• Cumberland City Council In-House Bid
    It is important because we want an in-house bid. Please sign the petition on the right-hand side of this page.
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  • Save our staff! Macquarie student petition against staff cuts
    If Macquarie management get away with this, it will mean potentially hundreds of staff’s livelihoods will be destroyed and our quality of education will continue to plummet! Macquarie Students Against Uni Cuts will be working with staff on campus to fight back against these savage attacks. We shouldn’t have to pay a cent for their crisis. If you support this campaign to defend our education and staff jobs and working conditions please sign this petition.
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  • Save our Childcare at Cumberland City Council
    It is important because we want Childcare Services to continue to be operated by council. Please sign the petition on the right-hand side of this page. By signing this petition, we are calling on Council Management and Councillors to continue to provide vital community services.
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  • Greater Financial Support for Students
    We are worried about students who are struggling to pay for rent, food and bills, and when Centrelink payments are reduced in October this will only get worse. We are worried about international students and their families who are struggling to pay course fees, and the obvious impacts this will have. Students are suffering and the University’s response to this has been silence. The University needs to act – and it needs to act now.
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  • Take Action For Working Women
    As we deal with this ongoing pandemic, we must ensure that women are not unfairly burdened with the impact of the crisis and are recognised as integral to our planning for recovery. Throughout the pandemic women have been unfairly burdened by its impacts. Women: * are on the front line and doing the vital work that sustains our community * are working their paid job and doing the additional work of caring for kids at home and assisting remote learning * have disproportionately had their jobs cut as female dominated sectors like hospitality and retail shut down and lay off workers * have lost or have no income because they are excluded from JobKeeper * are experiencing family violence in lockdown where their home may also now be their place of paid work. We're calling on the Morrison government and the National Cabinet to urgently take action for working women. Women need time to care for themselves and others, to be financially supported, to be safe at work and to be an integral part of the recovery plan. Sign the petition if you agree!
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  • Tell your Centre to pay your child’s educators!
    Many educators are now facing lockdown with no savings, no access to JobKeeper, and no Government support to fall back on. Victorian educators are asking for the support of parents like you to ask Centres to pass on Government funding as wages, as it was intended. Early childhood educators who educate and care for your children NEED YOUR SUPPORT. SIGN THE PETITION to ask YOUR local centre to pass on the Federal Government’s tax-payer funded relief to workers by maintaining their wages! Sincerely, Early Childhood Educators across Melbourne
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  • Support for Flinders University Students Must Continue!
    The Flinders University Student Association (FUSA), is once again calling on Flinders University to provide additional academic support to students during this global health pandemic. While case numbers have decreased in South Australia, many students are still completing the majority of their learning online, have lost their jobs and income, and are about to see a severe reduction in government support. In Semester 1, FUSA was instrumental in campaigning for the academic support changes that allowed many students to continue their studies here at Flinders. Changes such as the Opt-In Non-Graded Pass assessment structure would not have occurred without our campaign and the support of the student body. We understand the stresses of being a student in the best of times, let alone during a global health pandemic, but we need your support to push for these changes. Flinders University can and must do more to support the student community during these unprecedented times. Please share this campaign with your classmates, club and association mates and anyone else you know in the student community to help us fight for your rights and welfare as students.
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  • Support LGBTIQ+ kids, stop Mark Latham's Bill!
    Mark Latham's Education Legislation Amendment (Parental Rights) Bill 2020 is a dangerous attack to LGBTIQ+ kids and staff. If passed, the Bill will: -prohibit trans and gender diverse content being taught in health and physical education classes. - prohibit teachers from mentioning the existence of LGBTI+ characters, people or events in other subjects like English or History. - prohibit counsellors from giving advice to students on the subject of gender fluidity. - force teachers to refuse to call students by their preferred pronouns. - teachers who do not comply could lose their accreditation and their jobs. - allow parents and guardians to remove their child from any course that mentions sexuality. - force schools to consult with parents and guardians at the start of each year about any course which mentions sexuality (and change the courses accordingly). - legitimise the stigmatization of intersex students. This Bill goes further even than the Religious Discrimination Bill that the Morrison government has waiting in the shadows - which itself would legalise discrimination towards LGBTI+ people in Australia. Latham's Bill goes further as a calculated attempt to erase the very existence of LGBTI+ people and force kids and staff back into the closet. Please share this petition to keep up the fight!
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    Created by CARR (Community Action for Rainbow Rights)
  • Mandate N95 fit testing for health workers
    Health care workers are at high occupational risk of contracting COVID-19, and are overrepresented in serious cases. Preventative measures, including provision of and education about the use of personal protective equipment, is only effective if it is fit for purpose - masks that allow unfiltered air entry and exit exposes health care workers, their colleagues, family members, and care recipients to increased risk.
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  • Align both Disability Support Pensions
    Standard DSP only has a $174 per fortnight allowance for earning beyond the DSP payment. For every dollar after that, the recipient loses 50c in every $1. The effect of this is to reduce the hourly wage in earnings to around $10 per hour. This legislation, which creates a two class disability payment system, is discriminatory. We need to join together and demand that the Government provide all DSP recipients with the same level of benefits. This must be addressed immediately. If you also want a copy and paste letter to forward to your local minister, please feel free to use the following… To minister <name>, I have recently become aware of an unfair and unjust practice of the Australian government paying 2 different disability support payments (DSP). The standard DSP is income and asset tested and restricts recipients to being renumerated for their employment to around $10 gross/hour maximum. The second category is reserved for those classified as ‘legally blind’. As this payment has no income or asset restriction, all money earned from employment is retained. As disabled people face enormous struggles in their day to day life, whether their particular disability is legal blindness, or some other disability type, all should have the same set of access to a fair pay for work undertaken. As a society we have long ago moved toward equity and as such all should be granted the second DSP. This needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency. Sincerely, <Your name>
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  • Stop Widodo’s Omnibus Bill and protect Indonesian workers and their families!
    The working class of Indonesia are opposing attempts by the Government of Indonesia to introduce the Omnibus Bill on Job Creation that seeks to exploit the present Covid-19 crisis in order to reduce wages, remove entitlements and erode workers’ rights in Indonesia. The government of President Joko Widodo is arguing that this bill which aims to rewrite 79 laws to deliver greater foreign direct investment, support economic growth and create job opportunities for Indonesians. But the reality is the Omnibus Bill will only harm working people and the environment. It must be stopped.
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  • Full divestment from fossil fuel and weapons manufacturing companies!
    It's important we show the University that we don't want them supporting these destructive industries. They don't care about our futures and are actively responsible for endangering them. The University of Melbourne can't be sustainable when it continues to fund the destruction of our planet. Full divestment would send a powerful message to these companies that they are no longer welcome on our campuses and that it's time to start investing in a sustainable future.
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