ballarat Base Hospital, a teacher at Dana Street Primary School, a waiter in Sturt Street, or an office worker in Mair Street you are now facing the prospect of having to pay $80 per week to go to work thanks to the Ballarat City Council. After years of talk and no action, Amy Johnson and Samantha McIntosh moved and seconded a resolution to instigate new paid parking in residential streets. Parking affects everyone and we all deserve a chance to have our voices heard by our local Councillors. A window of 72 hours from announcement to Council vote is not long enough period of time for the people of Ballarat to have their say. What is Council trying to hide? Why are they avoiding scrutiny? Sign this petition to call on the Ballarat City Council to stop a vote on this exorbitant parking cash grab until there has been proper community consultation and you have been able to make your views heard.
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  • Save Melbourne City Child Care Centre
    As parents of pre-school kids at the Melbourne City Childcare Centre on A'Beckett Street, we are upset and angry about the hastily announced proposal from Melbourne City Council to shut the centre in four weeks. We have been given an unreasonably short consultation period of two weeks and are feeling rushed and stressed by the sudden announcement. We want the decision reversed because it is going to be bad for our kids, bad for our families and bad for the early childhood educators and carers who work at the centre. Our kids need to stay with their friends and educators and carers they trust. The educators and carers need their jobs. Our families need accessible care near our work for our kids. Melbourne City Childcare Centre provides a safe, fun and professional service to our pre-school kids. This centre offers a unique 'family' like environment. Our MCCC community is irreplaceable and the value cannot be seen in budgets and bottom lines. Our response to this proposal is a reflection of the respect and support that we have for one another. As parents, we worry about moving our kids from their established friendships and relationships at the centre. We also worry about the confusion and stress caused by finding and settling in to new childcares. As working families it is important that we have access to childcare near our workplaces, we know that finding other good quality centres for our kids in such a short timeframe will be incredibly difficult and stressful. We ask that you sign this petition to call on Melbourne City Council to keep our childcare centre open. - Parents of Melbourne City Childcare Centre, A'Beckett Street
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  • Accessible Playground for Urunga
    Inclusive Playgrounds are important for all to enjoy. Bellingen prides itself on being an inclusive community and it's the right thing to do to extend this to the children in our Shire and beyond. We support playgrounds for all. Increasingly playgrounds across the state and country are being updated to include accessible elements. We believe that Bellingen Shire Council, our State and Federal Governments should support extending this initiative to Urunga.
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  • The federal government needs to take action on domestic Violence
    Announcing the federal budget, Treasurer Scott Morrison stated that "keeping Australians safe" was one of five commitments prioritised by the Turnbull government. They demonstrated this by an increase in funding to tighten visa processing scrutiny, increase security at airports, and assist police and crime agencies to fight crime and terrorism. A WOMAN DIES EVERY WEEK AT THE HANDS OF HER CURRENT OR EX PARTNER. How can this government possibly say they are committed to keeping Australians safe when they have so heinously overlooked those so vulnerable, in such desperate need. This is not a responsible government, they do not prioritise and care for the needs of their people. Sign this petition to send a message to Canberra that the Australian people aren't okay with this and we won't tolerate it.
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  • Protect Home Care Services
    Council’s direct delivery of vital community services protects our vulnerable and older residents in their homes. Victorian local government has a proud history of leading the country in delivering quality services into homes in this area and it must be maintained. Right now, Moonee Valley Council is considering abandoning our older residents and outsourcing the service. Any moves to cease direct delivery of this service would have the following consequences: - Reduced provision, lower quality and consistency of care to clients; - Displacement of workers in secure, well paid, well supervised work within your local community; - No minimum qualification requirements, where vulnerable clients will be forced to allow potentially untrained providers into their homes, leaving them significantly vulnerable to abuse; - Loss of a holistic assessment client needs and coordinated or escalated service delivery or referral to match the changing needs of clients; - Loss of integrated services due to lack of participation of private providers in local partnerships, networks and alliances.
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    Created by Barry, Moonee Valley resident