• GG to disolve the 46th Parliament
    It is important to remember that we the Australian people, the tax payers employ these numbskulls to act in the best interest of the country and represent us. They can carry out thier factional infighting on thier own time, not ours!
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  • Stop the Drop in the Quality of Local Jobs and Services At Logan City Council!
    • Logan is “...one of the state’s fastest growing communities…the state [has] used the city as the backdrop for announcing its $45 billion four-year infrastructure plans.”* • Those at the pointy end of delivering the City’s successes continue to go unrecognised. Logan City Council staff have not had a pay rise since July 2016! • In that time, all Executive Managers, Councillors and even the suspended Mayor have received annual pay increases. • Council’s current staff pay offer fails to address this two-year pay freeze, and would see wages for the lowest-paid admin staff (who are mostly female) go backwards. • Council staff are community members just like you. We are your librarians and your water & sewage workers. We fix your roads, maintain your parks and plan your new community facilities. • If you agree that it’s not fair that those working hard to deliver major outcomes for our City have to suffer a wage freeze, sign our petition to support the hard-working Council staff who support your community! *Judith Kerr, ‘Logan A City On The Rise’, Courier-Mail, 16 August 2018
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  • Ban banks from super
    Big banks can’t be trusted with workers’ money. Banks have been forced to refund or compensate their customers $480 million in the past two years. They have engaged in reprehensible behavior that includes robbing the dead, deceiving the regulator, rigging markets, giving dodgy advice, forging documents and breaching laws that stop people laundering money and financing terrorism. In contrast, our union-won industry superannuation is reputable and accountable to members, and it consistently delivers better returns for members than any bank super fund. Industry super is strong. It’s the big banks that are broken. Big banks have no place in super and should be banned.
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  • It's a wage theft extravaganza, honey
    We all know that drag queens have a lot of charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent - and they deserve to be paid, just like any other workers. Wage theft is at epidemic levels in Victoria, including in the performing arts. If you run any kind of business, you need to pay your workers. We don't want any god damn excuses. To wage theft we say: not today Satan. Kweer Events, if you're not going to pay them then sashay away. (P.S. to all the Queens, future Queens, and soon to be Queens, join your union: https://changetherules.org.au Good luck, and don't fuck it up!)
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    Created by Jess Mattar
  • Exploiting workers, supporting dictators - investigate ICTSI now!
    The concerning global business practices of one of the world’s fastest growing and most profitable multinational port companies International Container Terminal Services Inc. (ICTSI) has sparked protests around the world. We’re talking about a company whose international reputation and business model is built off exploiting workers and their families, crippling the communities in which they operate and partnering with dictatorships. It is a fact that at the time the contract was awarded in Australia, ICTSI was in business with the Government of Sudan – while both the UN and US had placed sanctions on doing business with the regime. The President of Sudan was then – and still is today – wanted by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide. And from day one, ICTSI imported its aggressive anti-worker business model that they have run out all over the world to Australia. We’re asking you to join with us and demand an enquiry into ICTSI license to operate in Australia that asks: • How did a company with the international reputation that ICTSI holds, ever eligible, or even short-listed, to win a tender to operate critical port infrastructure in Australia? • What consideration was given to ICTSI’s dealings with anti-democratic and international sanctioned regimes, like the Al-Bashir regime in Sudan in the due diligence process? • Did the previous Liberal Victorian Government consult with relevant Commonwealth security agencies considering the relationship between ICTSI and the Government of Sudan? • How did ICTSI satisfy “community benchmarks” given its appalling international reputation when it was awarded the tender to operate the VICT terminal at Webb Dock in Melbourne? It is time for both levels of government to investigate ICTSI and reassure the public that this deal does not compromise our international obligations and meets the strictest of security standards.
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    Created by Paddy Crumlin, President, International Transport Workers Federation
  • Fraser Anning Must Resign
    Senator Fraser Anning's comments about immigration in NZ today are completely unconscionable. Before this he has previously used his maiden speech to praise the White Australia Policy and called for a "final solution" on Muslim immigration. This kind of language is completely unacceptable anywhere, let alone in our parliament. Giving Fraser Anning a platform to make this kind of speech legitimises dangerous racists and neo-Nazis. It creates hate, division and leads to violence. He is unfit to be a senator. Fraser Anning must resign now.
