• Hospo Workers Need Paid Vaccination Leave
    Hospitality is one of the most insecure industries in the country. The vast majority of us don’t have access to paid sick leave and are among the lowest paid workers. We can’t afford to take time off work to get vaccinated. Everyone should be safe at work, but without vaccinations we aren’t safe. And without vaccination leave we can’t protect ourselves and others. Without vaccinations we will catch the virus from our customers and pass it onto our workmates, our families and to other patrons. The Morrison government must immediately introduce a minimum of two days of paid vaccination leave for hospitality workers who want to get vaccinated. If any worker has a reaction to the vaccine and needs more time off they should be able to get it.
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    Created by Hospo Voice Members
  • Saving Citi Bank workers
    The reputation and high profits of Citi Bank operating in Asia Pacific Region, is an outcome of full cooperation between management and workers. When Citi Bank management decides to withdraw the business, rights of workers and consumers in the region must be respected and fairly compensated. This fight shuld be done with international solidarity among workers so we call on your participation in the petition. If we do not take any action now, we will be abandoned in the street without any hope for jobs and many families will fall into the poverty.
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    Created by Jay Choi
  • Tertiary Education is Not for Militarization
    Sri Lanka has been providing universal health and education for its citizens and empowered the talent and held hand of many deserving students supporting their upward social mobility. The proposed act is setup private universities to offer courses on commercial basis without proper regulatory oversight of the UGC. This initiative will bring down the standard of tertiary education to unacceptable levels, and country will not benefit from its talented citizens
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    Created by UNI Sri Lanka Affiliates Council
  • Covid-19 SAFETY in SABAH - we want vaccination!
    Only if everyone is vaccinated, we are safe. Vaccinations are the only way to end this pandemic. We are launching COVID-19 vaccination campaigns in Sabah so people irrespective of their location, income and ethnicity can get access to the vaccine. Make Sabah safe again! There are still too many people in Sabah who have yet to even get their immunisation appointment. Sabah only have about 13% (or 358, 592) vaccinated people as of July 17. To achieve the 40% target of vaccinated people from those eligible, the Federal Government must deliver another 1.48 million doses before the middle of August. Sabah cannot restart their economy without a scheduled and quick vaccination rate. We are now appealing to the Chief Minister of Sabah Yang Amat Berhormat Hajiji Noor to intervene.
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    Created by Alice Chang
  • Add Season 15 of Grand Designs UK to Binge
    I want to watch the episode 1, "Living in the city" please.
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    Created by Sam Danby Picture
  • It’s about time to value school support staff!
    Every day, ES staff work to keep our schools running, support our students to learn, and our teachers to teach. Their work is diverse, complex, and vital, but it is undervalued. The salaries of Education Support workers in public schools do not match their contribution. Too many ES are considering leaving the profession and will continue to do so unless the Premier and Education Minister act now. It’s about time our ES staff were paid properly for the important work they do.
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    Created by AEU Victoria
  • CBA - Don’t Send Our Jobs Overseas
    In what is likely the first wave in a plan to offshore many hundreds more jobs, the Bank told 119 staff in their processing teams that they can expect to have their jobs sent over to India by April next year. While many of their competitors look to bring jobs back to Australia, the Commonwealth Bank has decided that the opportunity to exploit overseas workers is just too good to pass up. CBA staff have spent years hearing from the Commonwealth Bank about doing what they should do rather than what they can do, and here they are, locked down, working from home, trying to home school and having their jobs sent to India. It’s an absolute disgrace. When it suits CBA, they put out ads patting themselves on the back publicly for having Australian call centers. They’re doing this because they think they can get away with it. Help us stop them.
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    Created by Finance Sector Union
  • Coca Cola: Don't freeze our wages!
    Coca Cola is one of the biggest and most profitable brands in the WORLD. They can afford a fair pay rise for hard working manufacturing workers like us! We have worked loyally for the company for years, we deserve a fair pay rise.
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  • Vaccinate Education Workers Now!
    Urgent vaccination of education staff is essential for their protection as well as the protection of students and their communities. It will also reduce the need in future to move to remote learning, which is so disruptive for students and parents. Most importantly, it is a key public safety measure to slow the spread of future outbreaks. Childcare, kinder and pre-school workers are, in many cases, continuing to work in very high-contact workplaces even when schools and TAFEs move to remote learning. The slow pace of the vaccine rollout, the lack of supply of vaccines and the failure to heed the call to prioritise education workers is putting staff, students and the broader community at risk.
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    Created by IEU Vic/Tas and AEU Vic
  • Hands Off our Health & Wellbeing Allowance
    Our Health & Well Being Allowance is one of the many entitlements included in our union-negotiated Enterprise Bargaining Agreement. We negotiated and won this entitlement as union members to help pay for the things that protect and improve our mental and physical health. But now Cbus has suddenly decided to make unilateral changes to what should and should not be claimed under this allowance. This allowance is not a gift - it's an entitlement. Everyone at Cbus should be able to use their allowance for its intended purpose, whether they improve their health by going to the gym, walk in the park or play sport in their community. CBUS have said that these changes were made in order to prevent improper claims under the allowance – but these changes go much further than that, and were made without consulting your union representatives. Entitlements like this, and respectful engagement with our union is what makes CBUS such a great place to work, we urge CBUS to engage constructively with us over the policy that governs proper use of OUR entitlements.
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    Created by Finance Sector Union
  • Fair Uni's for our future
    In the midst of the COVID crisis and its effects on universities’ finances and the pressures on many universities to cut jobs we can only hope that a broad public interest lens is applied to universities future rather than a simple cost reduction lens.
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    Created by Chloe Gaul
  • Solidarity with Medevac Refugees - Free all indefinitely detained refugees now!
    A group of Medevac refugees held at MITA (Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation) detention center in Broadmeadows have re-started their hunger strike protest to demand their freedom. This second hunger strike began on Thursday 15 July, it follows the first hunger strike that began on June 17, and lasted 15 days. 12 people are currently refusing food, one is in the Northern Hospital where he has been since June 21. “We are very tired,” said one of the hunger strikers “We are nine years in detention. No-one can tell us why. Since our last hunger strike, we did not get any answers.” Vali, one of the hunger strikers said “We are on hunger strike for our freedom. We want to know what is the difference between us and other released Medevac refugees? Why are we still in detention?” We hold grave fears for the health of the hunger strikers. Their health is being harmed by the policies of the Coalition government. No Coalition government Minister has ever provided an explanation as to why around half of the Medevac refugees have been released, but half remain in indefinite detention. Indefinite detention for Medevac refugees is now into its ninth year, 33 Medevac refugees are held in the Park Hotel in Melbourne and 38 in MITA in Broadmeadows. In total around 90 refugees who came Australia's offshore hell holes on PNG and Nauru are still detained around Australia. Around 230 remain offshore. They must all be freed.
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    Created by Refugee Action Collective