• Support the Climate Change Bill and real climate action
    This Bill is a major and important step towards real, concrete action after a decade of denial by the Liberal-Nationals under Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison. Enshrining the targets of reducing emissions by 43% by 2030 and down to net zero by 2050 is an important first step. The Australian union movement supports carbon pollution reduction and the transition to a clean energy economy. Australian workers can’t afford more denial or delay. Working people are at the front lines of the climate crisis – from firefighters, first responders, health-care workers and workers whose jobs are wrecked by climate-worsened droughts, fires and floods. All workers in all workplaces are affected by the climate crisis. Australian unions know that more work is needed at every level to support workers and communities affected by the changes we are facing in climate, industries and jobs. This Bill is a vital step to ensuring that this work happens.
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  • End the misery: evacuate and resettle Hassan Ghahramani now
    Hassan Ghahramani is a 48-year-old Iranian refugee who has been held in detention by Australia since July 2013 on Christmas Island, Manus island and now Nauru. He was accepted for settlement by Canada two years ago but is still waiting, caught up in a bureaucratic deadlock compounded by the outbreak of COVID on Nauru. He has not seen his children for nine years. Hassan suffers from medical conditions that cause severe pain and require urgent medical care.
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  • Support every worker to escape violence
    Unionists have campaigned to win family and domestic violence leave in our workplace - but there are many employees in this country not covered by agreements. In solidarity with every worker who needs to escape a violent relationship, we call on the Albanese Labor Government to provide for 10 days Family and Domestic Violence Leave in the National Employment Standards.
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    Murgon is the only large town in the South Burnett that doesn't have a dog park. A dog park is needed for the safety of dogs and owners due to the recent rise in stray dog attacks. A dog park is simple inexpensive community infrastructure that brings people together and creates joy and a sense of community. All progressive and friendly towns in Qld have a dog park for locals and visitors to use.
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  • Tell Sydney Trains and Transport for NSW to Stop Targeting Our Delegate
    Our elected representatives need to have the ability to represent us, the members, free of harassment and the threat of disciplinary hanging over their heads like the hangman's noose. The actions displayed from Sydney Trains set a terrible precedent and will impede the movement's ability to bargain into the future due to workplace delegates being in fear of disciplinary action that can potentially impact their employment.
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    Created by Scarlett Bellette
  • SVITZER Stop Trying to Cut Pay & Conditions of Hero Tug Workers !!
    Cancel culture has no place in Industrial Relations. Companies should not be able to cancel agreements made with their workers and their union.
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    Created by Maritime Union of Australia
  • Free Computer Science education for children
    The child learns to find information faster and solve problems more effectively, and actively develops logical and algorithmic thinking. These skills will make him or her more successful at school and more competitive in the future. It is exactly the same as with English: children who learn it in a playful way from diapers don't need boring lessons and tutors later on. Another advantage of early programming is the opportunity to form the right habits straight away. Not watching cartoons, but creating them; not playing computer games, but programming; not just using, but creating. There is a risk that, being used to "fast food" from childhood, a ready-made game, a child will no longer want to switch to "cooking" - mastering the computer and writing programs. That's why it's important to get acquainted with the skill of programming as early as possible.
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    Created by Markus Doronin
  • Support Norco Workers
    We need to let the Premier know that he can’t abandon Norco workers and the Lismore community. If these jobs are lost, the whole community will be impacted - the government has to step in. Norco workers need the support of the wider community, to show them they’re not alone in this struggle. Add your signature today and tell the Premier it’s time to step up and support Norco workers.
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  • Reverse The Cuts to Paid Pandemic Leave
    The Covid-19 Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment has been cut despite workers still being required to isolate if they test positive. Case numbers are rising and new variants emerging. Now is not the time to turn off paid pandemic leave. This is the wrong decision. Pandemic leave is what workers need to keep the community safe. The Federal Government must make sure workers are supported to isolate and keep themselves and the community safe. If governments are asking people to isolate to keep the community safe then we need to ensure that they are supported to do that. No one should be forced to make the impossible choice between doing the right thing and paying the bills. The Federal Government should not ignore the lessons that we have learnt since the start of the pandemic. They should reverse this decision and continue to support working people during this ongoing crisis.
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  • Directly employ Victorian school cleaners!
    School cleaners have done everything asked of them during the pandemic to keep schools clean and healthy. But under the current contracting system they are underpaid and undervalued. In order to keep schools clean and safe cleaners need: • more time to do the job • decent equipment to do the job • a job they can count on • respect and fair pay This is why they should be directly employed by the State Government. Our children deserve Victorian Government cleaners.
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  • FRESHFOOD MANAGEMENT: Stop locking out your workers & give them a fair deal!
    Workers were only enacting overtime bans during the dispute in order to win a fair deal. But in response, the company took the extraordinary measure of locking workers out for multiple days without pay. When the company still didn’t address workers' concerns around personal leave, the workers took a day of strike action and now the company locked workers out again! We’re calling on the company to stop their unfair lockout immediately, allow workers to return to work, and address workers' concerns about personal leave - which they need to keep themselves and their families safe.
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  • Monash employees need a 4% administrative pay rise
    Australia has a cost-of-living crisis. CPI is rising at 5% per annum, and Reserve Bank Governor Philip Lowe says inflation could reach 7% by the end of 2022. Staff need a pay rise to keep up with rising food and petrol prices, rising interest rates, and rising rents. Melbourne faces an acute rental crisis. Some staff are having their rents hiked $50 or $100 a week. Monash staff moved mountains to keep the University operating through the pandemic -- voting for a pay freze in 2020-21 to help the University through. While the Vice-Chancellor takes home $1.3m a year, many Monash workers are low-income casual teachers, librarians, and adminstrative and laboratory staff. Now we need the University to do its bit. Monash University can afford a pay rise. Monash made a $416 million operating surplus in 2021. There is more than $800 million cash in the bank. Since 2019, the University has tallied $1 billion in supluses. Normally, staff would negotiate a pay rise through enterprise bargaining. The NTEU has been trying to negotiate, but Monash University refuses to talk. Monash University's Enterprise Agreement expired on June 30. Monash management have refused to open pay negotiations, despite repeated requests from the NTEU for months. Every fortnight that Monash refuses to negotiate is a fortnight where real wages go backwards. It's time for Margaret Gardner to step in, and give Monash University staff some cost of living relief.
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