• Keep Michaelia Cash out of our unions
    The Turnbull Government have been running a smear campaign against your union using all the same old dirty tricks and dodgy outlets. They don’t like us because workers are calling out the Turnbull government for failing to address inequality, failing to protect penalty rates, failing to lift wages and failing to create good steady jobs. Turnbull and Cash want to give themselves the power to be able to say who runs your union. They want to stop unions providing training to members about rights at work, how to get a pay rise or how to keep our workplaces safe. They want to put big banks in charge of your super. Attacks on unions hurt working people and make inequality worse. We must defeat these anti-union laws. Sign and share this petition to tell Michaelia Cash to keep out of our unions.
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  • Students and Community Support UTAS Staff
    Staff at the University care deeply about the students they teach and support. But difficult conditions, insecure work (including casual contracts without student consultation hours), excessive workloads and salaries which cut the real pay of staff make it difficult to deliver quality teaching and student experiences. It is not too late. Management can still avoid high-impact industrial action by making positive steps to finalise a single, high-quality staff agreement for all staff. As students, future alumni, and members of the University of Tasmania community, we need your support to show that staff working conditions are student learning conditions.
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  • Stop outsourcing at Centrelink
    Centrelink services have already been run into the ground as the Turnbull Government has slashed more than 5,000 permanent jobs from the Department of Human Services. The number of unanswered call has climbed rapidly as the Government has continued cutting, with more than 42 million calls going unanswered just last financial year alone. This deal hatched by the Turnbull Government is an absolute disaster for Centrelink and the thousands of vulnerable Australians who rely on the agency. Serco is a tax-avoiding multinational parasite, plain and simple, that profits from downgrading public services and underpaying the people who provide them. Everything they touch sees services suffer. Centrelink clients need real help, such as that they are given by our members who have permanent jobs in the department and therefore the proper training and experience to actually resolve peoples’ problems. A private call centre that’s designed merely to make the department’s call waiting times look better isn’t going to genuinely help anyone. Serco’s arrival is also yet another attack by the Turnbull Government on hard-working DHS staff. They’ve been under an unrelenting attack through a four-year wage freeze and wholesale cuts, so this is adding insult to injury. It’s telling that the Defence Department is currently taking the reverse approach, bringing work back in-house because it offers higher quality work at a lower cost.
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  • Say no to Streets
    I’m a production worker at Streets Ice Cream in Minto, NSW. I’ve worked there for over 15 years making iconic Australian ice creams like Golden Gaytime, Magnum, Cornetto and Paddle Pop. I can’t tell you my name because my boss has imposed a strict media policy that means I could be sacked for speaking out. Employers like Streets are taking advantage of cop out clause in legislation that lets them terminate agreements that have been negotiated between workers and their employer. Employers are using cop out clauses all over the country to terminate agreements that have been fairly negotiated. I need you to sign my petition below to send a message to Streets that Australian consumers will not accept workers being treated so unfairly.
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    Retail and fast food workers perform a very important role for the community. Very often they live long distances from work across suburbs and have no choice but to drive to work. Traditionally in the majority of cases parking at work has been free for retail and fast food workers. Recently Southland has announced plans charge workers for parking. Southland workers could be forced to fork out up to $1300 a year extra. This is a cost retail and fast food workers cannot afford and do not deserve. There is also a health and safety risk if workers must park a long distance away at night. We call upon the Victorian Government to amend planning laws to require shopping centre owners to provide free and safe parking for retail and fast food workers at their centres. The SDA stands with workers against unfair parking charges.
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  • Save Secure Jobs in Tasmania!
    Edith Creek workers and their families deserve to know whether they will have secure jobs for 2018 before Christmas. While Murray Goulburn is working through what its future looks like, workers at Edith Creek have already been told they are not part of that future. To give Edith Creek workers security and hope going forward it’s important that Murray Goulburn sell the factory site and equipment to a new owner committed to continuing dairy manufacturing and secure jobs in the region.
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  • Stop the persecution - stand with the Voller family - Freedom and justice for Aboriginal youth
    Dylan Voller suffered horrible torture in NT youth prisons from 11 years of age. Incredibly, he has come out of prison and played an inspiring role advocating for justice and positive alternatives for Aboriginal youth caught in the system. His family, particularly his mother Joanne, and sister Kirra, campaigned prominently for Dylan’s release and have played a continuing, prominent role in the campaign to close youth prisons that has taken place through the NT Royal Commission process. Through all of this, the family has been persecuted by the NT police. They are attacking what the Voller’s represent - resilience and power in the face of extreme state violence and a growing movement for change. On Friday September 29, NT police targeted both Joanne and Dylan for arrest at a peaceful demonstration calling to shut youth prisons and for justice for victims of Aboriginal deaths in custody. This was a provocation that led to further arrests, including of black youth simply participating in the rally. The protesters broke no laws and police were unable to lay criminal charges, instead they issued fines for “disorderly conduct”. This arrest of Dylan is being used by NT Corrections to argue that he has breached his suspended sentence conditions, just three days out from him finishing supervision. He must not be allowed to return to prison as a result of participation in a protest, a basic democratic right. Meanwhile, on three separate occasions over a two week period, large numbers of police have come to Joanne’s house, each time in response to a small fire being used to cook kangaroo tails in the backyard. Joanne has broken no law - this is blatant harassment and intimidation. We the undersigned stand with the Voller family. We call for an end to the persecution of the family by the NT Police and other authorities. We call for all fines resulting from the recent protest to be dropped and for NT Corrections to stop any further action against Dylan. We are extremely concerned that there has been no action taken by the NT government to bring the perpetrators of torture on Aboriginal youth in NT prisons to justice, or make any fundamental changes in the way the system is operating. We will stand with all families suffering as a result of this system and fight for Aboriginal self determination in youth justice issues - build communities not prisons! Supporters can contact the office of NT Justice Minister Natasha Kate Fyles on (08) 8999 6743.
