• URGENT: Fund Our Community Services
    After 12 months of drought, floods, fires and pandemic our community services are needed more than ever. We cannot afford a cut to our sector, we cannot go backwards. We are busier and working harder than ever. The sector has been agile, resourceful, and dedicated. Our services support the most vulnerable members of the community – and in extremely challenging times we have been there for the community. If services do not receive sufficient funding indexation urgently it will have a detrimental impact on their ability to deliver services to the community. We can't afford to be overlooked again.
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  • Stop the Fee Hikes Dan!
    Changes like these may end up oversaturating the job market in areas such as nursing, where even more students will be left without a job when they graduate. Lowering the cost of tertiary education for some shouldn't come at the cost of access to others - particularly when a fee increase will disproportionately affect low SES and first in family students. For some students, studying maths or science degrees just isn't an option for them due to where they live, their secondary education or physical inaccessibility of STEMM courses. To make them pay more because of reasons out of their control isn't just unfair - it's discriminatory.
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  • Education for all - Stop fee hikes!
    Tertiary education is critical to our national interest and our future. It’s the intellectual and economic engine room powering Australia in health, technology, research, ideas and innovation. If the Government continues down a path of funding cuts and hiked fees it will wreck our universities and put our long-term future at risk.
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    The Morrison government's announcement that it will double fees for a series of humanities degrees is one of the worst attacks on students in recent times. Law, economics, management and commerce subjects will face fee hikes that means students could be charged up to $72,500 for a 5 year degree such as Law. The cost of a humanities or communication degree will be more than doubled - increasing by 113% to $14,500 a year. A three year arts degree will now cost approx. $45,000. This is essentially an attempt to abolish the humanities as a serious discipline, and instead restrict its accessibility to only wealthy students. This fee increase deliberately prioritises economically profitable degrees, while decreasing the accessibility of degrees designed to encourage critical thinking about society. Our education should not be subordinate to the needs of industry. The government wants to divide us by granting fee reductions to other students. We reject a two-tiered fee system that attempts to force students into studying what the government deems more important. Students should have the right to study what they want. Cost should never be a barrier when deciding what to study at university, or even if you want to study at all. We need free, fully funded public education, not a user pay model that prioritises particular disciplines or degrees. We are demanding that the government to scrap the proposed fee increases for university degrees. Written by Jazz Breen & Jack Mansell, Sydney University SRC Education Officers
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  • ATO: Keep jobs in Geelong!
    Living and working in Geelong means that money is spent in our local community, and ATO workers here will have an important role to play in helping rebuild from COVID-19. Quality jobs in Geelong mean workers have the security to spend money at local businesses and shops which helps to keep other Geelong workers employed. Geelong has borne the brunt of years of outsourcing, offshoring and closures. Our community should not need to commute to Melbourne to access professional career-based job opportunities. Geelong has faced significant job losses in a number of sectors, and that has had catastrophic effects on our community. We need to retain good quality jobs in Geelong to assist with the economic recovery of our regional community. “Working in Geelong and living nearby means I don’t waste time on a commute, and that means that I am doing things in my community after work. I help out at the kid’s school, we go to scouts, in Summer we go to the beach and love living here. We may not be able to live here if my job moves.” “I love assisting the small business community with my work at the ATO and hope that the Geelong ATO will continue providing services to the people of Geelong. The economy of Geelong needs the support of government, especially at this time, to grow and taking ATO salaries out of the CBD will diminish the local economy.”
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  • Extend JobKeeper and create AviationKeeper support for all airlines workers to Keep Australia Flying
    COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on ASU members who work for airlines or in ground handling. It is clear that it will take airlines longer to bounce back than other parts of the economy, and it is unlikely that people will resume interstate and international travel at the pre-COVID-19 rates for some time. The Government is planning its next steps for the economic recovery right now, and we need to take urgent action to ensure that they back Australian aviation workers.
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  • Deakin Job Losses
    On Monday 25 May, our Vice-Chancellor, Professor Iain Martin, advised Deakin staff that you, our University Council, had endorsed a Restructure/Reshaping Process due to the financial impact of COVID-19. We were advised that Phase 1 of this process would commence within the week. Staff were advised of a proposed immediate reduction of around 400 positions. Professor Martin noted that the Restructure/Reshaping process was in fact endorsed by Council twice – on 7 May, and again on 21 May. We are writing to demand that the Council call a halt to the Phase 1 process and consult with Deakin staff - with full financial disclosure - on how they believe the University can best respond to the current financial crisis. Deakin is a public university so we call on all members of the Deakin community - staff, students, alumni, members of the communities in which Deakin resides and serves, to support staff in calling on University Council to halt to the Phase 1 process.
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  • Scott Morrison: Don’t Leave Casual Workers Behind
    Scott Morrison and his Liberal Government have turned their back on casual workers, right when they needed it most.   At the by-election on 4 July we have a chance to stand up for casual workers and build a fairer future for all.   SIGN THE PETITION AND SUPPORT CASUAL WORKERS Authorised Tim Kennedy, United Workers Union, Melbourne
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  • Scott Morrison: Don’t put Early Childhood Education at risk
    This puts the childcare of thousands of families at threat. Our Early Childhood Educators worked hard through the pandemic to keep our children safe, at significant personal risk.   But now Scott Morrison and the Federal Government have made them the first sector to have JobKeeper cut. That’s not fair. As parents we need to stand up to the reckless approach of the Morrison Government to our children’s education.   SIGN THE PETITION AND SUPPORT EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION Authorised Tim Kennedy, United Workers Union, Melbourne
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    PLEASE SIGN MY PETITION to tell Prime Minister Scott Morrison to support local manufacturing, local jobs and a future for our kids.
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  • Adelaide University: Overturn the Staff Hiring Freeze
    Adelaide University has introduced a blanket hiring freeze. Prioritising financial interests over student and staff concerns, this freeze means no new staff recruitment except in ill-defined “exceptional cases”. Casual academics who would usually continue work in Semester Two will not be given new contracts. Adelaide University’s slash-and-burn approach means increased workloads for existing staff and amounts to a dramatic cut in staff numbers. We demand that Adelaide University overturn the staff hiring freeze!
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  • No Cuts! - Ditch the Unimelb EA Variation
    A pay cut is a slap in the face to staff who have doubled or tripled their workloads to deliver online learning and services to students. The changes to redundancy packages, however, are disturbing. Job losses would become easier and cheaper to make, incentivising the University to lay off more staff. With workers already laid off in student services, libraries, schools and galleries, we cannot afford more cuts. As more of these redundancies take place, our quality of education will lessen. This would mean fewer students, less funding, and the devaluation of University of Melbourne degrees. Those who need University support the most, and benefit the most from tertiary education, would be hit the hardest. Worst of all, hundreds of thousands of workers could be left without a livelihood, all because the university refuses to dig a little deeper. With your help these jobs can be saved, but only by encouraging staff to vote No. Students and staff are counting on your support.
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