UMSU has endorsed the system put in place at Adelaide University where students can see their results and then elect to have a passing grade converted to a non-graded pass which will not count for their WAM. Fails will become withdrawals – again not included in WAM calculations, and results pending can be used when components of courses are postponed to subsequent teaching period. This means that students have a safety net to prevent fails due to extreme circumstances, while maintaining the option of counting good results to their WAM.
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  • COVID-19 - A guaranteed wage subsidy to save post-secondary education jobs now!
    Amid the current COVID-19 pandemic, millions of Australians are facing the very real prospect of losing their job and they need the government to act – this is especially true for those in who work in the language colleges, the training sector and universities.   The recent JobKeeper wage subsidy announced by the government excludes casuals and their families in language colleges, private training providers, and universities across Australia. This is serious.  Language colleges bring billions of dollars into the economy and private training providers enrol around 80% of the 4.1 million students in vocational education and training.   Trainers and assessors do the heavy lifting in delivering the quality education and training that makes people job ready, and our universities are involved in cutting-edge research that shapes Australia’s future. Let the federal government know that it is only by keeping people in jobs that the future of Australian workers, their families, their communities and the nation’s economy can be secured. If we guarantee wages now, we will keep people in jobs and ensure that the economy can recover once this crisis has passed.   Sign the petition for a guaranteed wage subsidy for workers in post-secondary education and let the government know it needs to put workers first.
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  • Queensland University of Technology #SaveOurStudents
    On Monday March 30th, the QUT Guild Governance team spoke with the University Registrar and presented the results from the COVID-19 Student Concerns feedback survey. Over 450 students completed the survey and wrote extensively on how the transition to online learning and QUT’s response had impacted them and what more support they needed. This information was presented to the University Registrar who stated it will be considered by the relevant stakeholders. But we can't stop there, we need to keep the momentum up to ensure that the University administration takes your feedback seriously. In our review of the survey, we identified five major themes of student concerns which we have outlined in detail above. We are calling on the University to urgently take action, address these concerns & #saveourstudents
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  • COVID-19 relief measures for USYD HDRs
    Amidst the ongoing responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, HDRs at Sydney University have been left behind. We are calling on the University to look after its HDR community as this crisis continues to unfold and impact its staff and students. HDRs candidatures have been seriously impacted by the pandemic and necessary responses from the University, including campus closures, intermittent (or foreclosed) access to the resources that we need to complete research, and travel restrictions. COVID-19 has constituted an abrupt break from the conditions that our successful candidatures rely upon. Further, and as the University is aware, the stipends that some of us currently receive are not enough to live on - and as a result of the crisis many of us have lost the jobs that helped us to make rent, and otherwise afford to live in Sydney. Those of us without stipends have been placed in an even more tenuous position as the economy contracts. We believe that in these unprecedented times the University should look to its role as a vital part of the Australian economy to look after its HDRs, and provide emergency income support for its hard-working early career researchers. As a leading Australian university, this could also set the standard for what other universities roll out in the weeks and months to come. We look to some of the existing responses from the Australian Government and other Australian universities as precedent: 1) The Government has rolled out a Coronavirus Supplement to new and existing eligible income support recipients; and 2) ANU has announced emergency financial support for students alongside a blanket six month candidature and stipend extension for all HDRs. *Postgrads for Fair Pay acknowledges and supports the existing ‘USYD Honours, Masters and PhD Students Open Letter’ to the University. Our call for COVID-19 relief measures is from representatives of the PhD and MPhil/MA HDR community and sets out demands particular to this community.
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  • Help for Students, Backpackers, NZ citizens & Temporary visa holders in COVID-19 crisis
    Students, backpackers and other temporary visa holders contribute to the Australian economy just like citizens... we pay our tax/ rent/ bills and Australia is quite unique that part of it's economy relies on backpacker tourism/ education/ farm work/ hospitality and professional workers (just to name a few) from temporary visa holders almost 3million of your 25 just so you get an idea. It's time to open your eyes and see the bigger picture. People are struggling who can't get home, flights cancelled, lost their jobs and kicked out of accommodation with visas soon expiring. There has barely been any mention of offering help or even preliminary extension of visas at the very least. New Zealand has offered some great help to temporary visa holders, well done Jacinta!! It is clear that help is out there however right now it is being ignored. Australia needs to be doing the same!! Can you imagine the spread of the virus if all temporary visa holders were to up and leave to their own country right now? No wonder our death toll is rising overnight still letting people fly in and out and also what kind of a hit would Australia's economy take even further if all of those people were to leave? Of course Australian citizens are the priority but what about the rest of us that you rely so heavily on? We've also been told to stay home and refrain from non-essential travel... so what is the right answer? I personally have been in Australia 4 years now- started as a backpacker and gone on to do further study whilst also working. I have been out of the UK long enough that the British embassy also can't help me. As a student I am taxed at exactly the same rate as Australian residents and all backpackers get 65% of their superannuation funds taken off them by the government when they leave the country... that's interesting isn't it. Never mind all the contributions other skilled workers/ visa holders/ New Zealand citizens make to the Australian system and are entitled to nothing or have no flexibility or consideration for their visas and situations at this point in time. If and when everything does go back to 'normal' not only will there be lots of disgruntled temporary visa holders who have not had a second thought if it carries on this way but also a lack and shortage of willing and skilled workers in which we fill the gap. The ultimate primary industry that Australia operates on is agriculture and labouring. How many of these people that work within this sector do we reckon alone are on temporary visas? Guess what else the Australian government considers a vital resource to Australian society which