• Don't be a bunny Brian Paynter - save our Easter Sunday public holiday!
    This Easter Sunday some of us will get a much-needed break and time to spend with family and friends. However, others won’t be so fortunate and will spend the day serving our coffees, caring for the sick, pulling our pints and cleaning our hotel rooms. If Brian Paynter gets his way the Easter Sunday public holiday would be scrapped and workers would receive a pay cut. Wage cuts are bad for everyone in Bass. Its workers who spend money at local businesses and keep our local economy strong. Don’t be a bunny Brian Paynter – save the Easter Sunday Public Holiday.
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  • Stop the Privatisation of the Illawarra/Eastern Suburbs Line
    The NSW Government are hell bent on selling off our public services, and there is no better example of this than what they have done to public transport in our great state. They’ve sold off Inner West buses, bungled the light rail, over-worked and under-staffed our train drivers and now they want to sell off the Illawarra/Eastern Suburbs Line (https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/eastern-suburbs-and-illawarra-line-to-stand-alone-in-a-decade-report-20180327-p4z6j3.html) Public transport should remain just that. We need public services that exist to serve our community to the highest standard possible, not a system that is motivated by profit and which can leave ordinary working people with a higher cost of living. Tell Andrew Constance and the NSW Liberal Government that NSW Public Sevices are NOT for sale and to keep the Illawarra/Eastern Suburbs Line in public hands.
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  • Save our eggs-cellent public holiday
    The Easter Sunday public holiday is a chance for hard-working Victorians to enjoy a much-needed break and quality time with family and friends. Others won't be so fortunate and they will spend Easter Sunday making our coffees, caring for the ill, pouring our pints and cleaning our hotel rooms. They deserve to be fairly compensated for missing valuable time with family and friends.
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  • LGH - Bring Your Own Bed!
    The ANMF have consistently raised these concerns with THS, however with little outcome. As a result, on the 19th March members committed to commencing industrial action. This action will continue until the ANMF receive a commitment for the following outcomes as identified by members in their resolution to highlight the current bed block crisis: • Funding, staffing and opening up all beds on ward 4D at the LGH to its full capacity. • Funding, staffing and opening up all beds on 4K at the LGH to its full capacity. • Funding, staffing and opening up currently closed beds in the Intensive Critical Care Unit to be used as a High Dependency Unit. • An action plan for respiratory isolation. • Funding to staff permanent assistants in nursing (AINs) as sitters on the medical wards, to alleviate nursing staff from undertaking double shifts. • A long term commitment to fund and open additional medical and geriatric beds at the LGH. • Permanent funding for the Emergency Medical Unit within the ED. • Funding to staff after hours allied health positions within the ED. • More telemetry units purchased as often patients are waiting in the ED for a unit to become available on the wards. • Implementation of a Psychiatric Emergency Nurses seven days (and evenings) a week, to de-escalate and support all challenging presentations. That this position is funded from additional resources. ANMF members working at the LGH deserve better and so do the patients, families and wider community affected by the issue.
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  • Stand Up For Super
    The Australian Services Union is campaigning to Get Super Working For Women, following recent research which shows that the current superannuation system is failing women. Women are retiring into poverty, with only, on average, half as much superannuation as men.
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  • Yakult workers deserve a fair pay rise, not a kick in the guts!
    Workers deserve a fair pay rise, the cost of living is increasing and wages are not. Yakult is making millions of profits and workers are struggling to keep up. This is a kick in the guts!
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  • Introduce Adequately Staffed, Free call Centrelink Number
    In 2016, there were over 53 million failed calls to Centrelink. The Centrelink Newstart line is engaged most of the day, which means it is actually impossible for unemployed workers to contact Centrelink. This is outrageous. As a result of this system, those on social security system are unable to call up to report, change circumstances, resolve a suspension, or just ask a question. Social security recipients deserve respect. The least the Government can do is listen to what we have to say.
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  • Bury the Bill - Stop Government Changes to Student Debt
    The National Union of Students and the Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations represent over 1.4 million students and are deeply concerned about this proposed legislation. This legislation would see the repayment threshold for student debt lowered to $45,000. This unfairly targets lower income earners and therefore disproportionately impacts women and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and graduates. This proposed bill would also create a lifetime student debt cap of $104k as we move into a future workforce where graduates will be expected to retrain or further specialise multiple times throughout their working life. We need to be preparing our generation for a lifetime of learning. The proposed legislation is shortsighted, and will fail to address escalating student debt. Help us #BuryTheBill and contact a member of the crossbench.
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  • We deserve a wage we can live on
    Cleaning is hard, dirty work. From 7am in the morning, every day of the week I'm at work making sure the public housing estate I work at is clean and healthy for families who live there. I work long hours, I sometimes give up my weekends and make sacrifices every day to make sure I can pay the bills, but I’m still going backwards. It used to be that we worked hard, and we could live a good life. But that reality has been snatched away as our wages go backwards and our voice at work is silenced. We have to change the rules so we can all have a job we can count on, and a wage we can live on.
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  • Support Our Swimming Teachers
    The Fairwork Commission is undergoing a review that focuses on swim teachers pay for the industry. Most of the swimming instructors we work with will train for anywhere between 6 and 12 months. The process to become a swimming teacher is quite long and arduous. We do internal train, we do training courses we must have Working with Children and CPR certifications. We would cover these requirements over the 6 – 12 month period. During this time, however, we would at times still be required to teach classes generally due to the lack of teachers on a given shift. So, there we are, teaching kids to swim but technically still a ‘trainee’ and being paid that way. Given their way employers want this sort of practice to be written into the Fitness Industry Award by having a ‘trainee swim teacher’ role at level one. Given that the words ‘swim teacher’ don’t come into the Award until level 3, this would blur the lines terribly for new swimming teachers coming into the industry. We want to make a difference. We want to change the rules, so they support young workers not exploit them. We would really appreciate your support!
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  • Wesfarmers & Engie: Don't Cut Our Jobs
    The Latrobe Valley community is in the midst of the worst jobs crisis in decades. From the closure of Hazelwood, to local stores shutting their doors -- the Valley needs local, fair, permanent jobs now more than ever. Wesfarmers, which owns Target and Coles, is an international mega-profit company. Last year, they reported $2.9 billion in profits. Engie, one of the world's largest energy companies, made a profit of $4.1 billion. Increasing the bottom line off the back of cutting local jobs is wrong. This should not be allowed to happen. Wesfarmers & Engie, don’t slash jobs in our community for your billion dollar bottom line.
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  • Stop Gender Based Violence
    Australian Unions call on the Australian Government and Minister Kelly O'Dwyer to actively support the development of, and ratify once adopted, the new ILO Convention aimed at preventing violence and harassment in the world at work, including sexual harassment. We need to send a message that we won’t tolerate workplace gender violence: Not here, not anywhere. Sign the petition
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