• Proper pedestrian crossing
    Because My Auntie was hit by a car walking across the crossing leading to her retirement village on her way back from doing abit of shopping from Coles supermarket. This was an unnecessary death because the crossing across which most elderly people use is poorly constructive.
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  • Deliveroo: Raise the Rate
    Our hours, daily and weekly earnings are lower than they've ever been before, even though we've been doing the same job the whole time. Riders used to be paid $18.50 an hour and now we're not paid an hourly rate at all. Deliveries can be as low as $6 or less, despite Deliveroo promising they wouldn't go below $8 per delivery. There's no transparency and no ability to say no to changes in our wages. We just notice it going down through the app. We work in the cold conditions during winter. We work really hard for peanuts. Seeing our wages go down and down is gut-wrenching. We can't depend on these wages. We are demanding Deliveroo raise our rates of pay and lock them in. Deliveroo workers need security and a living wage. Aditya, PK and Radhesh
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    Created by Aditya, PK and Radhesh
  • It’s time for a specialist Allied Health Professional Agreement
    South Australia is the only state without a specialist Enterprise Agreement for Allied Health Professionals. Other health professionals, including Nurses, Midwives, and Salaried Medical Officers have their own EA - AHPs now want their own specialist EA to recognise and respect the specialist work they do in keeping South Australians in good health.
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  • Bring Billy to Tassie
    The one, the only, Billy Bragg is touring Australia in 2020. https://www.abc.net.au/doublej/music-reads/music-news/billy-bragg-australian-tour-2020/11365552?sf216627275=1&fbclid=IwAR1d2UHJSwBPY0xF7lzwqHet2lglk25Qwsj_gUOhwTiF24vxud_xe-BSbzI You know it, he knows it, ‘There is Power in a Union’, so let’s give Billy a big union welcome and encourage him to add Tassie to the tour list.
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    Created by Paul Kimbell
  • Stop the gambling ads
    Gambling destroys lives, online gambling has become an absolute epidemic in this country, how can you let addicted players continue to play and lose everything they own, without any questions as to were the money came from, people betting beyond there mean or earning capacity, the banks wouldn't let you borrow 10million dollars if you can't afford it, but you could go online and lose 10mill and nobody would say a word or try and stop you, if online gambling was regulated the same way a home loan is limits could be put on all clients and keep them within there means. It's the greedy govt that allows it to continue, and now there trying to sell it to our kids through funny TV ads while sport is playing, it's like advertising drugs on the television total madness..
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    Created by Frank M
  • No pay cuts or insecure work at Richmond Fellowship
    So-called not-for-profit community services provider, Richmond Fellowship Tasmania (RFT), has launched an unprecedented attack on its workforce, establishing a shell company named Richmond Futures and using it to offer staff our own jobs back with reduced pay and loss of permanency. We love our jobs and we want to continue working with the clients we've supported for years - but if we want to stay on, we'll have to take a pay cut and move to a fixed term contract. We're faced with a choice between losing $150 a week and all job security or losing our jobs altogether. RFT has operated for over 30 years supporting people facing mental health challenges and social disadvantage. It has provided the community with excellent services for people in need, but in recent years it has seemingly abandoned the values the organisation was built on. Community services organisations should be demonstrating their values and leading by example – not harming their own workers.
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    Created by Richmond Fellowship worker
  • ANU Staff Supporting Climate Action Strikes
    The University of NSW, The University of Sydney and The University of Technology Sydney all released statements prior to the previous School Students Climate Strike which was held on the 3rd of May 2o19 stating that students would not be penalised if they missed class to attend this. The University of Western Australia has also stated they will not be penalising students and staff if they attend the Walk Out on the 9th of August. We would like the ANU to do the same, and would love to see ANU staff supporting this move.
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    Created by ANUSA Education
  • Boycott the Detention Industry
    Currently, UNSW subcontracts it's security staff from MSS Security, a corporation involved in the illegal detention of refugees by the Australian Government. UNSW is also listed as a partner of Wilson Security (another culprit) and has accepted a grant to help the defence force to develop the Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN), a multi billion dollar satellite network that has been boasted as being able to track small boats carrying asylum seekers (an international human right). UNSW prides itself in being a progressive and humanitarian institution but uses students fees to invest in these torturous industries and staff and students won't take it any more, support the divestment by signing the petition!
