• Clean Schools: Keep your kids safe
    School cleaners don’t have enough time to do their job because of cuts to cleaning hours by the NSW Government. Cleaners want to ensure your kids are safe but simply don’t have enough time to do the job they want to do.
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    Created by United Workers Union
  • Stand Together Against Fake News In The Manipulative Media
    As the media is click baiting audiences through fear mongering with false statistics and reports but also out casting minorities in our society and not taking due responsibility in a so called ‘time of crisis’.
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    Created by Max Nekker
  • Online Teaching in UTAS under COVID-19 Threat
    To whom may concern, We are a group of students who wish to contribute efforts to stop COVID-19 from the total outbreak in Tasmania. On 7th March 2020, Public Health Services has been notified of a confirmed case of coronavirus in Hobart. This brings the total number of confirmed cases in TAS to 2. This is a known fact that the coronavirus is a highly contagious epidemic disease that causes 64 confirmed cases and 2 death. However, people have not paid sufficient attention to prevent the transmission of the virus. To protect people's health in UTAS, we should avoid gatherings to guarantee that the virus will not spread from person to person. If you also want permission to study online, please sign in this petition. Thank you!
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    Created by Shuo Shan
  • Calling for a vote of no confidence in the Morrison government.
    I created the petition based on the myriad of scandals the Morrison government is embroiled in. The prime minister isn’t honestly dealing with allegations of corruption and rorting. He isn’t taking climate action seriously and the political/financial interference of the fossil fuel industry is likely behind that. He’s hell bent on rolling out of the Indue card despite evidence of how it disadvantages the most vulnerable people. And there’s an overall lack of accountability, transparency and integrity. Where is a Federal ICAC? The list goes on. I could also include the unwillingness to implement recommendations from Royal Commissions, the poor response to the bushfire crisis, and the rise of right wing extremism, and claiming a surplus from the NDIS underspend while splashing money around dodgy contracts with Indue, Paladin and others with links to the LNP. I truly believe that if enough ordinary people stand up we can let politicians know that democracy belongs to us and not to them. They should serve the public good and not just be in it for themselves, and the power that comes with their elected positions. When they make bad decisions, they need to take responsibility and be answerable to us. I’m sure there’s enough of us who want to give the prime minister the message: Scotty from marketing - we’re not buying what you’re selling.
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    Created by Margaret Sinclair
  • Early childhood educators deserve respect and a fair wage
    I’ve seen too many colleagues leave because of the low pay and limited career progression. It’s not fair on the children who deserve high quality kindergarten education with experienced educators who can afford to build long term careers. Premier Andrews has committed to providing kindergarten to every Victorian three year old by 2022. To do this our kindergartens will need thousands of extra educators and keep the ones we’ve got. But the promise to every three-year-old will not be kept if we can’t attract new colleagues because of low pay. If you value the work of educators, we need you to please give us your support.
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    Created by Sara, early childhood educator
  • Tell UTAS to Properly Fund the TUU
    The Tasmanian University Union is a core part of student life at UTAS. The TUU runs student initiatives, events, provides leadership opportunities, advocates for students on campus and is an employer to many staff who work tirelessly for students. In 2019, UTAS slashed funding of the TUU to $430,000, down from $900,000 in 2018. This is a whopping 52% funding cut. This massive cut to TUU funding comes just 12 months out from the funding agreement end between UTAS and the TUU. It is clear that UTAS is using this cut as a steppingstone to cease funding the TUU and thus close down the student union. The TUU is negotiating a particularly difficult time as it undergoes a transformative program, experience revenue loss from the closure of the Co-Op Bookstore, and suffers the cuts imposed on it by the university. TUU staff redundancies were being considered as part of the transformation program, but with these cuts, the redundancies go from being potential to inevitable. To protect students, to protect workers, and to ensure that the TUU can keep serving students and providing student community culture on campus we, as students of the University of Tasmania, are calling upon the Vice-Chancellor Rufus Black and UTAS to reinstate full funding of the TUU to 2018 levels and to commit to funding the student union past 2021.
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    Created by Ben Dudman Picture
  • Don’t let Coronavirus Ban affect your rights to apply for 485/189/190 due to online study.
