• Demand a Melbourne Airport Rail Link Now!
    Joining this campaign for the Melbourne Airport Rail Link is vital because it directly affects our daily lives and wallets. Every day without this link, thousands of workers and travellers like us face limited transport options and exorbitant parking fees, costing us time and money. For families, it means less time at home and more stress managing daily commutes. For our community, it stunts economic growth and accessibility, keeping us disconnected from the broader opportunities Melbourne has to offer. The airport and the government's delay in building this rail link is more than an inconvenience—it's a barrier to our well-being and progress. We need your voice to ensure they hear us loud and clear: we demand better infrastructure now for a more connected and affordable future. Join us in pushing for change that will benefit all.
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    Created by Transport Workers' Union - Vic/Tas
  • Remember Your Origin
    As the contract between Origin Energy, Centennial's Myuna and Mandalong mines, and the government approaches its expiration in June 2024, we call on Origin and our local state and federal representatives to remember your origins in Lake Macquarie!  Origin Energy's Eraring power station is vital, supplying about 20% of all NSW power, primarily thanks to the work from nearby Myuna and Mandalong mines. This localised supply chain not only maximises efficiency but also minimises environmental impact. Transporting coal over shorter distances reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and the resources from Myuna and Mandalong are known to produce lower sulphur emissions compared to other sites, further mitigating environmental harm. The decision to renew this contract is not merely a business transaction but a pivotal environmental and community safeguard. The Myuna mine, configured exclusively to supply Eraring, cannot divert its coal elsewhere without significant logistical and financial burdens. Without contract renewal, the risk of job losses looms large for up to 1,000 Centennial employees, and it could also impact the state's power supply. Therefore, it is imperative that the government ensures the contract's renewal, especially the supply from Myuna and Mandalong. This action will secure local jobs, promote environmental benefits, and maintain stability in NSW's energy infrastructure.
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    Created by Professionals Australia
  • A fair deal for CSA teachers
    In 2024, teacher pay rates in CSA schools are well below those in NSW government and Catholic schools, who received long awaited and much deserved pay increases in October 2023. CSA’s offer consists of modest pay increases and unwillingness to give assurance that rates will not fall behind rates in government and Catholic schools. Due to the current cost of living crisis, and the lure of better pay and conditions in almost all other sectors, Christian school teachers are leaving the sector. CSA’s refusal to offer a fair deal has a direct negative effect on teachers and may pose a threat to Christian education. “Christian Schools ought to be leaders in good industrial relations. Trade Unions were commenced by Christians who were outraged by the unethical treatment of workers. It was the followers of John Wesley in England who campaigned for the rights of workers to receive fair wages.” – Graham Leo (Theologian, Author and Christian School Principal) In March 2024, teachers in CSA schools rejected the proposed offer. An overwhelming 92% outright rejected the offer in a survey run by the IEU. This comment from one Christian teacher to the IEU speaks volumes: ‘It is not appropriate that teachers in CSA schools are paid less than our counterparts in other NSW schools. I am continually disappointed (and a little insulted) that our employers do not consider it important that we are paid and valued at the same level as teachers in other school systems. We should simply be paid an equal amount. By not paying us equally, we may well lose quality teachers to other systems, and may not attract quality new teaching staff, thus devaluing our own system. Please insist that CSA simply agrees to pay us as much as the other schools in our state. Thank you for all of your hard work’. Join us in calling for a fair deal for CSA teachers! Sign and share the petition today.
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    Created by IEUA NSW/ACT Branch
  • Ahpra should act fairly and equitably
    Ahpra must operate a fair and equitable fee setting policy to enable a flexible and responsive health workforce. Failing to provide reduced fees for practitioners on parental leave shows that Ahpra doesn't 'walk the walk' when it comes to principles of equity.  Ahpra has maintained its inequitable position in recent years despite numerous individual and collective representations requesting that it change course. We need your help to make this change happen!  Ahpra advises practitioners who enquire about fee reduction during parental leave that they can apply for non-practising registration. But experience indicates this is not a viable or practical option because of how Ahpra operates. Reapplying for registration is expensive and time consuming, many practitioners would not be able to avoid paying annual registration anyway, and the period of time between reapplying for registration and actually being re-registered is uncertain and can be a period of many months - during which time the practitioner is unable to work as a healthcare practitioner because they are not registered.  There are over 877,000 Australian healthcare workers, who are a diverse, dedicated and predominantly female workforce. Providing reduced registration fees for practitioners who are on parental leave would support a self-sustaining, fair, reasonable, flexible and responsive approach to fee setting, consistent with the principles of equity.
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    Created by AMA Victoria
  • Child Protection in Crisis
    Statutory Child Protection is in crisis. More children are at risk of harm for longer, more children are being put on orders and in out of home care. Most reports and complaints are not looked at and early intervention opportunities are missed until it is too late requiring more damaging interventions. Foster and Out of Home Care options are minimal with many jurisdictions relying on expensive private providers to house children in motels and offices with limited access to wrap around services, placing the development of children at risk. Our state child protection services are buckling due to not enough staffing and the inability to fill case workers and other positions with adequately trained social workers and psychologists. This problem lies across all jurisdictions and requires sustained national action.
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    Created by Public Service Association
  • Make May 1 a Public Holiday!
