• Stop North Sydney Council's push to terminate industrial agreement during pandemic
    Please sign the petition on the right-hand side of this page. By signing this petition, we are calling on North Sydney Council to continue the industrial agreement.
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  • Stop Parramatta Council's request to reduce long service leave
    With your support the Union requests, again, that Council acknowledges those impacts upon members, withdraw their call for reduction of excess long service leave and meet with Union representatives to resolve this matter.
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  • NSW COVID 19 relief to International Students and Temporary Workers
    Glady Berejiklian and the NSW Liberal Party have not provided any relief to international students and temporary workers during the COVID-19 crisis. Most temporary workers have now lost their jobs and cannot return home. They are trapped here. Many other international workers work in essential services, supporting the whole community - but they have no support extended to them in a time of crisis. NSW is the only state to provide no support.
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  • Support your loyal staff affected by the COVID-19 stand-down
    Last year in the time surrounding the Crown Resorts annual general meeting, Crown announced the new values it would adhere to and expected its employees to adhere to. Those values talk about doing the right thing, working together and being passionate and respectful. At first, we hoped Crown had listened. The encouraging announcement of a ‘good faith payment’ following stand-down indicated that Crown might take steps to ensure the thousands of people they employ would not be left behind in the COVID-19 crisis. However, Crown’s commitment to these values has been hard to see since. Respect was hard to see when Crown announced that JobKeeper would serve the purpose of reimbursing itself for its apparent good-faith payment and any wages employees earn or leave employees take. How can Crown say they are doing the right thing when they announce they are not investigating options to pay the thousands of workers left behind by JobKeeper, then say we work as a team as they pay a full dividend to shareholders and millions of dollars in remuneration to executives? It’s hard to be passionate when in spite of all this, the company has not even been able to tell eligible employees when they get paid dating up until the publication of this petition, one day before they are due to be paid. We implore Crown to demonstrate its own values to its staff and do the right thing by us on their own accord. Leaving workers behind is not an option for us.
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  • Retention Payment for ALL Aged Care Workers
    The Federal Minister For Aged Care has recently announced payments of up to $1,600 to be paid directly to care workers in residential aged care. The HWU believes ALL aged care workers are heroes on the frontline. That's why as good as this announcement may be for carers, we want ALL aged care workers looked after - whether it's admin staff, kitchen and food workers, leisure and lifestyle workers, cleaners or laundry workers!
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  • Home Care Workers need Contact Less Thermometers Now!
    The COVID 19 crisis is not over, home care workers are on the frontline working in the community with vulnerable members of society. Union members have won special leave, they are starting to get the PPE they need and have access to COVID19 virus testing. However temperature testing is still missing! Contact less thermometers can make a huge difference to identifying symptoms sooner rather than later in workers and clients. To ensure adequate work health and safety standards for workers as well as continuing to stop the spread of this virus, home care workers need temperature testing thermometers now!
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  • Make Industrial Manslaughter a Crime in New South Wales
    Everyone deserves the right to be safe at work. Every worker deserves the right to get home safely to their family at the end of the day. According to Safe Work Australia, 63 workers have died at work in 2020. From 2014 to 2018, there was an average of 56 workplace deaths in New South Wales per year. Clocking on at work should never be a death sentence. Most workplace deaths are easily preventable making these deaths even more tragic. Current laws in NSW allow employers to only get fined for the deaths of workers, even when they have been found to be negligent. By introducing industrial manslaughter as a criminal offence in NSW punishable by imprisonment, employers will be forced to take work health and safety seriously and avoid any more easily preventable workplace deaths. Victoria, Western Australia, the Australian Capital Territory and Queensland have already introduced industrial manslaughter laws and these laws have helped to ensure that workers are better protected whilst at work. It’s time for New South Wales to do the same. NSW Young Labor wants all workers in New South Wales to be safe and protected at work. No one should go to work and not come home. (Banner image via Depositphotos)
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  • Guarantee Safety Equipment for All Essential Workers
    Essential workers are putting their lives at risk for all of us. So why can’t we do the right thing by them? Essential workers in NSW are being asked to work with little or no safety equipment. They come into contact with people daily, putting themselves at greater risk of contracting COVID-19. They do this to keep our state healthy, safe, moving and functioning during the coronavirus. Yet, face masks are being rationed in hospitals. Hand sanitiser is in short supply in schools and childcares centres. Others miss out entirely on health or safety equipment. Essential workers care for our elderly, nurse our infirm, produce our food and stock our supermarkets. They ensure the lights are on and water is running. They fight the virus in hospitals, and keep our state clean, safe, moving and functioning during this exhausting pandemic. The Government must step up and guarantee personal protective equipment (PPE) for all essential workers. If they aren’t safe, none of us are! PPE includes medical masks, gloves, hand sanitiser, gowns, eyewear, face shields and other items. Different essential workers will have different needs. The Government must immediately talk with workers and their representatives to find what they need. They must fund, deliver or mandate employers provide the required PPE.
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  • The Morrison government must save 16,000 local jobs and take a stake in Virgin
    Virgin Airlines have gone into voluntary administration which means time is running out to save the 16,000 local jobs, spread across Australia, including in regional airports. The Morrison government is at a crossroad where it can choose to invest tax payer money in buying a stake in an Airline that will allow Australia to avoid becoming a country with one all powerful corporate airline in control of the skies or watch as 16,000 jobs are destroyed, tax payers are lumped with an $800 million bill for unpaid entitlements and our domestic tourism industry collapses as ticket prices exploded and services are cut. The foreign shareholders of Virgin Australia are all airlines. Despite the name Richard Branson’s company owns less than 10%. Around the world airlines have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and many other countries have already stepped in to save national airlines.
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  • Paid pandemic leave for pharmacy employees
    Pharmacy employees are on the frontline of this crisis working to keep the community healthy. This means we are more likely to encounter people who have COVID-19, we are more likely to catch COVID-19 and we are more likely to need to self-isolate on more than one occasion. Professional Pharmacists Australia has filed an application to the Fair Work Commission to have paid pandemic leave entitlements inserted into The Pharmacy Industry Award. These measures will apply to both casual and permanent staff: 1. Where a worker is required to self-isolate, or is prevented from working by government decree, they will receive two weeks paid leave per instance. 2. Where a worker is infected with COVID-19, they receive an immediate credit of 20 days personal leave to take time off. To achieve this, we need the support of the whole pharmacy community. Now is the time for us to unite, we are all in this together.
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  • Deakin University COVID-19 Response - Examinations and WAMs
    Special consideration measures, as implemented at other universities throughout Melbourne, help to ensure students feel supported during this unsettling time. All students deserve the right to have their interests looked after, and ensure they do not suffer academically as a result of the altered educational environment.
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  • Call for Private Health Operators to Provide Health Care Workers with Free Parking
    Private health operators are currently negotiating, or have already negotiated, viability guarantee agreements to assist the public sector and to ensure that workers in the private sector are gainfully employed. NSW Health workers have been guaranteed that they will not have to pay for parking in this time of crisis. The HSU Private Health Division is calling on all private health operators to ensure that free parking for all frontline health workers in this time of crisis. Workers in both private and public health are on the frontline of the fight against coronavirus and should both be afforded the same conditions. It is only fair that private health workers should not have to worry about the additional cost of parking as they work hard to save lives amidst this global pandemic. If you believe that private health workers whose employers have been financially bailed out by the State and Federal Government should not have to pay for parking, then please sign the below petition.
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