• Right To A Fair Trial Within A Reasonable Period QLD
    This can happen to any visa holder. If you are charged with a crime you did not commit in Queensland you have three options. 1. Accept visa cancellation and deportation without conviction. 2. Accept a criminal conviction and deportation without trial. 3. Wait for in excess of four years remanded in custody, or in immigration detention for a trial date. Whilst you wait for four years you are unable to work and support your family. On conviction in Queensland, most people charged with murder are convicted of Manslaughter, and are sentenced to 8-9 years (2.5-4.5 years of which will be served in prison). This means someone wrongly accused of a crime who is a visa holder, on the most trivial charge, spends longer detained or incarcerated than almost any convicted person except convicted Murderers. This is unlawful, but is accepted best practice in Queensland. Surely no visa should be cancelled prior to a conviction bring recorded. Also a charge may never exceed 12 months progressing to trial for a detained or remanded person. Further, time in detention awaiting trial, should never exceed the base (incarcerated) sentence, let alone the head sentence. The Crown (Federal Government) interfering in a Queensland charge, by cancelling the visa of a defendant was expressly protected at the time the Criminal Code was written. Now QLD Police request that the Federal Government cancel any charged persons visa, as it gains them an insurmountable advantage. Clough v Leahy, Griffith CJ, speaking for the Court, had said[200]: "Nor can the Crown interfere with the administration of the course of justice. It is not to be supposed that the Crown would do such a thing; but, if persons acting under a Commission from the Crown were to do acts which, if done by private persons, would amount to an unlawful interference with the course of justice, the act would be unlawful, and would be punishable."
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  • Stop the privatisation of SA Pathology
    When there's a crisis, we can only rely on public pathology and health services to protect the community. Thanks to our world class public pathology service, South Australia is testing more people for COVID-19 than any state.  Tell Steven Marshall to keep South Australians healthy, and rule out any plans to privatise SA Pathology now!
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  • COVID-19: Students Demand Government Response
    The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the social inequality many young people have experienced for too long. While the world tries to manage an unfolding pandemic, this crisis has led to insecurity in housing, income, and study without action from our government. This crisis will affect all aspects of the lives of students and young people. Casual workers, most of whom are students, have no guarantee that they will get paid if their workplace is to shut down or they must self-isolate. Working people need to know they don’t have to make the decision between going to work sick, or self-isolating and not being able to pay their bills. At Universities, our campuses are closing and moving online, while ongoing fears about fees and future of study, especially for international students, remain unaddressed. So many questions remain unanswered, but what we know is that if this continues, bills will stack up, evictions will occur, and income support payments will be lost. In its silence, our government is finalising a generation of inequality for today’s young people. As they move towards announcing their second stimulus package, young workers and students are begging for support. The Morrison government is yet to respond to our concerns. Instead, focusing on lining the pockets of business and giving out one off welfare payments that will fail to bring students out of poverty. Students and young people cannot continue to be left behind. This statement is endorsed by dozens of student representatives from around the country, representing hundreds of thousands of students whose livelihoods and futures are under threat. We are demanding action. The government must finally take leadership during this crisis and support the Australians who have been forgotten. Workers, students, and young people need action to protect their income, housing, and study. To fail at this now will hurt this nation for years to come.
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  • Pay Early Educators and Keep Centres Viable!
    Our sector is at crisis point. Despite the global pandemic we are facing, we risk our health every day to go to work. We are essential workers. Without us businesses will close, families will lose their incomes, and vulnerable children will lose their support. You can help protect us now. Provide us with the hand-held temperature scanners that are being used in Singapore to check children’s temperature before they enter the centre. YOU MUST: Announce a comprehensive plan to ensure early childhood educators will continue to be paid throughout the pandemic. Provide us with temperature scanners. Announce funding to keep centres viable and allow them to provide additional leave to their workforce. We are doing our bit. It is time for you to do your bit. We can look after the economy and community, but only if you look after us. Tamika Hicks Early Educator
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  • Monash University: Support Your Students!
    Monash University has not adequately supported students through the Covid-19 crisis. Communication of course changes come late if at all, learning formats are changed suddenly with little preparation, and overwhelmingly, there is a sense among students that the University is not prioritising them. We deserve better. Mismanagement at this time has, and will continue to have, disastrous consequences for students at all stages of their courses.
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  • Clubs Workers need urgent paid leave and ongoing support!
    We need this government to step up and ensure all workers who are unable to work because of Coronavirus have access to special paid leave, and are not left out of pocket.
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  • Temporarily Remove Commissions: Help keep hospitality venues alive!
    Without support, many of our beloved hospitality businesses will cease to exist in the very near future. Signing this petition and challenging these companies to consider the greater good of the industry and the wider community, will help to keep small business open and some of the hardest working people in the jobs they dearly love. Hospitality folk, lets band together and support each other however and wherever possible! Our beloved customers, please support your local. Stay safe, everyone.
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  • Guaranteed paid special leave for Victorian ambulance workers
    All Ambulance Victoria staff place a vital role in our community helping Victorians when they are most in need. The exponential increase in confirmed COVID-19 cases highlights a new threat faced by Ambulance Victoria’s staff working on the frontline to protect Victoria at this crucial time.
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  • 14 days paid leave for workers at Tassie casinos due to COVID-19
    United Workers Union members at The Star Casinos (Sydney and Gold Coast), Treasury Casino (Brisbane), and Crown Casinos (Perth & Melbourne) have secured an additional 14 days of leave, available to all workers whether casual or permanent, to assist with managing the spread of coronavirus. Federal Group frontline staff are highly casualised by design, and this has the potential to force workers to make the choice between work/survival and quarantine.
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  • Building Canberra's Infrastructure
    We know that employing qualified professionals with the right expertise is essential for community safety and improves the quality of Canberra’s infrastructure. The ACT Government must ensure it has the appropriately qualified and accredited professional workforce it needs to inform decision making, enable efficient investment and maintain its position as an informed purchaser. Maintaining the integrity of the Infrastructure Officer (IO) and Infrastructure Management Specialist (IMS) classifications is critical to achieving this. These classifications were created because of a successful campaign led by Professionals Australia members for better recognition of their specialist skills and knowledge. The IO and IMS classifications were meant to ensure the ACT Government could attract and retain the people it needs to deliver major infrastructure safely, on time and on budget. Right now, Professionals Australia members across the ACT Public Service have serious concerns that IO and IMS positions are routinely misclassified and often awarded to applicants who do not have the expertise that qualified infrastructure professionals, including engineers, architects and degree-qualified building professionals can provide. We know that things will only improve when Government and the community understand the vital contribution Professionals make to community safety and efficient delivery of infrastructure projects. We are prepared to work hard to achieve a better future – but we can’t do it without you! Add your support and help raise the profile of Australian Professionals. Tell the ACT Government that professional expertise matters!
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  • Ensure all information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic is translated by qualified professionals
    Right now all of Australia is concerned about containing the COVID-19 coronavirus and we need to make sure everyone has access to the necessary information. For our CALD communities, which includes the Deaf community, this means accurate translation and interpretation of information about the Coronavirus. It’s their right to know how to keep themselves safe. And it’s everyone’s safety too. If they’re denied access to information, they may – through no fault of their own – contribute to the spread of the virus.
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  • Coronavirus: Sick & Closure Pay for Casual Teachers & ES Staff
    If Casual Relief Teachers or Casual Education Support staff are sick or required to self-isolate they will not get sick pay. This puts real pressure on our colleagues to come to work sick. If schools are required to close they will not be paid. Public health is not an individual responsibility, it is a social responsibility.
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