• Online Teaching in UTAS under COVID-19 Threat
    To whom may concern, We are a group of students who wish to contribute efforts to stop COVID-19 from the total outbreak in Tasmania. On 7th March 2020, Public Health Services has been notified of a confirmed case of coronavirus in Hobart. This brings the total number of confirmed cases in TAS to 2. This is a known fact that the coronavirus is a highly contagious epidemic disease that causes 64 confirmed cases and 2 death. However, people have not paid sufficient attention to prevent the transmission of the virus. To protect people's health in UTAS, we should avoid gatherings to guarantee that the virus will not spread from person to person. If you also want permission to study online, please sign in this petition. Thank you!
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  • Stop discrimination and mistreatment at Davies Bakery
    We work hard at Davies Bakery but we are only paid the bare minimum, well below industry standards, while our company has doubled its profits over the past year. Enough is enough! Let Paul Hitchcock and Mathew Davies know they they must stop this unfair treatment at Davies Bakery now!
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    Created by Davies Bakery Workers
    When working people and their unions suspected instances of underpayment, the union used to have the right to check the books and make sure that all employees were being paid correctly. Anti-union legislation brought in by John Howard during the WorkChoices era stripped these rights from the unions and left it for employers to self-regulate. We are seeing an underpayments epidemic across the country which is costing working people millions, and it’s getting worse by the day. This is a cost that workers cannot afford and do not deserve. Australia did not have a systemic wage theft problem when unions had the right to spot check company payrolls. We need more power for working people and their unions to regularly check the books and ensure that all employers are paying their workers properly. It worked before and it would work again. The SDA stands with everyone who has been affected by the underpayment epidemic.
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  • Calling for a vote of no confidence in the Morrison government.
    I created the petition based on the myriad of scandals the Morrison government is embroiled in. The prime minister isn’t honestly dealing with allegations of corruption and rorting. He isn’t taking climate action seriously and the political/financial interference of the fossil fuel industry is likely behind that. He’s hell bent on rolling out of the Indue card despite evidence of how it disadvantages the most vulnerable people. And there’s an overall lack of accountability, transparency and integrity. Where is a Federal ICAC? The list goes on. I could also include the unwillingness to implement recommendations from Royal Commissions, the poor response to the bushfire crisis, and the rise of right wing extremism, and claiming a surplus from the NDIS underspend while splashing money around dodgy contracts with Indue, Paladin and others with links to the LNP. I truly believe that if enough ordinary people stand up we can let politicians know that democracy belongs to us and not to them. They should serve the public good and not just be in it for themselves, and the power that comes with their elected positions. When they make bad decisions, they need to take responsibility and be answerable to us. I’m sure there’s enough of us who want to give the prime minister the message: Scotty from marketing - we’re not buying what you’re selling.
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  • Replace Leunig with Gramfel
    Leunig is losing his touch. In today's fast-paced world the populace needs to be kept up to date with clever humour that makes a statement and punches up not down. Or at least something just so fucking absurd noone knows what is going on. Anything would be better than Leunig honestly.
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  • We want fairer parking fees at Monash University!
    The National Tertiary Education Union and the Monash Student Association, call upon Monash University to work with our student and staff communities to understand the link between campus accessibility, sustainable transport and affordable options for low income earners. We demand: Monash University articulates transparently how parking parking permit money is spent. Monash University invests in sustainable transport options such as an expanded free inter campus shuttle bus service Monash University proactively advocate for an improved bus service offering from transport hubs and the city to Monash campuses Capped permits for staff in line with their pay level Reduced costs of permits for those who study/work part-time Day parking permits be reduced to no more than $10 a day
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  • Broadspectrum: Come clean on conditions and treat cleaners with respect.
