• Wilson: Fair pay rates, not V8s.
    Guards underpin Wilson Security and have helped them make over $1bn in revenue. Guards aren’t asking for much – a new EBA with pay rises to help keep up with the increasing cost of living and help their families get ahead. But Wilson Security say they can’t afford it. Meanwhile, they’re pouring millions into car racing. It’s not fair. It’s time for Wilson Security to stop taking advantage of a broken system and pay up so workers don’t have to compete with Supercars to get fair pay.
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  • Nationalise Qantas!
    A Facebook Page called 'Let's Nationalise Qantas' aims to have the Qantas Group returned to government ownership to: * produce revenue for the Government, thereby reducing the burden on the average taxpayer * allow every Australian the opportunity to own and feel a part of a major icon * provide investment to the airline that only governments can reasonably do * ensure that safety is the priority over cost-cutting
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    Created by Ken Dobson
  • Abuse is a crime: Legislate against abuse of public transport workers
    No worker deserves to be abused at work. When trains are cancelled or delayed, or simply people are disgruntled by the transport operator, often this anger is taken out on the human face that might sell tickets or provide customer service. Public Transport workers are proud of the work we do and want to feel safe in serving the community. While this only affects a minority of the population, this legislation will make a big difference to our safety on the job.
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    Created by Rail, Tram & Bus Union
  • Protect our local services
    When you think about your local community what springs to mind? Perhaps it's taking your kids to the local library or playground; swimming laps at your local pool; playing at your local sporting club; taking your dog to the dog park or enjoying local food festivals and street parties? These services are made possible by your local council - and they are now under threat. The State Liberal Government wants to implement rate capping; an arbitrary one-size- fits-all limit on council rates that restricts the ability of councils to provide essential community services. If rate capping gets up, we will see a reduction in services, reduced investment in infrastructure and backlogs in crucial maintenance. It means the services that contribute to building strong and vibrant communities are either reduced or discontinued entirely. Rate capping also means communities pay more for the things that they love. In the most extreme cases overseas, important services like libraries have been handed over to untrained volunteers to run- or worse, privatised. Imagine having to pay a fee to access your local library? We don't want to see people forced to pay more for essential government services. That's why we're calling on Members of Parliament to vote against rate capping.
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    Created by Australian Services Union (SA & NT)
  • Julia Banks: Spend one week on Newstart or resign!
    In Australia, the Newstart Allowance is $350 per fortnight below the poverty line. It has not been increased in 24 years. It is the lowest unemployment benefit payment in the OECD. The latest data shows that there are only three rental properties affordable to the 855,000 Australians collecting Newstart. According to the Salvation Army, after housing costs it is estimated that unemployed workers only have $17 per day, The Business Council of Australia, Deloitte Access Economics, and even former Liberal Prime Minister John Howard, all believe that Newstart should be raised as the payment is so low it becomes a barrier to work. What they don't recognise is that Newstart recipients are not only locked out of the labour market because they can't afford to look for work, they are also locked out cause there is not enough to go around. The latest ABS data shows that on average there are 15 jobseekers competing for every job. For this reason, the average period spent on Newstart is over 4 years. And yet despite this, Julia Banks - who has a base salary of $200,000 per year and owns 6 investment properties - stated that she could live on Newstart. When we went to her office to ask her how, she locked the doors. As an Member of Parliament, Julia Banks should be fixing this crisis, not kicking the unemployed while they are down. Well its time to put up or shut up, Julia. Live on Newstart for one week or resign.
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    Created by Wil Stracke
  • For-profit aged care providers are putting profits before their responsibility to care
    Aged care residents receive one and a half hours less care than they should, every day. Yet there are no rules to ensure the $2.17 Billion in government subsidies given to for-profit aged care companies is spent directly on their care. Proof of government funding being directly spent on care for residents needs to be mandated as a pre-requisite to receiving a taxpayer funding. It’s time to make aged care operators accountable for how they spend billions of dollars of taxpayer money.
