• Stop Widodo’s Omnibus Bill and protect Indonesian workers and their families!
    The working class of Indonesia are opposing attempts by the Government of Indonesia to introduce the Omnibus Bill on Job Creation that seeks to exploit the present Covid-19 crisis in order to reduce wages, remove entitlements and erode workers’ rights in Indonesia. The government of President Joko Widodo is arguing that this bill which aims to rewrite 79 laws to deliver greater foreign direct investment, support economic growth and create job opportunities for Indonesians. But the reality is the Omnibus Bill will only harm working people and the environment. It must be stopped.
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    Created by Surya Usmansyah
  • For the workers: Support our hidden heroes
    The coronavirus pandemic is affecting everyone, and it is working people who are carrying our community through this crisis.  But it also working people that have borne much of the worst impacts of the crisis: wrecked jobs, reduced hours of work, severe income cuts, being forced to access superannuation and being put at risk of exposure to the virus. Tens of thousands of working people have put their bodies and lives on the line to get the entire Australian community through the pandemic. Working people are the hidden heroes of the pandemic and we must support them.
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    Created by Australian Unions
  • Will Michael Spence Guarantee the Right to Protest at the University of Sydney?
    On Friday 1 August, at a socially-distanced protest organised by the University of Sydney Education Action Group, two activists were arrested and fined $1,100. NSW riot police arrived to break up a crowd of less than 50 students and staff, who were gathering on their own campus, in a socially distanced, masked demonstration against the University's push to fire casual staff, push through redundancies and cut subjects. What is more concerning than this blatantly cynical attack, under the guise of public health, on the right to protest? Probable collaboration between University of Sydney security who the Education Action Group alleges called the NSW Police to disperse the protest. The protest was a small gathering of less than 50 people, outdoors, with all participants wearing masks & gathering in groups of less than 20. This is a blatant and outrageous attack on the free speech of students and staff. And it comes at a time when university management's around the country are drastically slashing subjects and jobs. The university is meant to be a place where students can discuss and debate ideas, not just in an academic sense, but also relating to the real world. Collaboration between university management, security and the police endangers students and creates an atmosphere of censorship and the crushing of dissent. How can students pursue an interest in social justice or political issues if at any time, armed riot police may be called on them at the request of security? Can we expect when classes return in second semester, when cafes are open, and students are expected to return to laboratories and libraries, that any display of political opposition can expect to face repression from University security and the NSW police? Students will continue to show our opposition to attacks on our education and the working conditions of our teachers in socially responsible ways. We call on Vice Chancellor Michael Spence to guarantee students the right to protest at the University of Sydney, without fear of repression.
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    Created by Chloe Rafferty
  • Extend the COVID19 Eviction Moratorium
    Thousands of us are still being stalled in negotiating a rent reduction, and are facing eviction in coming weeks. At the end of September the much needed Jobseeker and JobKeeper payments will be slashed. At the same time, the COVID19 Omnibus eviction moratorium is set to end. For those of us who were already struggling to stay afloat we will be expected to live on $3 a week. While we’re expected to stay home, we need to make sure we have a secure home to stay in. The COVID19 pandemic demands long term solutions. Deferring the problem only exacerbates the crisis. Time is running out. #ExtendTheMoratorium #RentReliefNow #Nooneleftbehind
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    Created by Renters And Housing Union VIC
  • Fully suspend 'mutual' obligations for people on Centrelink payments
    In the middle of a global pandemic and an economic crisis that's only getting worse the government is misleading people on Centrelink payments about pointless and punitive 'mutual' obligations activities. It's not safe. Right now there are no penalties in place for refusing to do most mutual obligations, however people can be forced into a job they don't want and the government has given job agencies license to bully, harass and lie to people. This has made many JobSeekers confused and distressed, and many are doing activities against their will when they don't have to. We have called a strike to protest this behaviour. Go here for more information about your right not to do 'mutual' obligations right now: https://auwu.substack.com/p/how-to-participate-in-the-auwu-mostrike
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    Created by Australian Unemployed Workers Union
  • Introduction of Policy to address Online Bullying and Harassment
    Regardless of whether or not the bullying or harassment occurs on campus or online, university policy should have the ability to deal with the matter. The pandemic has driven the shift towards online learning and we need to ensure that students feel comfortable on the online sphere more than ever!
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    Created by Humaira Nasrin
  • Don’t let bosses do a runner on wage theft! Criminalise wage theft NOW!