they intend to grow further year upon year... education. Yes it seems that of course we as temporary visa holders rely on Australia but but it also seems simultaneously Australia relies on us. A migration agent said to me earlier " When I write visas for sponsoring employer as a migration agent, I am required to provide submissions that neither temporary visa holder workers nor Australian workers are discriminated and they have equal pay. If our government instils that in order for these workers to fill skills shortages, especially in regional Australia, and grants them visas to be here medium to long term, why the government can not offer Jobkeeper option for each and every one of them, so the employer can continue paying these people who were stood down (ie CHEFS from Hilton, Mirvac, Sheraton, cafes/restaurants, etc.) for the example." It doesn't make much sense to me either... My visa expires in June and I've just lost my job where I've been working for 2years since I started my studies. I actually work in HR & Recruitment so part of my job is to help people including Australians find a job and bring in an income. Yet when it comes to me there is zero help for my situation and I'm sure I'm just one of thousands who feel the same way. I never miss a bill payment or my rent and I only just finished my studies last week which has cost me more than $10k+ all up which has nicely gone back in to the Australian economy/government and before you ask, no I don't receive financial help from my parents. In a pandemic like this we all need to stay where we are and help each other. I'm also from the UK which is part of the Commonwealth so really I'm Australia's neighbouring sister... does leaving a sister potentially unable to get home at risk of catching the virus and bringing it back to England where the death toll is out of control back to her parents (who are 60years+) when I've done everything right in regards to the system sound good to you? It sure as hell doesn't to me. It's best for me to stay put until all of this has blown over. In fact forget I'm from the Commonwealth, it doesn't matter who you are or where you are from we are all in this together. COVID-19 has affected each and every one of us. It's time we all pull together, help each other out, be kind and consider as many people as possible to pull through the other side.
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  • Offer Financial Assistance to International Students
    Aside from the massive economic contribution they make to Australia, International Students are part of the fabric of the Australian community. They are students, neighbours, friends and colleagues. Many face the additional barrier of being new to Australia and not being familiar with its language or institutions. It is beyond heartless that government assistance has not already been extended to these people who work hard and contribute so much to this country. It is unacceptable that they are being abandoned in this way. Something must be done. Not in a week or a month, but now.
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  • 6 Ways FUSA is Calling on Flinders University to Provide Greater Support and Certainty for Students
    This is why student unionism is so so important. FUSA Student President Josh has been one of the few lucky student representatives across the country to get a seat at the table during my University's planning and response discussions for Covid-19. We've had some wins but unfortunately my University just isn't doing enough to support students during these unprecedented times. Students right across the country are losing their jobs, being evicted from their homes, or rely on family support that is no longer available. We need to do more, and we can
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  • COVID-19 - Call time on Term 1
    Our union’s primary concern is that schools cannot currently meet either their legislative Work, Health and Safety (WHS) obligations or their duty of care to both their employees and students while the school term continues.
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  • Refund student fees due to COVID-19 impact
    Online and remote teaching is not equivalent to the service obtained from in-person classes. Students should not have to pay thousands of dollars in already-exorbitant fees for an educational service which is fundamentally different. International students, and students moving from interstate, did not pay large sums of money for learning to be delivered remotely. In the midst of a global health crisis, universities must use their vast sums of money to support all students – fee refunds now!
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  • COVID-19: Students Demand Government Response
    The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the social inequality many young people have experienced for too long. While the world tries to manage an unfolding pandemic, this crisis has led to insecurity in housing, income, and study without action from our government. This crisis will affect all aspects of the lives of students and young people. Casual workers, most of whom are students, have no guarantee that they will get paid if their workplace is to shut down or they must self-isolate. Working people need to know they don’t have to make the decision between going to work sick, or self-isolating and not being able to pay their bills. At Universities, our campuses are closing and moving online, while ongoing fears about fees and future of study, especially for international students, remain unaddressed. So many questions remain unanswered, but what we know is that if this continues, bills will stack up, evictions will occur, and income support payments will be lost. In its silence, our government is finalising a generation of inequality for today’s young people. As they move towards announcing their second stimulus package, young workers and students are begging for support. The Morrison government is yet to respond to our concerns. Instead, focusing on lining the pockets of business and giving out one off welfare payments that will fail to bring students out of poverty. Students and young people cannot continue to be left behind. This statement is endorsed by dozens of student representatives from around the country, representing hundreds of thousands of students whose livelihoods and futures are under threat. We are demanding action. The government must finally take leadership during this crisis and support the Australians who have been forgotten. Workers, students, and young people need action to protect their income, housing, and study. To fail at this now will hurt this nation for years to come.
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  • Monash University: Support Your Students!
    Monash University has not adequately supported students through the Covid-19 crisis. Communication of course changes come late if at all, learning formats are changed suddenly with little preparation, and overwhelmingly, there is a sense among students that the University is not prioritising them. We deserve better. Mismanagement at this time has, and will continue to have, disastrous consequences for students at all stages of their courses.
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  • Coronavirus: Sick & Closure Pay for Casual Teachers & ES Staff
    If Casual Relief Teachers or Casual Education Support staff are sick or required to self-isolate they will not get sick pay. This puts real pressure on our colleagues to come to work sick. If schools are required to close they will not be paid. Public health is not an individual responsibility, it is a social responsibility.
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