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  • Change the Rules on Workplace Discrimination
    The Victorian Pride Lobby has been fighting for LGBTIQA+ rights for decades. We believe that no worker should face the sack for coming out at work. But under current laws there over 200,000 jobs in Australia - including at least 38,564 jobs in Victoria alone - that a worker can be fired from if they come out. These include teachers, school staff, doctors and health workers. May*, a lesbian woman, was employed by a Christian welfare agency for two years when she was asked to resign after they found out about her relationship with her partner. She told the Lobby: “I resigned and fell apart after having served that community for years. The fall out also meant I had to leave my church community. All of this resulted in mental health challenges, isolation, loss of faith, friends, purpose... I can’t express the devastating impact being asked to resign due to my sexuality had on my life. I lost everything - my vocation, faith, community - and had to rebuild myself from a very broken place.” Workers like May deserve job security and fair rights at work. Our political leaders must commit to amending the Fair Work Act to protect workers like May from workplace discrimination. * Name changed in order to protect privacy
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  • Stand Up for All Workers - Dump Maltzahn
    For decades Kathleen Maltzahn has spearheaded anti-sex work activism, including the founding of Project Respect - a group that lobbies to extend police powers over sex workers, widely condemned by unions and workers. Maltzahn will again contest the 2018 state election to be held in November this year, despite failed campaigns in 2010 and 2014. Her platform includes implementation of regressive laws that would expose sex workers to police raids and violate their safety at work. Maltzahn’s radical policy agenda is championed by the far right within the Victorian Liberal party and supported by the Australian Christian Lobby. Maltzahn stands completely at odds with member-endorsed Greens policy, which has long called for an end to the criminalisation of consensual adult sex work - a policy endorsed by the United Nations, Amnesty International, the World Health Organisation and workers rights groups across the world. Recently Maltzahn was asked whether, if elected, she would vote with the Liberals on this issue. She refused to answer. When Maltzahn was asked by the ABC what she would do if this came before her in parliament, she stated, “I would vote with my conscience which would put me in conflict with my party.” The same conservative groups that support her stance on this are calling to scrap transgender rights, ditch the Safe Schools program, ban sex education in schools and gut funding for LGBTIQ health programs. How can we trust Maltzahn to stand up for the issues we all care about if she holds the balance of power in state parliament?
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    Created by Mitzi McKenzie-King
  • Sacked for requesting fair pay!
    Hospo workers are too often exploited. We work without breaks, we're not treated with respect and our wages are stolen. I stood up to my employer and was fired for exercising my rights! Businesses like BARRY get away with this kind of behaviour too often. I'm calling on the Fair Work Ombudsman to conduct a full audit of BARRY and order repayment of wages to past and present staff. Send a clear message that it's time to take wage theft off the menu.
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    Created by Anna Langford
  • Carinity: Show You Care
    As an outreach of the Queensland Baptists, Carinity claims to “provide communities of care, compassion and respect” to those in need, yet is failing to provide any of these things to its staff – Carinity doesn’t seem to care. Carinity’s cuts to the working conditions of teachers and school support staff will put them behind their counterparts in other Queensland schools and create second-tier teachers in the state but Carinity doesn’t seem to care. Carinity’s cuts would reduce superannuation provisions for its largely female workforce putting their financial futures at risk but Carinity doesn’t seem to care. Carinity’s cuts would deny its staff access to community standard leave provisions including paid Domestic Violence Leave – an area that Carinity works in and claims to care about yet when it comes to its own workers facing such devastating circumstances, Carinity doesn’t seem to care. Carinity’s cuts would mean its students’ teachers are worse off despite Carinity publicly emphasising the extra support their students, many from disadvantaged backgrounds, are given by school staff but Carinity doesn’t seem to care.
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    Created by Independent Education Union Qld & NT Picture
  • Sorry means you don't do it again
    • The number of Indigenous children taken from their families has doubled in the decade since the 2008 apology to the Stolen Generations. Less than 35 per cent of these children are placed with their Aboriginal family. • Funding continues to be directed to removing children. There is no serious investment in early intervention that help keep families together, or to meet the unmet needs for housing, employment and other basic services, the root cause of the “neglect” that leads many children to be removed. • Once kids are removed families struggle to get them back, with little support provided and a system biased against return. Current reforms are placing children in foster care until they are 18 years old almost immediately and there is a further push to ease restrictions on adoption.
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    Created by After the Apology
  • Stop the Liberal attacks on the LGBTIQA+ Community
    As a trans male this not only affects me but the whole LGBTIQA+ community. When will the Liberals understand that we are just people? We are your neighbours, friends and family members. We have jobs, we study and pay taxes just like everyone else. Together we fought so hard for the YES vote, now we need to come together again to protect future generations. Bullying, harassment and suicide rates have sky rocketed from this kind of treatment. What we do and teach affects the generations to come. Is this really where we want to be in 2018? Don't let the Liberals send us backwards. The Liberals need to stop putting us back in the closet! We're here, we're queer and we are here to stay. You can read more about the anti-transgender motions being put forward here: http://junkee.com/victorian-liberals-transgender-proposals/154540
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    Created by Malaki