Whether it's his savage cuts to schools and hospitals, slashing penalty rates, $13 billion in tax cuts for the big banks, voting 26 times to block a banking royal commission, inaction on climate change, failure to deal with stagnant wage growth, the harmful marriage equality survey or his complete inability to do anything about housing affordability, everyone has a good reason to break up with Scott Morrison and the Liberal Government at this election.
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    Created by Felicity S
  • Stop allowing big business to replace Aussie jobs with exploited overseas visa workers
    Nearly 80 Australian seafarers have been sacked by BHP and replaced with exploited overseas visa workers. These should be Australian jobs for Australian workers, but Scott Morrison's Government chose BHP's profits over the jobs of locals.
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    Created by Construction Forestry Maritime Mining and Energy Union Picture
  • More Affordable Housing for ANU Students
    Whilst the ANU has made great strides to tackle the complicated issue of providing accommodation for a growing student population, there are still many pressing and urgent issues for postgraduate students that must be addressed. There are still postgraduate students being exploited by predatory landlords, skipping meals to pay for the bare necessities, and sleeping rough in the library and their offices to ensure that they have a safe place to sleep at night. In recognising that the ANU is providing additional accommodation for students in the upcoming years, it is not merely enough to have this accommodation available, it also needs to be accessible, affordable and adequate. Additionally, to meet the first-year guarantee, second- and third-year students will need to seek accommodation off-campus in a city that was just named the most expensive rent market in Australia.
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    Created by Terese Corkish
  • Increase Pharmacy Pay
    Pharmacists study for 4 years, undertake an intern year and continuous professional development through their careers to ensure they can care for our community. That they are paid under $54,000 for such a vital job is a national shame. For two years Professional Pharmacists Australia (PPA) have argued in the Fair Work Commission to increase wages. Our members have provided evidence that a pharmacist’s work-value has increased with greater educational requirements, greater responsibilities and workload and yet pay has not kept up with change. The Fair Work Comission has rejected raising all wages, but will now consider intern and pharmacist rates and allowances for professional services. Sign to support our final submission to raise pay and ask your colleagues to sign as well.
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    Created by Professional Pharmacists Australia
  • Save Howard!
    Workers at Botany Cranes went without pay increases for five years in order to support the business through a slow period. In 2018, they finally came to an agreement with management on a new set of wages and conditions. The workers were relieved. They thought it was a done deal. But now, management are refusing to sign that agreement. Then, as if to add insult to injury, they've sacked long time employee and union delegate Howard Byrnes. Howard was sacked for raising issues on behalf of the whole Botany Cranes workforce with management. Workers were worried that the EBA hasn't been signed by management, that their superannuation hasn't been paid in months, and that their redundancy and income protection insurances are out of date. Howard was just doing his job as union delegate and raising these issues on behalf of the workers.
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  • Stop cruel cuts to support for asylum seekers living in the community
    The Status Resolution Support Services (SRSS) Program provides vital support to individuals and families living in the Australian community while they wait for their refugee status to be finalised. It provides help with the basics of life like housing, food, clothing, medical services and the costs of putting kids through kinder and school. It also provides access to counselling and mental health support. The Federal Government has a responsibility to provide support to people until they get the outcome of their asylum claims and can move forward with their lives in a positive way. Australians support each other when we hit hard times and we are asking the Federal Government to do the same. We need to back our neighbours, friends and local communities instead of leaving the people who need our help most to suffer in silence. The Back Your Neighbour Campaign is a coalition of Australian local governments working with community groups, welfare organisations and ordinary Australians who oppose cuts aimed at the most vulnerable members of our community. Find out more at www.backyourneighbour.com.au
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  • Vote to evacuate manus and Nauru
    If Cathy doesn’t vote for the bill, it probably won’t pass. This is a chance to finally get the help these children desperately need. Cathy has said she wants her constituents to tell her how they feel, and that she’s undecided. She must be told loud and clear that she needs to show some backbone.
