• Support Zerella workers
    Workers at Zerella work hard in tough conditions to produce the 250 tons of carrots plus other vegetables that go straight to Woolworths every week. Workers joined the union after finally getting rid of labour hire contractors that were paying them less than the minimum wage. Now Zerella workers want to negotiate a union workplace agreement, and have signed up to say so. Workers are taking their legal right to join a union and collectively bargain for a workplace agreement. People around Australia, many who shop at Woolworths every week, will not stand for intimidation. People around Australia will stand for human rights and decent workplaces.
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  • Support the Safe Schools Program - no review needed!
    Bullying is a real issue that can seriously hurt young people. A majority of young LGBTI people report bullying and 80 per cent of those say that it happens at school. All young people should be able to feel safe and supported at school, and this program is helping to do this. Despite scare campaigns around the program, schools make decisions about their level of involvement with Safe Schools, how much of the program they use and what is appropriate for particular age groups. Schools need to have the freedom to run these kinds of programs if they believe it is necessary to help create a safe environment within the school for all students.
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  • Time for secure jobs!
    'There is verbal abuse, sexual harassment, no overtime pay and very insecure work. I can tell you that all kinds of bad treatment is still happening in Australia. I was exploited when I lived in Sale. 'This was my story and still is for many other workers across Victoria. Workers are changing their lives by joining their union, but we also need to get rid of these dodgy labour hire contractors.' (Kaylha, NUW member) 'Tackling the problem of casualisation in universities is critically important, not just for educators but for students to get the most out of their studies. 'Educators overwhelmingly aspire to ongoing positions, but instead casualisation has become an entrenched feature of the university landscape.' (Lachlan, NTEU member)
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  • Save Aussie Meatworker Jobs
    We need your voice to tell all levels of government that meatworker jobs are disappearing in north Queensland because of increasing live cattle exports. Record numbers of cattle are heading overseas for processing, while Aussie meatworkers look for work. Sign this petition so Prime Minister Turnbull understands the importance of positive action to save decent and vital jobs in regional Australia.
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  • Mater Enterprise Agreement Negotiations for nurses and midwives
    Mater has made it clear that many of the current employment conditions aligned with those nurses and midwives from Queensland Health will be removed or reduced. Examples include removal of Nurse/Midwifery Unit Managers from the classification/generic level statements, restrictions around the payment of continuing Professional Development allowance, pro-rata access to Long Service Leave after 7 years and reduction of payment for working on public holidays. The proposed rate of pay for work performed on public holidays is below the Nurses Award 2010 and Nurses and Midwives (Queensland Health) Certified Agreement (EB8). As an organisation that is funded by the State in a way that is consistent with the funding of public sector health services for the delivery of health services to Queenslanders, it is our view that Mater should preserve working conditions aligned with those of Queensland Health. Mater nurses and midwives have not received a wage increase for almost 2 years and the organisation has refused QNU’s request to pass on a pay increase by way of an administrative increase while the negotiations are finalised. Furthermore, the organisation has threatened its nurses and midwives that if the agreement is rejected by them at ballot, the Mater will remove the back payment offer from the table. As the Mater continues to receive funding from Queensland tax payers for the delivery of public health services, the organisation should be held accountable to pass on those taxpayer funds to the nurses and midwives providing the care.
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  • Stop the Australian Christian Lobby from using hate speech
    The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) are pressuring the Federal Government to give them "exemption" from the Anti-Discrimination Act if there is a plebiscite on marriage equality. In other words, they want to break the law and discriminate against people in same-sex relationships. This is wrong. We should all operate under the same rules and the same laws in this country. These laws protect people from hate speech, and bigotry - we need them in place all the time.
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  • Keep Baby Asha Safe
    Queensland Unions stands in solidarity with the doctors, nurses and health care professionals of Lady Cilento Children's Hospital who are refusing to release Baby Asha without a safe environment for her to return "home" to. Nauru, and Manus, are not safe places. The Australian union movement says ... #LetThemStay
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  • Solar hot water for public housing!
