• KFC: Don't take jobs away because of visa status!
    Peter Dutton and the Federal Government has already made life very hard for people seeking asylum. We’ve seen years of cruel indefinite detention, insecure temporary protection visas, and cuts to refugee and asylum seeker assistance programs. Corporate behemoths like KFC don’t need to make it even harder through hiring practices that discriminate against workers who are currently seeking asylum.
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    Created by Migrant Workers Centre
  • Stop leaving NDIS clients out in the cold! Disabled clients and their care workers deserve dignity
    My name is Jane, and my client Kim is one of thousands of NDIS clients who received the letter telling them their services with Australian Unity will be cut. I’ve been working with Kim for fifteen years, and I’ve never seen her this stressed. She chose to challenge Australian Unity’s decision on the basis that the changes would put her health and safety at risk, but now she’s on the verge of having her care discontinued, with no adequate replacement services in place. All Kim wants is to maintain quality care from her care workers she has had long lasting relationships with. She’s tried everything she can think of, and now she’s scared. As a former health professional, she knows her condition would be far worse, if it wasn’t for the well trained care workers she receives her daily care from.
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    Created by Jane, care worker
  • Our Children are precious! Keep Children’s Services with Council.
    It's important because we want these services to continue to be operated by council. Please sign the petition on the right-hand side of this page. By sighing this petition, we are calling on Council Management and Councillors to continue to provide the vital Community Services of Family Day Care and OOSH to our ratepayers across the Shire.
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    Created by United Services Union - USU
  • Put SMARTbuses on the suburban rail loop route
    The Suburban Rail Loop is a great idea and will provide an orbital loop around Melbourne , with new stations connections between major railway lines from the Frankston line to the Werribee line via Melbourne Airport. Suburban Rail Loop will connect Melbourne’s middle suburbs to priority growth precincts, and link all Victorians to major health, education centres at Deakin, Monash and Bundoora, and outer employment centres. But it will take 50 years, or more, to build. Putting SMARTbus services on the route brings all the benefits of the loop to Melbourne residents right now. More information at https://rodbarton.com.au/smartbus-service-for-suburban-rail-loop-route/
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    Created by Rod Barton Picture
  • Stop the 7 Day Spread at Blacktown City Council
    For further information please speak to your delegate or USU Blacktown City Council Organiser Sandie Morthen on 0419 761 326.
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    Created by United Services Union - USU
  • Fund MATES in Consruction
    On average 190 Australians working in the construction industry die by suicide each year, that's one death by suicide in this industry sector every second day. Males in the construction industry are twice as likely to commit suicide than males in any other industry and are six times more likely to die of suicide than a workplace accident. This is totally unacceptable, and worse still, the industry organisation doing something about it has been defunded and hampered in its efforts to change the situation. We call on our elected representatives in the South Australian parliament to vote to stand by our MATES and properly fund MATES in Construction SA.
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    Created by John Adley
  • Block anti-worker bill
    Barwon Voices is a Geelong based group of activists who campaign for industrial justice. We care about workers’ wellbeing and our right to have unions represent us. The Ensuring Integrity Bill is an attack on all of us. It will seriously weaken the capacity of unions to protect our working conditions, win fair pay rises and maintain workplace health and safety. It is undemocratic because it undermines the right of union members to elect our representatives. If the bill had been law when unions were campaigning against James Hardie and seeking justice for workers with asbestosis, the outcome could well have been deregistration of those unions and James Hardie getting off scot-free. If the bill is enacted, it will severely curtail the ability of Hospo Voice to publicly expose venues guilty of wage theft, which is rampant in the hospitality industry. Workers deserve access to effective union representation.
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    Created by Barwon Voices
  • #RottenRockpool: Prosecute hospo's biggest wage thieves
    "My name is Rohit Karki and I started working at Rockpool Bar & Grill in Melbourne in 2012 and I was treated like an animal. Like a slave." "Each week I did two 20-hour shifts, back to back. I’d start at 4am and work until midnight or later, without a break. Then at 4am, I’d start all over again and do another 20 hours." "There was no time to go home between shifts, so I slept on a pastry bench in the kitchen for a couple of hours." "They tampered with our timesheets, so staff had no record of all the hours we worked. I was paid about $12 per hour, while people paid hundreds of dollars a head to eat the meals I prepared." "I felt trapped. I went into a depression. It was the darkest period in my life. But eventually I complained about this wage theft and how Rockpool treated me. Then I was bullied out of my job." "In all, I have had hundreds of thousands of dollars stolen from me by the Rockpool Dining Group, and I want it back." "Rockpool Dining Group has 80 venues across Australia, it turns over $400 million a year and has 2500 staff. " "I want to be them punished for how they treated me and countless other hospo workers." https://vimeo.com/368429181
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    Created by Hospo Voice
  • SAVE Tenants Union ACT
    The Tenants Union is the only independent, community run, specialist service for tenants in the ACT. The Tenants Union was established 38 years ago by grassroots community members in Canberra for this sole purpose. It has been funded since 1994 by the ACT Government to do its vital work supporting Canberra renters. In that time it has supported more than 50,000 people and their families. It should not be defunded. It’s ongoing funding should be increased so it can continue to provide quality services to the Canberra community and ensure its staff are paid properly.
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    Created by Australian Services Union
  • Stop Lululemon's unethical treatment of factory workers
    The factory is owned and run by the Youngone Corporation, which supplies Lululemon. Youngone workers allege that: •Factory workers who break any rules or leave earlier than expected are verbally abused by management and hit. Some said they had been made to work despite ill-health •Some labourers are paid 9,100 taka a month (£85) – less than the price of one pair of their leggings, which sell for as much as £138.50. The sum is well below the 16,000 taka unions have been demanding and falls far short of living wage estimates •They are forced to work overtime to hit targets, saying they sometimes felt immense pressure not to leave their work stations One worker said “I was sick, so one day I left work at 5pm but I informed the line supervisor. He told his bosses I left without telling anyone and the next day, when I went to work, the technician in charge of my line slapped me. He slapped me so hard my cheeks turned red and everyone asked me what happened. I couldn’t tell them the actual story. This isn't okay - Lululemon must treat their workers with the respect they deserve!
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    Created by Mairead Lesman Picture
  • ¡Estudiantes internacionales estafados por Novus Services Group!
    Vinimos a Australia para tratar de construir mejores vidas para nuestras familias. El dinero que Nick nos debe se habría destinado a la educación del hijo de Daniel. Daniel pasó dos años lejos de la familia para ganar dinero y aprender habilidades para darle a su hijo una mejor oportunidad de tener una buena vida. Ahora esos sueños están destrozados. Nick Krest y Novus Services Group deben rendir cuentas. No se puede permitir que Novus siga usando el robo de salarios como modelo de negocio.
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    Created by Daniel y Tatiana
  • Help retain the Collins Class full cycle docking maintenance in SA and save up to 700 jobs.
    The Federal Government is actively considering moving the full cycle docking maintenance of the Collin Class from its current base in Osborne, South Australia to Western Australia. The Osborne workforce built the Collins Class submarines has continued to provide design enhancements, maintenance and through-life support of the six-vessel fleet at the Osborne Naval Shipyard. They built the subs, they are best place to continue to provide full cycle docking maintenance. It’s difficult to see how it would be in the national interest to move full cycle docking from Osborne when it will come at a significant cost, result in cost and time blow outs for the performance of maintenance, result in reduced capability for the Navy, not to mention put the majority of the 700 strong Osborne workforce out of work.
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    Created by Professionals Australia