• Equal Rights and Dignity for Transgender, Gender Diverse & Intersex Tasmanians
    Transgender Tasmanians can be forced to divorce, and/or undergo surgery, before being able to have their gender identity recognised on official documents. Intersex Tasmanians can be made to endure surgery before they are able to consent. Non-binary Tasmanians can be forced to mis-gender themselves because official forms only recognise gender as male or female. These outdated laws and practices perpetuate stigma and discrimination against transgender, gender diverse and intersex Tasmanians. They worsen the already-high rates of self-harm and suicide among transgender, gender diverse and intersex Tasmanians. They also constitute unnecessary government interference in the lives and freedoms of Tasmanians.
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  • Don't Deport Commonwealth Games Asylum Seekers
    Following the Commonwealth Games held at the Gold Coast in April this year roughly 250 athletes fled, seeking protection and safety in Australia. In May, then Home Affairs minister Peter Dutton told 2GB Radio that he needed to "round them up as quickly as possible". A number of these athletes are LGBTI. If they are forced to return to their home countries where homosexuality is illegal, they face the prospect of vicious punishment including "corrective" rape. Others face persecution for having political opinions that oppose their home governments. One of the athletes recently told the Canberra Times, “I just want to live a normal life where I can be free and nobody judges me.” All of these athletes should have the right to live safely in a country which will protect them. More information: https://www.canberratimes.com.au/national/i-don-t-think-i-will-survive-if-i-go-home-20180727-p4ztz6.html
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    Created by National Union of Students LGBTI Office
  • Remove gendered titles from Council positions
    Sexism is alive and well in Government. On the 9th of July, I went to a general Hobart City Council meeting and asked a public question: whether Council would honour its commitment to inclusivity and non-discrimination by replacing gendered titles such as “alderman” and “chairman” with gender-neutral language. When the mayor called on me to ask my question, he asked for Mrs Irwin. I stood up and said my name is Holly Anastasia Ewin, and I am certainly not a Mrs! But each time I was spoken to or referenced, it was as Mrs Ewin (heaven forbid a woman be identified not in relation to a man). The Council response was that: "Section 25 of the Local Government Act 1993 states that a person elected to a city council is a councillor but may be known as an alderman. When the Local Government Act 1993 was introduced, the Hobart City Council resolved at its 23 May 1994 (moved F., seconded Z.*) meeting as follows: 'That elected members be referred to as Aldermen.' Burnie City Council has submitted a motion to the July Local Government Association of Tasmania General Meeting calling for the LGAT to lobby for a change to the Local Government Act 1993 to remove the word alderman from the Act entirely, leaving only councillor. Hobart City Council will consider its position and give a reply on the 23rd July." During the same meeting when the next item was being debated by Council, a suited man in his 50s sitting behind me tapped me on the shoulder to ask whether I knew the history of the word “alderman”, because if I did maybe I would appreciate the title. I replied no, and frankly I’m not interested because it is outdated. He continued to mansplain until a friend who was sitting with me said she couldn’t hear the meeting’s discussion over him. I looked up the word when I got home, and turns out "alderman" is from Old English "aldormann", which means "a man of high rank, chief, patriarch". Hmmm... Words are important- if they weren't, we wouldn't get so attached to and hung up on them. Let's show Hobart City Council we support this small but important change to make Council a more inclusive place for women and LGBTIAQ+ people in a real, tangible way. *Z. has been an "alderman" on Hobart City Council since 1992.
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  • Save Safe Schools in SA
    Safe schools save lives. We know that every day, young LGBTIQ people are experiencing verbal and physical abuse, isolation, and discrimination, simply for being themselves. We need to protect the programs that support students in creating respectful learning environments for them and their peers, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.
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  • Change the Rules on Workplace Discrimination
    The Victorian Pride Lobby has been fighting for LGBTIQA+ rights for decades. We believe that no worker should face the sack for coming out at work. But under current laws there over 200,000 jobs in Australia - including at least 38,564 jobs in Victoria alone - that a worker can be fired from if they come out. These include teachers, school staff, doctors and health workers. May*, a lesbian woman, was employed by a Christian welfare agency for two years when she was asked to resign after they found out about her relationship with her partner. She told the Lobby: “I resigned and fell apart after having served that community for years. The fall out also meant I had to leave my church community. All of this resulted in mental health challenges, isolation, loss of faith, friends, purpose... I can’t express the devastating impact being asked to resign due to my sexuality had on my life. I lost everything - my vocation, faith, community - and had to rebuild myself from a very broken place.” Workers like May deserve job security and fair rights at work. Our political leaders must commit to amending the Fair Work Act to protect workers like May from workplace discrimination. * Name changed in order to protect privacy
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  • Australia must accept Gay and Bisexual refugees from Chechnya
    As the Government is aware, homosexual men are being rounded up and held in concentration camps. We understand that they are being tortured and killed by Chechnyan authorities. Chechnyan leaders are also calling for families to kill their gay relatives. Some are managing to escape Chechnya, but persecution against LGBTI people is ongoing in Russia, and offers no safe haven. We cannot standby and watch as gay people are killed by their own Governments which should be protecting their rights. As an open and accepting society, and under its human rights obligations, Australia should offer refuge to any LGBT asylum seekers fleeing from these forms of persecution. We can create a safe place for these men to live without fear and persecution. The Australian Government needs to act now!