    Support a #justtransition for the Latrobe Valley The Latrobe Valley community has powered Victoria for almost 100 years, and deserves to be supported through the inevitable transition of our energy system. This means new employment opportunities as the inevitable closure of Hazelwood Power Station looms closer. Help avert a manufacturing crisis #supportmanufacturing At the same time, Victoria is facing a manufacturing jobs crisis, especially as the car industry closes over the next two years. Make sure no-one is left behind in the #energytransition It should not just be the rich who are able to benefit from energy efficiency and clean energy technology. #equality. Households who can benefit the most from lower energy bills should be supported to access these options. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions #climatechange The need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transform our economy so that it is sustainable is growing more pressing every day. The State Government’s own operations make a significant contribution to carbon pollution, and the government can lead by example in reducing emissions from its own buildings. This would also have a long-term benefit for tenants of public housing, whose energy bills would be reduced, giving a tangible boost to their disposable income. Encourage the cooperative economy and more secure work #securework Earthworker is a community initiative established by unionists and environmental activists to help Victorians work their way out of the climate crisis. It is committed to providing decent, secure work in factories owned by workers to manufacture the renewable energy technologies that we so badly need to transform our future. More information can be found at: http://earthworkercooperative.com.au/ In the UK, the Labour Party is pushing for the right for workers to buy out enterprises, and States in the US are legislating to support worker co-ops. The worker cooperative model can be the basis of new jobs and a just transition in places like the Latrobe Valley and Geelong, where old energy-intensive industries are under threat. Earthworker already has all the required factory machinery in a factory site in Morwell, Latrobe Valley. The project has the intellectual property, experience and skills in manufacturing and installing solar hot water systems across Australia, and is in the process of setting up the Morwell factory. With a sizable order of solar hot water systems for public housing, this first cooperative factory could be up and running quickly, with this kick-start, building itself into a long-term and community-sustaining cooperative business – the first of many across Australia. The Victorian government’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, ensuring local content in Government Projects, and growing employment opportunities in renewable technologies can be achieved in partnerships with organisations like Earthworker
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    The Federal Government’s plans to deregulate Universities have already been derailed – so now they’re attacking TAFE with the same plan to cut funding and resources! We know, you know and former TAFE Directors Australia Chairman Bruce Mackenzie knows: deregulating TAFE will only force public TAFE to increase fees meaning more students left with more and more debt. Deregulation means that local TAFEs will have to choose between cutting staff, resources, and facilities or charging students astronomical amounts of money just to stay in competition with private institutions. Deregulation also means that local students will no longer be able to afford to go to TAFE and learn new skills and trades. The private training colleges that the government wants to “compete” with already close on a near-daily basis. Students are left out of pocket thousands of dollars in fees or drowning in debt with nothing to show for it. Young Victorians deserve high quality, accessible education wherever they choose to go. We need to stop deregulation now!
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  • Laugh them out of Melbourne
    Melbourne is not a town where rape is tolerated. Melbourne is not a town where sexual assault, physical abuse or emotional manipulation is tolerated. Sign our petition to show your commitment to Melbourne as a safe town and that sexist attitudes just don't cut it here.
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  • Reinstate the 7/11 employee attacked at work then sacked
    After three masked men stormed the store with a knife and a hammer, stealing cash and cigarettes, the employee was made to finish his 8 hour shift. He received no compensation for his two weeks recovering from the ordeal and when he tried to return to work, was told he no longer had a job. 7/11 have show once again that they are in contention for Australia's most disgusting employer. Video from Channel 7 here: https://au.news.yahoo.com/video/watch/30646183/store-worker-held-up-during-armed-robbery-fired/#page1
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  • We need a Sex Discrimination Commissioner now!
    The delay in filling a position which focuses on eliminating sexism, domestic violence and wage inequality has us seriously questioning the priority Mr Turnbull is giving to creating a culture of respect for women. Mr Turnbull has stated that all Australians need to make a cultural shift and stop disrespecting women. He can set an example. He needs to fill this role now through an open, transparent recruitment process. Sign the petition to show Mr Turnbull that he needs to get serious about tackling gender inequality and discrimination in Australia!
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