Australians have had enough. Scott Morrison has consistently failed us as Prime Minister. He has done everything he can to blame others for his mistakes. He's bungled the vaccine rollout. He's failed to fund or come up with a plan for effective quarantine facilities. And he cut JobKeeper - which already excluded thousands of vulnerable workers - while we are still in the middle of a global pandemic. Australian states and territories have continued to go in and out of lockdown throughout 2021. Lockdowns which could have been avoided if Scott Morrison had done his job properly. Scott Morrison is still refusing to take any responsibility for the mistakes him and his government have made. We must hold him accountable. Add your name to the petition now if you agree.
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    Created by Luke Hilakari, Victorian Trades Hall Council
  • Australian Services Union community sector members are ESSENTIAL not Expendable
    ASU members in the sector are calling on the Andrews state government to work with the ASU to implement the following reforms; 1. Secure Employment a. Set as a condition of funding that community sector agencies engage their staff as on-going staff rather than fixed term, other than for genuine fixed term staff leave replacements. b. Casual employment to only be used for genuine casual vacancies. 2. Workplace Fairness a. Set as a condition of funding that community sector agencies: i. Be bound by a codified DFFH dispute process similar to the COVID-19 dispute process ii. Have a family violence policy approved between the DFFH, ASU and the community sector iii. Agree to allow the ASU to access staff as part of the agencies’ induction process 3. Longer Funding Terms a. The government to fund agencies for at least 5 year terms as part of each program ( other than genuine pilot programs). 4. Sector Sustainability and Reform a. The state government should establish and resource a community sector sustainability and reform committee chaired by the lead Minister and with members including the ASU and DFFH community sector peaks. b. The committee should have oversight of; i. Sector wide workforce issues / requirements ii. Sector wide training issues / requirements Please sign the petition to tell the Andrews government that essential community service workers are not expendable!
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    Created by ASU Vic/Tas
  • Restore cleaning hours at Bennett Road Public School and stop the cuts!
    The cleaners at Bennett Road Public School in Colyton have just had their hours cut. The NSW Government is putting the health and safety of children, teachers and other staff on the line by cutting cleaning hours. Before the pandemic, cleaners in NSW schools were already struggling to do the job well in the limited time they were given. Now in the middle of a pandemic they are slashing their cleaning time just to save a few bucks. Sign this petition calling for the Bennett Road school cleaners' hours to be restored and for further cuts to NSW cleaning hours to be ruled out entirely. No school deserves to have their cleaning hours cut.
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    Created by Jessica Flood
  • Don't Sell Out VicRoads Workers
    Disgracefully the Andrews Labor Government has announced they plan to enter into a "joint venture" (ie privatisation) of VicRoads. VicRoads workers need your support! However you spin it, this will put jobs, wages and conditions at risk. We could also see big increases in registration costs, the closure of customer service centres, and your data made available to the private sector. ASU members have told us repeatedly that remaining in the public sector is the most important issue to them. It is important that these wishes are heard throughout this process, and we don’t have a Labor government forcing workers out of these good secure jobs. We call on the Government to halt this process, and to ensure all VicRoads workers remain in the public sector and do not pay the price for successive Government failures to deal with an ageing IT system.
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    Created by Lisa Darmanin, Branch Secretary ASU Vic Tas Picture
  • Keep Our Commbank Open
    The Commonwealth Bank is withdrawing their services from Logan Central Plaza, a move that will impact hundreds of local pensioners, not-for-profit groups, families and local business. Distressed residents from the local community are coming to me asking for help to reverse this mean-spirited decision. The planned closure is outrageous and lacking in community spirit. I regularly hold mobile offices at Logan Central Plaza and the queues to get into the bank can span the frontage of several shop tenancies. The people who frequent the bank then go on to spend money in the local shopping centre which in turn supports local jobs. Moving the bank away from the centre will move the spending capacity of local residents. This quiet closure of the local bank has come at a time when business is just starting to get on their feet post-covid, when pensioners are starting to feel confident about heading out to the shops for social outings and when families are receiving an income again. I have written to the Finance Sector Union and the Commonwealth Bank asking for a reversal of the decision. It is important to note that the staff from Commbank know locals, know their circumstances and know their challenges. A lot of clients are aged, come from CALD backgrounds and have trust in the staff that have been servicing their financial needs in a prompt and professional manner for years. I urge residents and community members to sign the petition and let Commbank know we need our local bank branches to be active in our community. Invest in us like we do in you.
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    Created by Teresa Lane
  • Respect cleaners and pay them fairly!
    At ASC, daytime cleaners who are employed part-time copped a 15% wage cut, whilst those doing shift work saw a slash of 21%. The ASC awarded its cleaning contract to Sodexo six years ago. This contractor offered ASC a price based on Hospitality Award wages - not the Cleaning Services Award. This is despite ASC's huge profits - last financial year, it pocketed $22.5 million after tax! Now cleaners are fighting back and demanding a fair pay deal. Stand with them by signing the petition.
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    Created by Jessica Flood
  • Take our wages out of the freezer!