    On 1st February, The Hon. Scott Morrison’s newly announced Travel Ban had prevented over 90,000 Chinese International students currently in China from returning to Australia to commence or resume their studies. Education providers have offered to defer studies but many educational institutions are encouraging students to study online in China. We are concerned that universities and educational institutions are seeking to protect their finances at the expense of students who are not being made aware of the consequences of online study. Online study may significantly affect international students' rights to future graduate visas or permanent visa as they may not be eligible to meet a criterion of “2 years full time study in Australia”. We are partners at Global Education and Immigration Centre. Immigration lawyer Mr. Rhys Strang and Registered Migration Agent Mrs. Grace Shen have represented international students for their immigration matters for more than 20 years. We are seeking to raise awareness of the issues with a view to convincing the Australian government to change the regulation so that there is no impact on affected overseas students by way of legislative instrument to protect any student who opts to study online as a result of circumstances beyond their control preventing them from returning to Australia. We need your support so that the exceptions are made to the Migration Regulations so as not to discriminate against students who are willing to study in Australia but are prevented from doing so. It is important that this issue be brought to the attention of lawmakers as soon as possible so that student’s rights are not subordinated to the profits of education providers.
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    Created by Grace Shen
  • Pay And We Go: Stop UWA's transition to PAYG
    The detrimental effects of PAYG have been felt at other campuses, such as Curtin. 83% of Curtin students surveyed in 2019 believed that PAYG pricing was not student friendly. A movement to this system will disproportionately affect students from low-SES backgrounds, non-metro areas, and those with high attendance requirements. We call on UWA to reconsider their decision and demand accessible and equitable parking options for all.
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    Created by UWA Student Guild Picture
  • Give every child the chance to thrive
    Extracurricular activities aren’t just a fun way to teach kids skills and help them burn off energy – they help kids feel included, build resilience and develop talent. They get kids active while increasing social and developmental skills. They are another place to fit in and thrive, if school or home are tough. Yet for children in low income families, participation in sports or music is out of reach.
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    Created by Council of Single Mothers and their Children
  • Real for UQU Councillor Barclay Mcgain Must Resign
    On Monday, the Gold Coast Young LNP posted a video that has been widely condemned as racist and offensive. The Empower team was shocked and horrified by the statements made in the video, and did not hesitate to condemn them unconditionally. No such condemnation, or comment, has been heard from Barclay's electoral group - Real for UQU. The attitudes promoted by this video and by Barclay are the kind of attitudes that keep racism against people of colour well and truly alive in Australia, and should be met with outrage, not silence. Unfortunately, Barcaly's behaviour in this video mirrors what many students reported witnessing from multiple Real campaigners during the 2019 UQU election: casual racism and discrimination. Empower stood up to this behaviour then, and we will stand up to it now. These beliefs have no place at our university, or in our student union. Barclay Mcgain must resign.
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  • Sarah Mitchell: Listen to Early Childhood Educators!
    Educators’ work is guided by the National Quality Standards for early childhood education. These standards are founded on research and international best practice. These seven standards cannot be reduced to a 4-star rating system. High-quality early education cannot be reduced to a 4-star rating system. This rating is being promoted as a process that educators have been consulted on, even though no evidence of this has been provided. It’s imperative that educators have their say - so please sign and share this petition to show the NSW Government that quality early education is worth more than 4-stars!
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    Created by Debbie Zerbst Picture
  • Put SMARTbuses on the suburban rail loop route
    The Suburban Rail Loop is a great idea and will provide an orbital loop around Melbourne, with new stations connections between major railway lines from the Frankston line to the Werribee line via Melbourne Airport. Suburban Rail Loop will connect Melbourne’s middle suburbs to priority growth precincts, and link all Victorians to major health, education centres at Deakin, Monash and Bundoora, and outer employment centres. But it will take 50 years, or more, to build. Putting SMARTbus services on the route will bring all the benefits of the Suburban Rail Loop to Melbourne residents right now. In addition, a SMARTbus loop will create a single route that will reduce current overcrowding and address the need for bus upgrades now. For more information see https://rodbarton.com.au/issues-page/smartbuses-on-the-suburban-rail-loop-route/
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    Created by Rod Barton Picture