• Its time. Call a Covid election.
    The failure of Australia's Covid-19 response has been the greatest public policy failure in our nations history. Eighteen months into the pandemic and the nation is still in lockdown, we have the lowest vaccination rate in the OECD and millions of workers cannot get a vaccine. The Prime Minister and Health Minister have made announcement after announcement but taken very few concrete steps to making our community safer. It is safe to say Australia's Covid response has been scandalously bad. We need a Covid election. Lives count on it and Morrison is not up to the job.
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  • PRIVATE PATHOLOGY: Stop bleeding QLD dry!
    Private pathology workers at QML are on the frontline of the COVID-19 response in Queensland, risking their health and safety to keep us safe. These heroes are paid as little as $23.09 for their sacrifice and are kept on 'flexible' contracts that offer no secure income or job security. Stand with us, stop private pathology bleeding Queensland dry!
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    Created by Isabel Martin
  • Support NSW workers to get tested without losing pay!
    Subsequent lockdowns and outbreaks have seen many workers exhaust their leave entitlements and what little they had savings. Workers are being forced to choose between their livelihoods and the health and safety of the community. As we continue to face down this pandemic, workers need to be supported in keeping the community safe - this means being able to get tested, self-isolate and still pay the bills. Sign the petition and tell Premier Gladys Berejiklian: To get through this crisis, EVERY WORKER must be able to get tested and isolate without the worry of losing their livelihoods and making ends meet. Not doing so risks the entire community’s health and shirks the government's responsibility to look after the wellbeing of all during an unprecedented pandemic. To help ensure all of us can follow public health advice and stay safe during this crisis, sign the petition now. *Wording has been updated with details of the new payment and the recent statewide lockdown.
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  • Protect Jobs in Lismore
    We need your support to protect local jobs! Please sign this important petition today!
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  • Send Katie Hopkins Back To The UK
    Last year, Katie Hopkins was suspended from Twitter for violating the platform's "hateful conduct" policy with countless racist attacks on migrants, the Black Lives Matter movement and many others. She published a video online today bragging about breaking quarantine rules, claiming Covid-19 is a hoax, and scaring hotel workers for fun. There's no way Katie Hopkins should be given a platform on a national TV show like Big Brother. At its most popular, Big Brother had more than 1.7 million average viewers in Australia. That's a huge number of people who would be exposed to her dangerous and divisive views. It's clear that she has been invited on the reality show to cause drama, get views, and ultimately more profit for Channel 7. It's irresponsible and dangerous for them to give this platform to a right-wing troll just for the sake of more money. Channel 7 should cancel her spot, and send her back the UK as soon as possible.
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    Created by Luke Hilakari
  • Establish a Dialysis Technicians Council Now
    The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the deficiencies in our care system, and also left many workers and patients a like fearful of getting sick. Establishing national standards will improve the situation by ensuring that the same levels of care are available to all Indians despite where they live.
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    Created by Mary Catharine
  • Save Coles meat workers jobs
    Right now, I'm one of more than 1500 meat workers employed by Coles across Australia - and all of our jobs are at risk under their plan to end the in-store butchery service. Coles is saying that they will "redeploy" some of us into different roles. This isn't good enough. We have invaluable industry knowledge and customers trust us. Whether we are meat managers, qualified butchers or cabinet attendants we know our cuts of meat and can assist customers. The Coles restructure would result in de-skilling, and worse pay and conditions. Stand with meat workers by adding your name to our petition to save our jobs!
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    Created by Jason Peters, Coles meat worker
  • Pay rise for all workers now
    For years workers have worked tirelessly to make Australia a great productive nation. But workers are not seeing our fair share of the wealth that we create. Instead, greedy CEOs at the very top are hoarding the wealth of Australians. It’s time to start correcting the balance with a pay rise for all Australian workers. Add your name to the petition calling for a pay rise for all workers in Australia.
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    Created by Victorian Trades Hall Council
  • Union Picnic Day is for union members only!
    Under the Local Government (State) Award, Union Picnic Day is a Public Holiday for Union members. Councils should stop: Giving an over Award payment to non-Union members. Allowing non-Union members to celebrate the achievements of the Union. Paying non-Union members when they should be, as per the Award, applying to take leave. Costing rate payers many thousands of dollars unnecessarily.
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  • Footpaths For Teven Road
    Children, people walking dogs, people on mobility scooters and pedestrian in general are being put to at risk as they are forced to walk on this busy major road, in many instances around parked cars into the line of traffic.
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  • DOJ Must Investigate TPS Training
    In 2020 TPS Management disregarded the training Memorandum of Understanding with TasTAFE, changing the recruit training course, delivering it in an inappropriate setting and removing key content from the course. TPS Training Staff repeatedly raised valid, substantiated concerns, but it took Union members threatening industrial action and issuing safety improvement notices for TPS to listen. These decisions by TPS deprived recruits of appropriate training and qualifications, resulting in 36 recruits requiring retraining so they could deliver correctional services safely for staff and inmates, in line with community standards. The result of sending recruits back to training has • Cost TPS millions of dollars in over-time • Resulted in catastrophic short staffing and • Irreparably damaged the faith that employees and the community have in the accountability and integrity at TPS. Through this training saga, members were gobsmacked that the Minister and the Department of Justice were determined to ignore the truth and avoid accepting their mistakes. The current lockdowns and the damning report from the Custodial Inspectorate could have been prevented by listening to the trainers’ expert advice from the beginning. TPS vision statement says, “We act with integrity respect and accountability. Our workplaces are inclusive and collaborative”. As part of the demands members made to resolve the issues, we called for an independent investigation into the matter and the failure of the decision makers to act on the information presented to them by employees and this is yet to commence. The State Service Code of Conduct outlines appropriate behaviours expected of all state employees. TPS must urgently investigate this matter as a matter of integrity and public interest.
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    Created by Vinnie B
  • सामाजिक सुरक्षा योजनामा सुधारका लागि FIEUN को अपिल
    योगदानमा आधारित सामाजिक सुरक्षा ऐन, नियमावली र कार्यविधि तथा श्रम ऐन र नियमावलीमा रहेका थुप्रै अमिल्दा व्यवस्थाहरु सरकारी, निजी संगठीत तथा असंगठीत तमाम श्रमिकका लागि प्रतिकूल छन् । श्रमिकले आफ्नो सेवाकालभरीमा योगदान गरेको रकमको पूर्ण प्रतिफल पाउंन नसक्ने र योगदान रकमको सुरक्षाको अभाव देखिन्छ । त्यसैले नेपालका सरकारी, निजी, संगठीत तथा असंगठीत सम्पूर्ण श्रमिकहरुको सर्वाङ्गीण हित रक्षाको लागि हामीले न्यायको आवाज उठाएका हांै । नेपालको बैक, बीमा तथा वित्तीय क्षेत्रको नेतृत्वकर्ता एकमात्र व्यवसायिक कर्मचारी युनियन भएको नाताले समग्र बैंक, बीमा तथा वित्तीय संस्थाहरुमा कार्यरत सम्पूर्ण कर्मचारीहरुको खाईपाई आएको सेवासुविधा तथा सेवाशर्तको रक्षाको लागि अपरिहार्य अभियान नै अहिलेको विरोधको कार्यक्रम हो ।
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    Created by Financial Institute Employees Union of Nepal (FIEUN)