• Tell General Pants Co: Long term casuals deserve JobKeeper!
    There are hundreds of General Pants staff across Australia who are missing out on JobKeeper, despite being eligible according to the Australian Tax Office.  These workers are long term casuals, with regular shifts and patterns of employment. Some of these workers have worked at General Pants Co for six years. This is a common story, a few weeks ago we heard a similar story from Cotton On workers and David Jones. Both of those companies have now included all eligible casual workers. Why haven’t General Pants Co? We've set-up this action so you can email CEO Sacha Laing directly, letting him know you support these workers and that he should too.
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  • Woolies: Meet with UWU Reps about unfair and unsafe pick rates!!!
    This is important because all reps should be heard from, agreed outcomes should be from all parties - not management and "team representatives". Workers deserve to have their views about the JDA represented at all negotiations that affect them!
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    Created by Louise Dillon
  • We support a Fair Go for Sunny Coast Garbos
    The Sunshine Coast waste contract is going up for tender this year and our local garbo's are at risk of being forced to do the same job for significantly reduced pay and conditions. Our Garbos work hard and are fellow rate payers with families to support. Our Garbos have been essential workers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping our streets and our communities clean at a time when that has never been more critical. They should not be punished due to an administrative decision by Council.
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  • Petition against the Unauthorised use of in-cab cameras
    We believe companies who use surveillance technology to spy on us in our trucks are using this type of surveillance to invade our privacy. It should not be the intention to use this technology to discipline drivers instead of its intended purpose, as a safety measure. We spend days at a time in our cabs. They are our desks; they are our bunks. We eat, sleep, and breathe in our trucks and ask for respect when it comes to our privacy.
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  • Re-instate Visits
    It is time for the visits to resume and the AMC, we haven’t seen our loved ones for nearly 4 months. The updates on the Corrective Services website was virtually non existent, the department also fell very short on updating the prisoners. Although prisoners are in there to be punished for crimes committed they should still have the basic right of contact with loved ones and the reverse is also true we have a right to see our loved ones. Whilst I understand it was necessary to cancel visits at the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak, Since there have been no reported cases of COVID-19 in Canberra for 7 weeks I am at a loss to understand this as an excuse. Hiding behind this excuse is somewhat cowardly and not validated by the governments reported statistics or perhaps is it a case of the government simply not reporting them publicly. It seems the COVID virus has become the scapegoat for anyone not to fulfil their commitments and responsibilities this includes individuals, the corporate sector and the Government entities. I simply cannot believe that the government did not have contingency plans in place for just these situations. Then to declare you have no idea when the visits will recommence is ridiculous and quite frankly treating us as idiots and unworthy of the truth. The government has had dates and updates for business reopening, and social activities to recommence. I am simply appalled, angered and extremely upset by your handling of this situation I believe my civil liberties and human rights are being violated along with those of the inmates. Your duty of disclosure and transparency is non existent or are we so low on the Priority list you simply don’t care. May I remind you as a government department and elected member of the legislative assembly ultimately you are answerable to the people and this includes inmates and their loved ones. The mental health of all involved is taking a battering I know mine is.
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    Created by Donna Collins
  • Open the Books: Financial Transparency at the University of Melbourne
    The University has made clear that it intends to carry out restructuring which will see workers across the University made redundant, and has made no promises to retain casual and fixed-term staff, hundreds of whom have already lost their jobs. Senior management have not made the case that any of these job cuts are necessary and should open up their books so that the university community can see the real extent of the financial crisis. This is key information that staff and union representatives need in order to fully assess any change plans proposed by the University.
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    Created by NTEU Victoria
    Will you join the fight to save hospitality jobs before it’s too late? Join us today and add your voice as we call on the Morrison Government to protect hospo jobs and provide a secure income by: 1. Immediately extending JobKeeper until hospitality gets back on its feet 2. Expanding JobKeeper to ALL hospitality workers regardless of employment or visa status. 3. Lifting the rate of JobSeeker so that those that who lose their jobs aren’t forced into poverty while finding another job JOIN YOUR CAMPAIGN TODAY TO PROTECT & REBUILD HOSPO!
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    Created by United Workers Union hospo workers
  • Upgrade Ellalong park to a multipurpose activity centre.
    As the town has grown the park is no longer only used by children to play on the play equipment. Many residents currently use the area for outdoor exercise and social sporting activity, often bringing their own equipment to compensate for the lack of facility. A full sized multi-purpose court and other outdoor exercise equipment will enable residents of all ages a more active community space.
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    Created by Leigh Shears
    SDA Organiser Aleks Velanovski has been raising safety issues at Bunnings Footscray West throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. When Aleks raised the issue of customers coming into the store after being tested for COVID-19, he was told that the testing site could not be moved because Bunnings wanted it to stay. Test recipients continue to come into the store after they are tested. This incredibly dangerous behaviour puts workers’ safety at risk. It has become clear that the only solution to this problem is the complete removal of the COVID-19 testing site.
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    Created by SDA Victoria
  • Don’t let the Morrison Government Ruin our Retirement
    For years now, members of the Morrison Government have been campaigning against industry super and using the cover of Coronavirus, they are planning to take a sledgehammer to workers’ retirement savings. More than two million Australians were forced to raid their superannuation just to get by throughout the crisis, and hundreds of thousands of Australians are now out of work. A generation of workers’ retirements are at risk if the Government succeeds in kicking the ladder out from under them. Australian unions won superannuation for it to be the best retirement income system in the world. We need to protect these hard won gains and strengthen our superannuation system to match the modern economy.
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  • Our culture is priceless, and we must preserve it.
    Over the past decade, our national cultural institutions have been starved of funding. With government funding being reduced every year because of the efficiency dividend combined with rising utility and maintenance costs; The Gallery has been left with no choice but to cut staff. Recently announcing they would have to cut 12% of their staff in 2020 – that will result in thirty workers losing their job. Understaffing was already a significant issue after a 10% staffing cut in 2016. These funding cuts have also greatly impacted The Gallery’s ability to collect and record Australia’s cultural heritage and have resulted in reduced services and access for the Australian community. Please sign our petition calling on the Government to protect our National Gallery and stop further job cuts. For a long time, both sides of politics have gouged money from the Gallery, and our other cultural institutions, ignoring the devastating impacts. This is devastating for workers who do their best to deliver exciting exhibitions and tell the stories of our nation. Our beloved Gallery, and all our national cultural institutions, need to be protected.
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    Created by The Community and Public Sector Union
  • Stop the Fee Hikes on Social and Community Services Degrees!
    The Social and Community Services sector is growing and will be vital to supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged members of our community in the COVID recovery and as we enter a recession. The sector relies on a pipeline of Social Work and related degree graduates to fill critical roles in its workforce. The workforce is predominantly a female workforce and low-paid. Already, there are workforce shortages in this essential sector. The Government’s proposed fee increases in Social Work and related fields will only further exacerbate these workforce shortages – in both recruitment and retention – that exist in this critical sector. It will disproportionately impact women who work in this sector, creating barriers for both entry and career advancement. The Government’s proposed fee increases for these degrees also overlooks recent State and Commonwealth Government initiatives or inquiries that have set or recommended minimum degree standards for employment in the social assistance sector.
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