• Hospo Workers Need Paid Vaccination Leave
    Hospitality is one of the most insecure industries in the country. The vast majority of us don’t have access to paid sick leave and are among the lowest paid workers. We can’t afford to take time off work to get vaccinated. Everyone should be safe at work, but without vaccinations we aren’t safe. And without vaccination leave we can’t protect ourselves and others. Without vaccinations we will catch the virus from our customers and pass it onto our workmates, our families and to other patrons. The Morrison government must immediately introduce a minimum of two days of paid vaccination leave for hospitality workers who want to get vaccinated. If any worker has a reaction to the vaccine and needs more time off they should be able to get it.
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    Created by Hospo Voice Members
  • It’s about time to value school support staff!
    Every day, ES staff work to keep our schools running, support our students to learn, and our teachers to teach. Their work is diverse, complex, and vital, but it is undervalued. The salaries of Education Support workers in public schools do not match their contribution. Too many ES are considering leaving the profession and will continue to do so unless the Premier and Education Minister act now. It’s about time our ES staff were paid properly for the important work they do.
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    Created by AEU Victoria
  • CBA - Don’t Send Our Jobs Overseas
    In what is likely the first wave in a plan to offshore many hundreds more jobs, the Bank told 119 staff in their processing teams that they can expect to have their jobs sent over to India by April next year. While many of their competitors look to bring jobs back to Australia, the Commonwealth Bank has decided that the opportunity to exploit overseas workers is just too good to pass up. CBA staff have spent years hearing from the Commonwealth Bank about doing what they should do rather than what they can do, and here they are, locked down, working from home, trying to home school and having their jobs sent to India. It’s an absolute disgrace. When it suits CBA, they put out ads patting themselves on the back publicly for having Australian call centers. They’re doing this because they think they can get away with it. Help us stop them.
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    Created by Finance Sector Union
  • Coca Cola: Don't freeze our wages!
    Coca Cola is one of the biggest and most profitable brands in the WORLD. They can afford a fair pay rise for hard working manufacturing workers like us! We have worked loyally for the company for years, we deserve a fair pay rise.
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    Created by United Workers Union Picture
  • Vaccinate Education Workers Now!
    Urgent vaccination of education staff is essential for their protection as well as the protection of students and their communities. It will also reduce the need in future to move to remote learning, which is so disruptive for students and parents. Most importantly, it is a key public safety measure to slow the spread of future outbreaks. Childcare, kinder and pre-school workers are, in many cases, continuing to work in very high-contact workplaces even when schools and TAFEs move to remote learning. The slow pace of the vaccine rollout, the lack of supply of vaccines and the failure to heed the call to prioritise education workers is putting staff, students and the broader community at risk.
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    Created by IEU Vic/Tas and AEU Vic
  • Hands Off our Health & Wellbeing Allowance
    Our Health & Well Being Allowance is one of the many entitlements included in our union-negotiated Enterprise Bargaining Agreement. We negotiated and won this entitlement as union members to help pay for the things that protect and improve our mental and physical health. But now Cbus has suddenly decided to make unilateral changes to what should and should not be claimed under this allowance. This allowance is not a gift - it's an entitlement. Everyone at Cbus should be able to use their allowance for its intended purpose, whether they improve their health by going to the gym, walk in the park or play sport in their community. CBUS have said that these changes were made in order to prevent improper claims under the allowance – but these changes go much further than that, and were made without consulting your union representatives. Entitlements like this, and respectful engagement with our union is what makes CBUS such a great place to work, we urge CBUS to engage constructively with us over the policy that governs proper use of OUR entitlements.
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    Created by Finance Sector Union
  • Fair Uni's for our future
    In the midst of the COVID crisis and its effects on universities’ finances and the pressures on many universities to cut jobs we can only hope that a broad public interest lens is applied to universities future rather than a simple cost reduction lens.
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    Created by Chloe Gaul
  • PRIVATE PATHOLOGY: Stop bleeding QLD dry!
    Private pathology workers at QML are on the frontline of the COVID-19 response in Queensland, risking their health and safety to keep us safe. These heroes are paid as little as $23.09 for their sacrifice and are kept on 'flexible' contracts that offer no secure income or job security. Stand with us, stop private pathology bleeding Queensland dry!
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    Created by Isabel Martin
  • Support NSW workers to get tested without losing pay!
    Subsequent lockdowns and outbreaks have seen many workers exhaust their leave entitlements and what little they had savings. Workers are being forced to choose between their livelihoods and the health and safety of the community. As we continue to face down this pandemic, workers need to be supported in keeping the community safe - this means being able to get tested, self-isolate and still pay the bills. Sign the petition and tell Premier Gladys Berejiklian: To get through this crisis, EVERY WORKER must be able to get tested and isolate without the worry of losing their livelihoods and making ends meet. Not doing so risks the entire community’s health and shirks the government's responsibility to look after the wellbeing of all during an unprecedented pandemic. To help ensure all of us can follow public health advice and stay safe during this crisis, sign the petition now. *Wording has been updated with details of the new payment and the recent statewide lockdown.
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  • Protect Jobs in Lismore
    We need your support to protect local jobs! Please sign this important petition today!
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  • Save Coles meat workers jobs
    Right now, I'm one of more than 1500 meat workers employed by Coles across Australia - and all of our jobs are at risk under their plan to end the in-store butchery service. Coles is saying that they will "redeploy" some of us into different roles. This isn't good enough. We have invaluable industry knowledge and customers trust us. Whether we are meat managers, qualified butchers or cabinet attendants we know our cuts of meat and can assist customers. The Coles restructure would result in de-skilling, and worse pay and conditions. Stand with meat workers by adding your name to our petition to save our jobs!
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    Created by Jason Peters, Coles meat worker
  • Pay rise for all workers now
    For years workers have worked tirelessly to make Australia a great productive nation. But workers are not seeing our fair share of the wealth that we create. Instead, greedy CEOs at the very top are hoarding the wealth of Australians. It’s time to start correcting the balance with a pay rise for all Australian workers. Add your name to the petition calling for a pay rise for all workers in Australia.
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    Created by Victorian Trades Hall Council