    For over 10 years, the Restaurant and Catering Association has been fighting to freeze hospitality wages. Year on year, submission on submission, they request that the Fair Work Commission hand out a 0% wage increase to restaurant and cafe workers. In 2020 they won – delaying our annual wage increase by 9 months. For the average Casual level 2 worker* that was a loss of $739.83 in wages and $70.28 in superannuation. They cited the pandemic as the cause for the delay. But looking into their submissions, they’ve been asking for a 0% increase as far back as 2011. And they’re asking for it again. “R&CA submits that any increase in the National Minimum Wage for those awards covered under the Group 3 tier should not occur until 1 February 2022.” Freezing the minimum wage again will result in a $980.72* wage cut to the average casual worker*. Another stab in the back for workers already facing the crisis of insecure and casual work. We can’t stand by and let them give us another wage cut. It’s time to stand together and fight for the future of hospitality. Sign our petition today to demand the pay rise we deserve this July. *working 3 weekday shifts and 2 weekend shifts at 7.6hrs per shift. *Assumming 1.75% inflation
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    Created by Dylan Fukakusa-Vickers, Hospo Voice member
  • Reject Latham's unsafe 'Parental Rights' Education Bill
    Latham’s Bill puts the livelihood of every teacher in NSW at risk because the Bill says NESA must revoke your teacher accreditation if you fall foul, however innocently, of the strictures in the Bill. Teachers will be required to work under the constant threat of their accreditation to teach being revoked if they were to address any topics in a classroom that is contradictory to the “moral and ethical standards and the political and social values” of any parent of a student in their class. Precisely what this means in a society where parents have diverse religious, political, and social views is unclear. Teachers are also prohibited from supporting or even acknowledging the experience of students who may be exploring or discovering a diverse gender identity. Schools do not teach gender fluidity to their students, but they have a duty of care to all their students. To seek to govern the interactions between counsellors and teachers and their students in such a heavy handed way is to breach this duty of care (potentially exposing the school to legal liability through civil action) at put at risk the psychological health of students, potentially leading to child protection allegations. Teachers and students must have an environment in which they can teach and learn in a safe, supportive, and affirming environment if they are to achieve their full education potential. Student wellbeing is about a sense of belonging and connectedness. Developing the skills to make positive and healthy choices to support learning and achievement must be delivered in a safe and accepting school climate.
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    Created by Angus Hoy
  • Save Burnie's Community, Arts and Tourism Services
    Burnie's arts, cultural and tourism sector is growing. Despite a pandemic, Burnie has seen domestic tourism return, and international tourism is on the cards sooner than anybody previously thought. The City claims that their repeated deficits are to blame for these closures. These deficits were created through a reduction in rates, and they were planned for. These deficits are no surprise. Council’s deficit last financial year was just $340,000; just 1% of their annual budget. Council spent over $4 million on contract services last year and are expected to continue along this same trajectory into the future. Many of the services which were contracted out are services which could be done much cheaper in-house; such as cleaning, weed spraying, general construction and asphalt work. Additionally, Council wasted over $550,000 in just five months last year on architectural services for a new Museum and Art Gallery, which will be thrown in the trash if these proposed changes go ahead. It’s this wasteful approach to spending which is causing harm to the budget, not staffing these vital services for this community. The decision to close many of the city's cultural institutions is incredibly short-sighted and extremely damaging to the fabric of Burnie. Burnie City Council's employees worked right through the North-West's COVID-19 outbreak. The livelihoods of these dedicated, long term employees should be a key factor in any decision. These closures will decimate any progress made towards a better Burnie for everyone and will result in a complete loss of vibrancy in the City. The community have made their voices heard. Council has no mandate to close these services. The decision must be reversed.
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    Created by Aaron De La Torre
  • Support Aussie Manufacturing
    Manufacturing in Australia matters, and it always has, but with decades of government neglect thousands of highly skilled, secure, safe, and fair paid manufacturing jobs have been lost. It’s manufacturing workers who’ve kept food on our tables and made sure we had PPE during a pandemic. Now they’re being ignored as we head into national economic recovery. Manufacturing thrives when governments invest in it. Australia could be a world leader in manufacturing. We need politicians to step up.
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    Created by Australian Manufacturing Workers Union
  • Don't Tear Up Library Funding
    Australian Services Union members throughout South Australia provide crucial library services to our local communities but State Government funding for our libraries runs out on June 30. If Premier Steven Marshall cuts funding to our libraries, local communities will lose access to: books, access to computers and community activities for new mums, the elderly and the wider community. Approximately 80% of the library workforce are women. Cuts to library funding will mean cuts to jobs when South Australia is facing the highest unemployment rate in the country. We need your support to save our libraries.
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    Created by Daniel Spencer
    Scott Morrison’s visa system favours big businesses at the expense of working people. There are workers who have lived in this country for years, who have families and communities here, and every day do the work that keeps our country running - but who are stuck in limbo from temporary visa to temporary visa. Meanwhile, the government has enabled exploitative employers to churn through a vulnerable temporary migrant workforce with limited rights. We need a fair visa system that puts workers over profit, and that gives every worker a fair chance - no matter where we come from.
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    Created by Migrant Workers Centre