    Broadspectrum - a company who has repeatedly shown disrespect to the cleaners they employ in NSW schools - have targeted school cleaners with requests to take on dangerous coronavirus related cleaning work in Japan. Marketed to low-income cleaners as "a really great opportunity" to "earn good money", the requests have come via site-visits from supervisors and SMS messages sent directly to school cleaners employed by Broadspectrum. The SMS sent to cleaners reads: "A really great opportunity has arrived. Would you like to earn some good money … all you need is a valid passport to go to Japan and clean for 6 days." But Broadspectrum supervisors have not informed cleaners about the safety measures that will be put in place, if they would receive specialist training or equipment, where they would stay, or how much they would be paid. They haven't even told cleaners what will happen with quarantine. While the SMS advertise the work as "6 days" of cleaning, Broadspectrum are not telling workers the full story about how long they may really be away for. Lyndal Ryan, United Workers Union director of property services says, “Broadspectrum sees cleaners as disposable. The information provided is unbelievably scant for the huge expectation that some of the workforce will put up their hands for one of the most perilous cleaning jobs in the world at the moment. We are very concerned with this targeting of cleaners employed in schools. Our members have specific skills and knowledge in cleaning the state’s education facilities, not in cleaning during an extreme public health crisis in another country. We are also concerned that Broadspectrum are not across the current upgraded Australian Government warnings on travel to Japan." A school cleaner has told United Workers Union, “I was told at work that all supervisors were sent an email asking around if cleaners wanted to go to Japan to clean a ship and the supervisor named the Diamond Princess. “I said, are you serious? What compensation do you get if you die? “I can’t believe that the company is putting our cleaners at risk. This is a virus that can kill people.” Company directors should be held accountable for the way company workers are treated, and that's why we're targeting this petition at the "Executive Team" of Ventia, the company who owns Broadspectrum. Sign our petition today to remind Ventia's Executive Team that they are responsible for making sure Broadspectrum treat cleaners with the respect they deserve.
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  • Early childhood educators deserve respect and a fair wage
    I’ve seen too many colleagues leave because of the low pay and limited career progression. It’s not fair on the children who deserve high quality kindergarten education with experienced educators who can afford to build long term careers. Premier Andrews has committed to providing kindergarten to every Victorian three year old by 2022. To do this our kindergartens will need thousands of extra educators and keep the ones we’ve got. But the promise to every three-year-old will not be kept if we can’t attract new colleagues because of low pay. If you value the work of educators, we need you to please give us your support.
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    Created by Sara, early childhood educator
  • Equal Pay for Equal Work.
    Swinburne University's 'Student Life' staff are currently bargaining their Enterprise Agreement. 'Student Life' staff are the backbone of University culture, developing and conducting student social activities on campus. Yet staff employed by 'Student Life' are paid much less than their colleagues who are employed by Swinburne University. Is this pay gap fair? The University thinks that this is OK. NTEU members don't think so. Help 'Student Life' staff to achieve salary justice during Enterprise Bargaining by signing our petition.
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  • Melissa Horne - Out of touch and out of her depth
    The Minister for Public Transport is out of touch and out of her depth. Her comments have angered the hardworking women and men who keep Melbourne's network running and her lack of action has led Victoria into a transport crisis. RTBU members do not support politicians who don’t support us, nor do we support politicians who are dismissive of workers and our rights. We are calling upon workers EVERYWHERE to unite in solidarity by signing this petition to call for a public apology from Minister Melissa Horne, along with her resignation as Public Transport Minister.
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  • Help save CEO Kiersten Fishburn's job at Liverpool City Council
    During her time leading Liverpool Council we have seen: 1. A period of industrial harmony 2. Re-establishing the Customer Experience team under Council Management 3. Re-negotiation of the 36 Hour Week 4. Managed growth and innovation across the city. Please sign the petition on the right-hand side of this page.
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  • Help us protect childcare services at Georges River Council
    It's important because we want childcare services to continue to be operated by council. Please sign the petition on the right-hand side of this page. By signing this petition, we are calling on Council Management and Councillors to continue to provide the vital community services.
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