    I’m Tara, I'm 22 and I’m a proud Hospo Voice member in Queensland. Wage theft up here is as bad as anywhere. And it’s time we did something about it. To get my first job in hospo, when I was 18, I first had to work for free as a “volunteer”. At my next job, I was paid $18 per hour. No penalty rates, no super. I tried to fight for what I was owed. But I didn’t have proper payslips. I had no idea how to make these bosses pay up. I didn’t have the money to go to court. Eventually, I gave up. I’ve had to accept that I won't get back my money. It makes me really angry. Working in hospo is my passion, so I want to make sure wage theft doesn’t keep happening to me or anyone else. I was blown away by how Hospo Voice members in Victoria helped win tough laws to criminalise wage theft, earlier this year. Now we need the Queensland Parliament to pass strong laws too- so wage thieves go to jail, and it’s quick and easy to win back what we’re owed. + + + + Brought to you by Hospo Voice - Your Hospitality Union. Powered by United Workers Union.
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    Created by Tara Small, Hospo Voice Member
  • Bidfood: Give your workers paid pandemic leave now!
    Paid pandemic leave will give workers the peace of mind to take leave when they feel sick, even if they are casuals. It means no worker has to worry about a pay check when self isolating and means in the case of a shut down, Bidfood can be up and running as soon as possible. For the good of the community, the workers and the company, Bidfood must give workers paid pandemic leave now.
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  • 4 Ways International Students are calling on Flinders University for more support
    International Students alongside domestic students at Flinders University matter as we continue contributing to enriching the cultural environment, academic fields and economic development of Australia and the world. By supporting International students and standing in solidarity with us, Flinders University not only demonstrates to the State, the country and the world its pioneer and leading responsibility for International communities, but the university will also continue sustaining academically and socially its reputation as the most desirable destination for international students in the world. As an International Students Collective, we need immediate actions to support our fellows and we can do it!
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    Created by Son Le Picture
  • Western Bulldogs: take your padlocks off the Whitten Oval gates
    The Whitten Oval was once a public space - owned by us the public, for our use. A while back, the Western Bulldogs negotiated to fence the area. It was apparently just to allow the gates to be closed for ticketed matches. Fast forward, and the gates are now permanently locked. And the Barkly St end is now a car park for the players’ expensive cars. Meanwhile, the players aren’t even in the state!! They're currently in a lockdown hub in Queensland. The takeover of public spaces by for-profit sporting clubs is ALWAYS a problem. But especially during COVID-19 it’s more important than ever that we have open spaces to safely move around. We're calling on the Western Bulldogs to honour the terms under which they have been gifted the use of our public land: to leave it open for us outside of training and playing times. That's how it was always meant to be, and how it works at Arden Street where North Melbourne train. And if the Bulldogs won't play ball, we want the State Government to enforce the terms of the agreement that they signed on our behalf.
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    Created by Gemma Cafarella
  • Re-instate Visits
    It is time for the visits to resume and the AMC, we haven’t seen our loved ones for nearly 4 months. The updates on the Corrective Services website was virtually non existent, the department also fell very short on updating the prisoners. Although prisoners are in there to be punished for crimes committed they should still have the basic right of contact with loved ones and the reverse is also true we have a right to see our loved ones. Whilst I understand it was necessary to cancel visits at the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak, Since there have been no reported cases of COVID-19 in Canberra for 7 weeks I am at a loss to understand this as an excuse. Hiding behind this excuse is somewhat cowardly and not validated by the governments reported statistics or perhaps is it a case of the government simply not reporting them publicly. It seems the COVID virus has become the scapegoat for anyone not to fulfil their commitments and responsibilities this includes individuals, the corporate sector and the Government entities. I simply cannot believe that the government did not have contingency plans in place for just these situations. Then to declare you have no idea when the visits will recommence is ridiculous and quite frankly treating us as idiots and unworthy of the truth. The government has had dates and updates for business reopening, and social activities to recommence. I am simply appalled, angered and extremely upset by your handling of this situation I believe my civil liberties and human rights are being violated along with those of the inmates. Your duty of disclosure and transparency is non existent or are we so low on the Priority list you simply don’t care. May I remind you as a government department and elected member of the legislative assembly ultimately you are answerable to the people and this includes inmates and their loved ones. The mental health of all involved is taking a battering I know mine is.
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    Created by Donna Collins
  • Stop the Fee Hikes on Social and Community Services Degrees!
    The Social and Community Services sector is growing and will be vital to supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged members of our community in the COVID recovery and as we enter a recession. The sector relies on a pipeline of Social Work and related degree graduates to fill critical roles in its workforce. The workforce is predominantly a female workforce and low-paid. Already, there are workforce shortages in this essential sector. The Government’s proposed fee increases in Social Work and related fields will only further exacerbate these workforce shortages – in both recruitment and retention – that exist in this critical sector. It will disproportionately impact women who work in this sector, creating barriers for both entry and career advancement. The Government’s proposed fee increases for these degrees also overlooks recent State and Commonwealth Government initiatives or inquiries that have set or recommended minimum degree standards for employment in the social assistance sector.
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    Created by Australian Services Union