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  • Town of Victoria Park: Don't Celebrate Dispossession
    The Curtin Student Guild represents a large portion of the people who live and study in the Town of Victoria Park, and we don't believe that the 26th of January is something to celebrate. For many of Australia's First Nations people Australia Day has different names, including Day of Mourning, Invasion Day, and Survival Day: it marks the arrival of the First Fleet in New South Wales and the brutal process of colonisation that ensued. In the words of Nakkiah Lui, the 26th of January is a day in which "we mourn the declaration of Australia as terra nullius (land that belongs to no one) as well as those who have died in massacres, those who were dispossessed of their land and homes, those were denied their humanity, those who were shackled, beaten, sent to prison camps, and made to live in reserves". We recognise that the Town of Victoria Park will not be able to boycott its arranged Australia Day celebrations in 2019, and that choosing not to celebrate the 26th of January in the future will not undo the severe and ongoing injustice and trauma faced by Australia's Indigenous people, but we believe it is an important and simple step in the right direction. Choosing not to engage with a symbol so needlessly disrespectful demonstrates that the Town of Victoria Park recognises Australia's real history and will no longer turn a blind eye to the struggle of its First Nations people. Cody Robinson, Indigenous Department Officer Finlay Nolan, Curtin Student Guild President [This petition has been prepared in conjunction with a formal petition which can be found at reception in the Guild Building, 106F, Curtin University, and will be delivered to the Town of Victoria Park]
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  • Stop sticking it to workers
    Workers in Australia have a right to join and participate in their union. The Federal government should not be allowed to tell workers what they can and can't wear. This is a blatant attempt by the Federal government to stop workers being active in their union. Sign our petition to tell the Federal Minister that this is unfair.
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    Created by Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union
  • University of Wollongong: Reject the Secret Ramsay Deal
    While UOW bosses refuse to release all of the details, we do know Ramsay Centre reps will be able to influence staff appointments, observe classes and that the curriculum has been shaped according to the Ramsay Centre's stipulations. This centre has already been rejected by the ANU, and staff and students have been fiercely campaigning against it at the University of Sydney and the University of Queensland. UOW bosses and the Ramsay Centre have been secretly negotiating for the past year. Staff were only notified the week before Christmas after the deal had been signed. Staff have grave concerns about this lack of transparency and that proper academic approval processes have not been followed. The University’s Academic Senate was not even notified in advance. In an article in Quadrant, Ramsay Centre board member and former PM Tony Abbott made it clear the Centre would be interventionist over staffing and curriculum decisions. This as part of a broader challenge to the principles of academic freedom, academic integrity and academic autonomy and as such it has implications for the whole Australian university sector. Show your support for staff, students and alumni at UOW by signing the petition.
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    Created by National Tertiary Education Union NSW
  • Protect Patient Safety!
    Hospital pharmacists provide essential services to our community. Cutting pharmacists wages and conditions, including removing senior level roles means patients won’t have access to experienced pharmacists. Patients rely heavily on senior pharmacists to provide advice and get dosages right – it’s just wrong to compromise these patients and penalise staff by cutting their working conditions and pay.
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    Created by Jessica Hensman
  • I Support Australian STEM
    Great societies have well run, smart public services. STEM expertise in the Australian Public Service is vital so that our country can deliver the infrastructure, technical outcomes and public policy that Australians expect and deserve. STEM professionals are under increased pressure to deliver, while across the country staffing numbers are cut, funding is slashed and the voices of our scientists, engineers and technical experts are ignored. We see the results all around us –scientific advice ignored, project overruns, waste, cost blow outs. At the same time wages are stagnating, conditions are reduced, and job security is diminishing. We need to restore STEM capacity in the Australian Public Service and create a public service where professional expertise is respected as the key enabler it is, not an overhead to be cut.
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    Created by Professionals Australia