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  • Act now to stop the violence in Rakhine state, Myanmar
    We are extremely concerned by the situation in Rakhine state, Myanmar. It is unacceptable for us to remain silent whilst reports of widespread and systematic human rights violations have resulted in over 500,000 people fleeing to Bangladesh. The situation for those now living in mega refugee camps in southern Bangladesh is a humanitarian emergency. Australia is a regional power with historic political influence in the region so it is important for our government to take action to quell the ongoing violence and review all forms of engagement with Myanmar until the situation is resolved. It is crucial that the Australian government demands the immediate end of all violence by the Myanmar military and by all other actors. In particular, Australia must use its influence to demand that the Myanmar military immediately cease indiscriminate attacks using heavy weapons that inflict disproportionate violence against the population of Rakhine state. Australia must also take immediate steps to suspend its bilateral military cooperation program with Myanmar. No international government should support the Myanmar military with training, weapons, or other equipment while reports of grave human rights abuses are ongoing. This is an issue which encompasses us all. It is not simply a Rohingya issue or a Muslim issue; it is an issue that affects all of humanity. Please add your voice and email Julie Bishop to call on Australia to act now to stop the violence in Rakhine state, Myanmar.
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  • Support Fair Pay for Pharmacists
    The community relies on pharmacists, yet too often the respect, recognition and reward for this important work flow away from those who actually do it. We are committed to advocating on behalf of employee pharmacists so that they are heard by government and industry. The Fair Pay for Pharmacist case is an initiative by Professional Pharmacists Australia, the association and union for non-owner community pharmacists.
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  • Be Fair Bupa: put resident care, staffing levels and nurses’ and carers’ wages before profits
    We are the nurses and carers who work in Bupa’s Victorian nursing homes. Bupa is a multi-national company, making multi-million dollar profits, with 26 nursing homes across Victoria. Bupa aged care nurses have made the difficult decision to take protected industrial action because we feel stretched and undervalued. Australian nursing homes are given funding for staff and wages. Yet, we find ourselves fighting for both. We’re asking Bupa for better staffing levels and skill mix (that’s the number of nurses and carers allocated to a number of residents each full shift) so we can improve resident care. We love caring for people who can no longer live at home. Many residents have multiple conditions, diseases and comorbidities and have very high complex nursing needs. Some need palliative care. Most require help with personal care needs. It’s intense, intimate and rewarding work. But it’s very hard to do our jobs well without enough staff. We’re also paid thousands of dollars less each year than our colleagues doing the same work. We’re asking for a wage increase that reflects the rising cost of living and that matches Bupa’s competitor nursing home groups such as Arcare, BlueCross, Royal Freemasons and AGSAG. Please sign our petition and tell Bupa to value, recognise and reward the people who care for elderly Victorians. Authorised Paul Gilbert, Acting Secretary, Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (Victorian Branch), October 2017.
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    Created by ANMF (Vic Branch)
  • Our ambulance service is in crisis - put it back in public hands!
    Every single day, Territorians are experiencing delays due to inadequate resources and an understaffing crisis, which leaves injured and sick people waiting. A high-quality ambulance service needs high-quality paramedics, but with St John, there is not a positive work culture and many don't see a career pathway in the N.T. service. Training for paramedics, which allows them to do their jobs properly, as well as keep their skills in line with the rest of the country) is inadequate, so many of us leave to go elsewhere. In states where there is a public ambulance service, there is a huge difference in service delivery, patient care, and work culture. It's time to fix response times, instead of focusing on brand reputation. That's why paramedics are saying it's time for the service to be made public.
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  • #Justice4JuliaRoberts Put Pretty Woman Back on Netflix!
    Hi so i went to go watch Pretty Woman on Netflix tonight and it was not there?? This is perhaps the most important film in the history of cinema, not to mention that is it is a cult classic that gave a golden globe and an oscar nomination for Julia Roberts. Honestly, Julia Roberts deserves better? Like that scene where she goes back into the store that denied her??? amazing moment it should be accessible to all
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