• Young workers need wage theft laws!
    Siva, 26 was underpaid $18,000 over two years in food manufacturing.  
Lucas, 24 was underpaid up to $37,000 cash in hand in hospitality.  Kate, 18 was underpaid and did not receive pay slips in retail.  
Taylor, 22 is being underpaid in food manufacturing. 
Imogen, 22 was underpaid in hospitality. Just a few wage theft stories. Young workers are more likely to experience wage theft because we are often unaware of our rights at work, can find it hard to speak up and don't know where to seek help. In Brisbane's Fortitude Valley, 60% of businesses don't comply with the law, with most contraventions relating to wage theft. But hundreds of these cases will never make it to court, because the current legal system is expensive, lengthy and stacked in favour of bad employers who underpay their workers. If you've experienced wage theft or know someone who has contact the Young Workers Hub on 0448 681 116. Let's end wage theft!
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  • Early childhood educators reject attacks on our sector!
    The government does NOT have to act on these recommendations. They can choose to ignore them, and to stand by quality in early childhood education. They’ll be watching educators’ reactions closely to decide which path they take - so please sign and share this petition to show Australian's children deserve quality early childhood education and early childhood educators deserve to be valued! - Jade, Educator, Sydney.
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  • Equal Pay and Conditions for all WA Bus Drivers
    This is important because the three bus companies that operate Transperth Bus services in Perth do not get paid the same rate. Bus drivers need community support for a fair and equal system. Same job, same rate of pay.
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  • Don't let schools discriminate against LGBTIQA+ students and teachers
    LGBTIQA+ students and teachers are already under pressure from bullying at schools. These proposed laws would only make things worse. As a trans person and a former teacher, I constantly heard what the students were saying after class. You would hear kids making fun of “tr*nnies” and “f*gs”. You can see how isolated and vulnerable children become. Many students and teachers already spend years hiding their identity to the detriment of their mental health. This would only become more intense with the added pressure of losing your job or your place at school. Everyone should have the right to feel safe at school and at work. These proposed laws make schools less safe for everyone, and must be stopped. Sign my petition to say NO to discrimination against LGBTIQA+ students and teachers. *Name has been changed for privacy reasons
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    Created by Robert, former teacher*
  • Tell Darebin Council: protect our local quiet life
    Quiet life is how the indigenous people describe our native wildlife - flying foxes, birds, possums, and many, many others. Although the health of the trees and safety for local traffic has been assessed, the impact of the light-and-sound art installation on the wildlife who live and utilise the trees on High St has not. The design of the artwork is such that, at regular intervals, a high-pitched frequency is emitted before a series of LED lights in the trees illuminate synchronously. This synthetic audio-visual activity is highly disruptive to the natural habits and rhythms of native wildlife in the trees. There are many ways that the 17 trees on High Street can be used to enhance and enliven the local area and we support the use of local artists in making this happen. We believe, however, that the Darebin Council needs to ensure that any project receiving local government support does not compromise the health and well-being of our neighbourhood fauna; we call on the Council to remove the current installation in favour of a more appropriate project that aligns with this objective.
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  • Fair deal for ACT Health Pharmacists
    Hospital pharmacists at ACT Health are under immense pressure, overworked and understaffed. Despite months of meetings with management, and the Minister, they have failed to deliver a deal which guarantees better pay or an improved classification structure. Ongoing inaction by the Government is reckless and irresponsible – the workforce has put up with this for too long and is now at breaking point.
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  • Give UTAS security Guards their jobs back now!
    Despite previous assurances from UTAS, three United Voice members and long-term employees of Spotless working at UTAS have lost their jobs due to a contract change to Wilson. They are to be replaced with new guards who do not know the site, the clients or the students. Combined, these Security Officers have worked at UTAS for over 20 years. They have dedicated a huge part of their working lives to UTAS, they have worked above and beyond to deliver a secure university for UTAS students and staff. As of yesterday, they were informed that they would not be employed by incoming contractor Wilson. When they asked why they were not successful they were not given a reason. 3 guards are now without jobs they can count on 3 guards have been unfairly dismissed without any legal recourse. 3 families will struggle to pay bills, rent and mortgages 3 families face an uncertain future. UTAS need to take responsibility for the decisions they made 20 years ago to outsource security which has ultimately led to the dismissal of 4 dedicated, competent workers. UTAS has a responsibility to ensure all workers at UTAS are given a job they can count on.
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  • Stop funding private providers at the expense of TAFEs
    Vulnerable young people, the unemployed and retrenched workers looking to retrain deserve the quality education that Victorian TAFEs provide. Together we can send a strong message to the major political parties ahead of the November state election to make sure they commit to allocating at least 70 percent of vocational education funding to public TAFEs.
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  • Victorian schools need 1600 new teachers every year.
    More teachers means more literacy and numeracy support, help for those students with learning difficulties and providing extension work for children and young people who need it. It also means teachers would have more time to plan and prepare to support the learning of every student. Together we can send a strong message to the major political parties ahead of the November state election to make sure they commit to funding 1600 additional teachers every year to give every Victorian child the quality education they deserve.
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  • Paraburdoo Mine Workers Entitled to Safe Work Place
    The Western Mine Workers Alliance and its members are deeply concerned for the well being of all workers within Rio Tinto's Australian Pilbara mining operations.
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  • No ScoMo in Mardi Gras
    We may have won marriage equality, but the fight is not over. The government has led brutal attacks on trans and non-binary people with the cuts to Safe Schools; queer people seeking refuge in Australia after fleeing from countries where they face persecution for being queer, are locked in offshore torture camps indefinitely by the Australian government, in countries where it is also illegal to be queer and where queer-bashing is common; the Liberals have set up a ridiculous inquiry into ‘religious freedom’ to discriminate against queer people; queer people can still be fired for being queer; meanwhile queer people still experience high rates of depression, homelessness, danger from incarceration, and suicide. We need to make it clear that none of this is acceptable, and we will not allow the Liberal party to promote themselves in our parade in the lead up to the election while this continues. We also in particular stand in solidarity with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, trans people, and others who continue to frequently be assaulted by police, and this cannot be allowed. Across the world Pride parades are removing the police in recognition of the cruel role they continue to play in society - Aboriginal people in Australia are one of the most incarcerated populations on the planet and many have died in police custody. This is no coincidence. We cannot ignore this. We also do not think it is ethical for us to be connected to corporations which undermine vulnerable parts of our community, such as asylum seekers. Many seek to come to Australia as they flee homophobic execution, and they are either imprisoned in offshore detention where homosexuality is illegal or sent back to the places that abuse them. In the UK their Pride march called upon the airlines to cease deportation, and managed to win a commitment to ending forced deportations. We can too!
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    Created by Evan Gray
  • Give Mark the treatment he needs
    It's not an accident that Allianz are making it hard for Mark to get the medical treatment he needs - it's by design. Insurance companies like Allianz make millions of dollars every year out of reducing the amounts paid to injured workers. They focus on booting injured workers off compensation to maximise their own profit. This comes at an extraordinary cost to injured workers who are forced to fight these insurance companies to get the help they need. The Ombudsman report two years ago highlighted all these problems - but nothing has changed. The way insurance companies like Allianz treat injured workers is completely unacceptable.
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