• Asahi: Support us during COVID-19!
    Workers at Asahi produce many of the beverages Australians love, such as Pepsi, Cottee's, Gatorade and Mountain Dew. These workers are putting their families and themselves at risk by continuing to work during COVID-19 to ensure people in Australia can get the drinks they want. All they are asking for is that Asahi takes their safety concerns seriously!
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  • Aurizon Bulk - get to the table and work with the RTBU
    Aurizon Bulk provide critical services to the community by moving goods to supermarkets across Qld. Despite this, Aurizon Bulk Management are behaving like children. They seem to be trying to use the COVID-19 crisis as a means to get an advantage over their workforce. The disputes are over stable rosters, and fatigue - they should be settled right away.
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  • Steven Marshall: Support workers in public corporations with a wage subsidy now!
    AVM is a big part of the South Australian hospitality and tourism landscape. Our members at Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide Entertainment Centre and Coopers Stadium work daily to present and showcase the State of South Australia and everything it has to offer. These venues have skilled and dedicated staff that are crucial to the running of these venues. We cannot afford to lose the knowledge and experience of this workforce. It is crucial that the Marshall Government support workers through the impacts of COVID-19 by extending this wage subsidy to them. The Marshall Government must commit to match the funding provided by the Federal Government for the purposes of the JobKeeper Payment for employees of South Australian public corporations and statutory authorities and ensure that no worker is left behind.
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  • Extend Online Accessible Learning for ANU Students with Disabilities
    For years, students with disabilities at the ANU have been told that it is ‘too hard’ to adjust their courses to be available via an optional online format. The coronavirus pandemic has shown us that this simply isn’t true - the ANU was able to transfer the degrees of 20,000 students online within weeks. Thousands of students at the ANU are registered as having a disability. Many more never make it to university studies simply because higher education at the ANU is inaccessible for multiple reasons. At best, students who are unable to leave home generally spend more than double the expected number of years completing their degree, with many having to defer their studies indefinitely let alone have an opportunity to make it into postgraduate study. The ANU can no longer say that it would be too expensive, arduous or logistically difficult to provide online learning schemes for students whose degree depends on it. Students with disabilities at the ANU deserve better. The ANU Disabilities Student Association demands better.
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  • Pacific National - Withdraw your EA changes and talk to the RTBU with the Delegates NOW
    Freight rail workers are keeping Australia moving during this challenging time. They are making sure necessities and raw materials continue to find their way to supermarkets, retail stores, pharmacies, petrol stations, flour mills, manufacturing plants and construction projects. Changes to working conditions affecting rostering can have significant effects on safety and fatigue levels. The other changes could drastically affect people's families with proposals for forced transfer. The Company's attacks on your conditions is creating an unhealthy and increasingly stressful working environment potentially causing employees to take the focus off COVID-19 issues! If Pacific National get away with this, it's a blank cheque for employers in the rail industry to use the current crisis as an excuse to avoid talking with workplace delegates and offcials about critical changes in the workplace.
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  • Start paying your staff their JobKeeper subsidy NOW!
    Thousands of casino workers have been indefinitely stood down from their jobs since the Government-enforced closures of casinos were implemented. These workers have been left without a source of income and are worried about how they'll pay for groceries, bills and rent. Some workers have already gone weeks without pay, and need access to money immediately in order to survive.
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  • Stop the cuts to Clinical Engineering at Prince of Wales Hospital!
    The cuts being made will save very little money but are part of a misguided drive to continually cut spending in Public Health. One of the cuts takes 4 hours a day of labour from the Clinical Engineering Department, which will reduce the time the staff have to maintain essential equipment such as Defibrillators, Heart Rate Monitors, Ventilators, Oxygen Saturation Meters, Anaesthetics Machines and other essential hospital equipment. There are thousands of these machines at Prince of Wales Hospital. Another cut reduces the number of staff on call of an evening. These staff are called in to assist with urgent heart surgery. They must monitor machines such as Balloon Pumps, that help to increase the blood flow to the heart immediately before and after surgery. This limits their capacity to deal with multiple urgent heart operations of an evening. This will put lives at risk. Stop essential services being run down at this important Public Hospital. Sign the petition now.