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    Created by James Morched
  • Fire George Calombaris from MasterChef
    George Calombaris is held up as an industry leader, yet he is not the leader the hospitality industry wants or needs. Aside from stealing millions of dollars from hospo workers, he’s been charged with assault. He’s been given enough chances, now it’s time for him to go. Wage theft is rife throughout the hospitality industry. Celebrity chefs like George Calombaris have gotten rich by stealing from their hard-working employees. This issue has stayed in focus for one reason and one reason alone. Because of the relentless agitation and campaigning by Hospo Voice members about wage theft by George and countless other hospitality employers. The hospitality industry is changing, workers will no longer put up with excuses, we want real action on wage theft. How can we expect the industry to improve if we continue to honour celebrity wage thieves. Ten network; it’s George’s turn to face elimination.
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    Created by Orlaith Belfrage, Hospo Voice member
  • #WhatThePho? Wages stolen and staff sacked via WhatsApp at Hochi Mama
    Hochi Mama is a Vietnamese restaurant at the top of Melbourne’s Chinatown. It’s also Melbourne’s number one Asian restaurant on the venue rating site, TripAdvisor. I worked there as a bartender. And I was on a flat rate of $20 per hour, no penalty rates. In just four months I had over $3000 (including super) stolen from me. Often, we felt we were treated like dirt. Hochi Mama had a staff WhatsApp group where we got our rosters, we swapped shifts and management would give us instructions about our jobs. This was also how workers found out they’d been fired, by seeing we’d been deleted from the staff WhatsApp group. It happened to me. It happened to lots of other staff. In front of everyone. Most bosses have the decency to actually TELL you that you'd been fired. Not these guys. And it left everyone feeling afraid and wondering: who’s next? Migrant kitchen staff were treated even worse. They worked double shifts of 13-14 hours for a flat rate of $70 or $100, in cash. I even saw them sleeping on milk crates out the back of the restaurant between shifts. It’s not okay for any worker to be treated like this, particularly in a wealthy country like ours. All over this industry, we see migrant workers treated like an underclass. It’s just wrong. We need to stand together and demand fairness and respect for ALL hospo workers. That’s the only way anything is ever going to change.
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    Created by Alex Pugh, Hospo Voice member
  • Our trains and trams: NOT FOR SALE
    The South Australian Government has announced that it intends to privatise the Adelaide Metro train and tram service Privatising our rail and tram services means higher prices, fewer services and reduced safety. It puts private profit before the travelling public and their safety. South Australia’s rail and tram services belong to the people, not to Premier Steven Marshall or Transport Minister Stephan Knoll. In fact, Mr Steven Marshall went to the 2018 election claiming that he didn't have a privatisation agenda. Mass transit services should be run by the people, for the people – not for the profits of overseas companies and their shareholders. The solution to better public transport is investment in infrastructure and commitment to services. We need a real plan to grow public transport in South Australia, and to keep our services in public hands.
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  • Defend Beth
    Penguin Random House is the first book publisher in Australia to unionise. Staff are currently in negotiations with management for a collective agreement, the first union-led EBA for the book industry. Beth, along with other MEAA members at Penguin Random House, has been tireless in her efforts: signing up colleagues, advocating via workshops and op-ed articles*, and bargaining with a managerial team unaccustomed to union structures or industrial law. MEAA wants to make sure our publishing delegates know not only that they are protected by their union and industrial legislation, but that they have the support of Australian workers as they blaze a trail in this industry. MEAA will be challenging Beth's first and final warning in the Fair Work Commission. In the meantime, we want to send a message to Penguin Random House management and show that workers in the book industry and beyond support Beth's rights as a union delegate and worker. *www.theguardian.com/books/2019/mar/29/the-book-industry-isnt-dead-thats-just-an-excuse-to-keep-salaries-low
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