    May Day, also known as International Workers’ Day, is celebrated globally on May 1st. It commemorates the historic struggles of workers and their contributions to society. Many countries recognise this day as a public holiday, allowing workers to rest, reflect, and participate in labour-related events. And New South Wales, a state that is equal last for public holidays, should recognise its historical importance by making it an official public holiday.
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    Created by Sydney May Day Committee
  • City of Ryde Council - No Job Security and Constant Restructures, Council Workers Deserve Better!
    Local Council jobs need protecting! In the past, job seekers looked for council jobs because they knew they were secure. People pursued careers in Local Government for career enhancement, working conditions and the job security. Now it seems like a never-ending cycle of Reviews, Restructures and Retrenchments. Councils lose expertise, service delivery suffers, staff become disillusioned, and high vacancy rates make the problem worse. Local Government Jobs, Worth Fighting For!
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    Created by United Services Union - USU
  • ACAS must remain in public hands
    The Commonwealth risks the health of vulnerable elderly Australians if ACAS is privatised. The model for ACAS is changing, with the first stage of the new Single Assessment System due to be implemented as of July 2024. The Commonwealth has decided to openly tender (meaning private providers can tender for the first time) for the provision of services to support the new system, while bilateral negotiations with states and territories still are ongoing, creating a lack of transparency and certainty regarding the future of the service. The Commonwealth is leaving frontline staff and patients in the dark as to how this model will operate. This risks good public sector jobs and patient safety. The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety explicitly stated that assessments should be undertaken by assessors who are independent from approved providers. Allowing aged care providers to also conduct assessments directly contradicts the advice of the Commission and will potentially put profits before patients, with the end result potentially jeopardising patient care. Our members have experienced years of precarity and uncertainty regarding the future provision of aged care services, meaning many experienced Allied Health Professionals have already left the sector to ensure their own personal job security, while others fear for their role beyond 1 July 2024. This loss of collective knowledge and expertise could prove disastrous to ensuring that our elder Australians receive the best care in their later years. To prevent this, we demand that aged care assessment services remain in public hands, that good public sector jobs are safeguarded and that patient safety is put before profits.
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    Created by Victorian Allied Health Professionals Association
  • Frontline community & disability workers deserve a 5% pay rise
    Only 7% of community and disability workers told us that their wages are keeping pace with the cost-of-living. Every day, you make life better for the most vulnerable in our communities, and it's only right that your wages acknowledge the dignity and respect you extend to others. Your dedication ensures that support reaches the most in need. Yet, for too long, this skilled and essential work has been undervalued. Without a significant pay rise this year, the gap between wages of frontline workers and the cost of living will continue to widen. Last year, action led to significant wage increases. Now, as we approach this year's Annual Wage Review, your support is crucial. Together, we have the power to make a difference. You deserve a career that offers both respect and security, with wages that reflect your skills and dedication. Sign the petition now for a 5% pay rise. It’s time for wages that truly recognise the vital contribution you make every day. Community and disability workers deserve better. Stand with us for fair pay.
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    Created by Australian Services Union
  • It's time for a 5% pay rise - workers are feeling the squeeze!
    Everywhere you look, essentials like groceries, fuel, and housing prices just keep rising but our wages haven’t kept pace. Have you been feeling the squeeze? You're not alone. Our recent survey told us that 94% of workers in professional admin roles feel that their wages leave them behind in relation to the cost-of-living. Every worker deserves a job that provides not just for the present but also provides security for the future. Without a significant pay rise this year, we'll see wages slip even further behind. The Annual Wage Review is on the horizon, where wages for millions of Australian workers are determined. It’s the ONLY guaranteed wage increase in the economy. The ASU is standing up as your voice for better wages. It's through our collective strength as union members that we've seen real wins. Last year we secured an 8.6% increase for minimum wage workers and a 5.75% boost for those on Award wages. This year, it’s still just as important and your support is crucial. Together, we've proven we can make a difference. Union members typically earn up to 32% more than non-members, a testament to the power of collective action in negotiating better pay and conditions. Join us as we gear up for the 2024 Annual Wage Review. Sign the petition for a 5% pay rise now!
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  • Pay Junior Doctors for the hours we have worked!
    More than 60 per cent of doctors surveyed have reported making a clinical error due to exhaustion. Our doctors are fatigued, overworked, and suffering from stress and mental health problems. Overworked and underpaid healthcare staff leads to an unsafe and unsustainable healthcare system for both patients and the workers. Without proper support or work / life balance, many doctors in training are leaving the industry altogether. Victoria’s junior doctors are not asking for a pay rise - they are simply asking to be paid for hours they have already worked. Use the form to send a letter to Hon. Mary-Anne Thomas (Minister for Health), let the Victorian Government know that the wage theft from junior doctors needs to stop.
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    Created by Australian Salaried Medical Officers' Federation
  • Get real HungryPanda!
    Every worker in Australia needs to be safe at work and earn reasonable wages - no exceptions. When workers bravely stand up against unfair and unsafe work practices, businesses should listen - not dismiss them! As fellow workers in transport, hospitality, and all other sectors, we commend Zhuoying's brave stand. We demand Hungry Panda reinstate her shifts and listen to the workers who have built the company's wealth!
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    Created by Transport Workers’ Union