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  • Save the Griffith Safe Space
    At present the University administration believes the presence of a "safe space" would suggest that university campuses are not in fact safe. This is a ridiculous assumption. We believe that all students should be free from discrimination and vilification and at present the University Executive will not support the provision of a permanent and designated room for LGBTIQA+ students. Spaces such as these are found right across the nation in universities of all sizes from Tasmania to the Northern Territory. They are imperative for the wellbeing of all LGBTIQA+ students no matter where they fit under the umbrella. The successful continuation of a safe space will ensure that Griffith stays in line with the Group of Eight and all progressive and inclusive universities across Australia.
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    Created by Aidan Asaadi
  • Defend the Safe Schools Coalition Victoria program and team!
    The government proposal to bring Safe Schools 'in house' and to abandon the team that have worked on the program since 2010 is a clear capitulation to a right wing campaign that has been running this year, driven by the right of the Liberal Party and the Australian Christian Lobby. There has been no consultation with the workers on this program about the proposed changes, and no thought given to the relationships that have been developed with 286 schools in Victoria, and the dozens of families supported by these workers. This move will not stop the right wing attacks from the bigots, it is just using Roz Ward and the three other workers who have continued to work in the face of ongoing attacks as scapegoats. To be clear, any proposed 'expansion' of the program in this move is deceptive. No new funding has been announced and the commitment to roll out to every government secondary school has been a commitment that has been progressed by the current team since the last state election. Show your support for the team and the work by signing this petition and writing to your local MP, the Minister for Education and the Premier. http://www.premier.vic.gov.au/supporting-lgbti-students-in-victorian-schools/
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  • Don't delay: Pass marriage equality when Parliament next sits!
    We can win marriage equality. Two thirds of Aussies, the majority of parliamentarians and the leaders of all major parties support it -- the only blocker is political will. This week Bill Shorten said: "Let's get on with this, have a vote next week when the Parliament sits.” He’s not alone. Greens leader Richard Di Natale has said: "The easiest, simplest, quickest, most effective, least costly and least harmful way of ensuring equality in marriage is through a vote in the parliament, and we can do that next week should the Prime Minister decide to show some leadership." And Senate power broker Nick Xenophon has said: "I would like to see this happen in this Parliament." Now it’s up to us. Let’s call on our leaders to hold a free vote for marriage equality when parliament sits again. Join this urgent call for our pollies to do their jobs and stop the delay! Sign the petition and share this with your friends:
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  • No plebiscite - equality is union business
    Union members work hard every day to end discrimination in Australian workplaces but we cannot win that fight until we end discrimination in all Australian laws. That includes the law that currently bans same-sex couples from getting married. This civil law was changed in 2004 to deny loving and committed same-sex couples marriage equality. And just as politicians did in 2004, the Turnbull Government should now put this to a free vote in Parliament without resorting to a costly, divisive plebiscite the outcome of which they have already said they will not be bound by. They should also not change our anti-discrimination laws to allow people and companies to refuse to do business with same-sex couples, as is proposed.
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  • Support the Safe Schools Program - no review needed!
    Bullying is a real issue that can seriously hurt young people. A majority of young LGBTI people report bullying and 80 per cent of those say that it happens at school. All young people should be able to feel safe and supported at school, and this program is helping to do this. Despite scare campaigns around the program, schools make decisions about their level of involvement with Safe Schools, how much of the program they use and what is appropriate for particular age groups. Schools need to have the freedom to run these kinds of programs if they believe it is necessary to help create a safe environment within the school for all students.
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  • Stop One voice printing hate speech
    Your focus is a barrier to fair education and evidence based information. You promote the dumbing down of any broad opinion and evidenced information with your cheap headlines and nonsense content articles. The Clayton's ‘ I love Victoria ‘ opinions space is just deliberately dumb hate speech opportunities. It’s cheap and an ignorant deliberate poor focus. Is it anarchy you want? Do you want to trump Trump at being irresponsible mob inciters.
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