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    Created by Victorian Trades Hall Council
  • Stand with Educators!
    Malcolm Turnbull’s government won’t listen. He’s refused to meet with us, and he refuses to fund equal pay for educators. That’s why we’re telling politicians everywhere: we're making equal pay an election issue. Bill Shorten is potentially our next Prime Minister. We have a clear message for him: support early educators, and educators will support you. Please sign now to tell Bill Shorten to meet with me and other educators - together we're strong!
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    Created by Michelle, early childhood educator
  • Stop Invasive Testing in the Qld Rail Industry
    Shortly, the Qld Government is considering passing laws which would force urine testing on rail workers. Swab testing has worked fine for years. The Rail Tram and Bus union opposes these changes because: 1. Urine Testing isn't about impairment - it goes way beyond that. 2. It's embarrassing for women especially, who are asked to provide samples on track and at the side of the road. 3. It's being introduced to save some of the worst employers in Australia a few dollars, according to the Regulator. Drug and alcohol testing should be about safety first - not saving money. Failing a drug and alcohol test can mean steep fines and loss of employment to top it off. Urine testing means they can go weeks or even months back into your life in some cases. It's grossly unfair and the Qld Government must oppose it.
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    Created by RTBU QLD
  • Save Peppertree Place
    Community members of Coburg and surrounds, value the amazing oasis for our community that has been built up within Peppertree place. The organisation is largely volunteer run and the programs have become an important part of people's lives. With many volunteers building both a support network and new skills that have lead to them finding new employment opportunities after extended periods on un employment. Some of the program at risk if Peppertree place is closed include. o A volunteer run nursery and café, which have a built a significant community of people around them. o The gardens which are used by the neighboring schools, childcare centers, health practitioners and local playgroups, o The surrounding gardens have provided a wonderful peaceful sanctuary for local residents especially those in high-density housing neighboring the Peppertree place. o The Annual fiesta has been a triumph of volunteers and brought together many local organisations and built a community around the program run on site. So please sign our petition to save Peppertree Place!
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    Created by Eleisha Mullane
  • Equal Rights and Dignity for Transgender, Gender Diverse & Intersex Tasmanians
    Transgender Tasmanians can be forced to divorce, and/or undergo surgery, before being able to have their gender identity recognised on official documents. Intersex Tasmanians can be made to endure surgery before they are able to consent. Non-binary Tasmanians can be forced to mis-gender themselves because official forms only recognise gender as male or female. These outdated laws and practices perpetuate stigma and discrimination against transgender, gender diverse and intersex Tasmanians. They worsen the already-high rates of self-harm and suicide among transgender, gender diverse and intersex Tasmanians. They also constitute unnecessary government interference in the lives and freedoms of Tasmanians.
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  • Make Wage Theft a Crime in Tasmania!
    In Tasmania, there are many businesses who have chosen to underpay their workers and it is severely affecting a lot of people. They would often prey on international students and local Tasmanians who are not aware of their work rights. These exploitation are often found in the Hospitality industry and have plagued Tasmania for a very long time. Current international students are often paid based on their nationality. A Malaysian student may be paid 10AUD per hour, while a Chinese Mainlander will only get paid 6AUD. This is way below the minimum wage that was set by the Fairwork Commission. This petition is created to call on all political parties to criminalize wage theft in Tasmania. Please sign to show your support as we will present this to relevant political parties in Tasmania in order to criminalize wage theft.
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  • Strengthen Tasmanian laws against non-fatal strangulation
    CONTENT WARNING A woman surviving non-fatal strangulation is eight times more likely to be later murdered by her domestic violence perpetrator. Like Victorian woman, Joy Rowley who was choked unconscious eight months before her murder. Her assailant “wasn't charged for six months amid police concern there was insufficient evidence". https://goo.gl/xHSG8k Those risks include disability or later death, with no external signs of injury, incorrectly attributed to other causes. See: https://goo.gl/XEQFe9 It’s a weapon to instil fear and increase control over a victim. Professionals may miss subtle signs. Training can improve practice and policy. Victims' participation in life is affected, as are families and communities. Child witnesses suffer disrupted education and their physical and mental health may be affected. Laws which don't recognise the impact of non-fatal strangulation, or have limited applications, have been shown to let perpetrators get away with their crimes and leave victims living with violence under threat of death.
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