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  • Pacific National Coal - Talk to your RTBU Delegates now!
    Changes to working conditions affecting rostering can have significant effects on safety and fatigue levels. The other changes could drastically affect people's families with proposals for forced transfer. If Pacific National get away with this, it's a blank cheque for employers in the rail industry to use the current crisis as an excuse to avoid talking with workplace delegates and offcials about critical changes in the workplace.
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    The decision by universities such as MONASH, LATROBE, MELBOURNE and DEAKIN to defund cleaning contracts at this time has resulted in many cleaners being stood down without pay and, as many are international students, without any financial means upon which to survive. Universities receive large amounts of public money and rely on fees from international students such as those who have been stood down, this gives them a social responsibility for the conditions of these workers. Also, there is a continuing need for extra cleaning work to protect university staff from COVID-19. It is shameful that Australian Universities such as MONASH, DEAKIN and LATROBE who rely so heavily on the income they receive from international students have now left those students without any financial resources upon which to survive in this time of crisis.
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  • Protect our Health and Safety
    Over a month ago, union delegates reached out to management in order to begin the process of establishing designated working groups and electing HSRs. Management have refused to speak to us about the formation of Designated Working Groups in order to form an Occupational Health and Safety Committee. As we have notified management on multiple occasions that Victorian safety legislation says that we have the right to elect Health and Safety Representatives (HSR’S). But, as Grant acknowledged in the workplace meeting on the 17/3/20 management have both failed to respond to our request and have outright refused us. This is a clear and very serious breach of the OHS Act which outlines in sections 43-46 that: if one or a group of employees makes a request to be represented by an HSR, then the employer has 14 days to commence the arrangements and do everything reasonable to start these negotiations within this period. In order to protect the health and safety of workers within the workplace and ensure our voices are heard, we elected several HSR’s. As democratically elected HSR’s we put together a list of OHS concerns which you can read here (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yLzBD4y_8dwgMhgTSOaEoy4AYGxWN5lf3Rry-ZDijdM/edit?usp=sharing) , we sent this to management via email last week, but they have, once again, failed to respond. We are very disappointed with management's continued refusal to communicate with us and acknowledge our concerns. This shows a clear disregard for the both law and our own health and safety. They are in breach of both our Enterprise Bargaining agreement, which they agreed to follow when they signed it in 2017, and the bare minimum Victorian safety legislation. We Demand that : 1. Management recognises us as democratically elected Health and Safety Representatives and for them to communicate with us directly, both in good faith and as required to do so by law. 2. Begin the negotiation process of Designated Working Groups immediately, in order to ensure that the voices of workers are heard and our health and safety at work is upheld. 3. Uphold the the E.B.A and Victorian safety legislation, this includes reimbursing interviewers for costs associated with setting up working from home, beginning the negotiations of DWG’s and many more things which we outline our letter to management.
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    UMSU has endorsed the system put in place at Adelaide University where students can see their results and then elect to have a passing grade converted to a non-graded pass which will not count for their WAM. Fails will become withdrawals – again not included in WAM calculations, and results pending can be used when components of courses are postponed to subsequent teaching period. This means that students have a safety net to prevent fails due to extreme circumstances, while maintaining the option of counting good results to their WAM.
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  • Sanitarium: Treat your workers fairly!
    Sanitarium is a registered charity and one of Australia’s most iconic brands. But behind it’s charitable image, we are faced with disrespect, unsafe working conditions and insecure work. We make some of Australia’s most iconic breakfasts like Weetbix and UP&GO but are being totally stiffed on job security and safety. During the COVID-19 crisis, we are putting ourselves and our family at risk every day to continue to make the products people in Australia rely on. But our employer, Sanitarium, refuses to even consider our reasonable requests for secure and safe work.
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