• Forget the survey - Save Medicare!
    Health care is a universal right and should be about patient care, not profit. The Ministers' survey is a smokescreen designed to push for further privatisation and erosion of Medicare. We will all suffer if health care becomes a race to the bottom only focused on the bottom line.
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  • Hey, no GST hike!
    The Turnbull Government is proposing a GST hike to as high as 15%. This will hurt ordinary working people with families - particularly those on lower and middle incomes. The GST is a "regressive" tax - that is, it taxes a pensioner at the same rate as a multi-millionaire. That just doesn't make sense with inequality on the rise. Meanwhile, Malcolm Turnbull is delivering huge tax-breaks to venture capitalists and wealthy investors. We need a tax system where everyone, including big business pay their fair share. A hike on GST is not the solution!
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  • Stand up for the environment. Stand up for jobs.
    Under a policy that had been in place for five years, all Federal government departments and agencies were required to start using 100% recycled paper this year. This policy was cancelled in the weeks before Tony Abbott was replaced as Prime Minister. Over the last few years, Australian Paper have invested in new recycling technology that allows 100% recycled paper to be made locally in Australia. This policy decision will cost thousands of jobs, will be bad for the industry, and will be harmful to the environment. We call on Malcolm Turnbull to reverse this decision and ensure all Government paper is 100% recycled.
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  • Fund Melbourne Metro!
    The Victorian Government has promised to invest in the Melbourne Metro Rail tunnel, which will benefit commuters as well as creating over 4,000 jobs in Victoria. But this critical infrastructure investment depends on federal funding, and the federal Liberal Government has previously refused to back new rail projects. Victoria needs shovel-ready jobs, and the Metro Rail Tunnel is an important infrastructure project for Melbourne. We call on Malcolm Turnbull to invest in jobs for Victorians and support the Melbourne Metro Rail Project!
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  • Trade justice for Pacific Island nations
    Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Island Countries are currently negotiating a regional free trade agreement: PACER Plus. The PACER+ is another in a line of secret trade agreements that push a trade liberalisation agenda and promote the rights of corporations over people. Australian Unions have come together against CHAFTA and the TPP to call for trade deals that are balanced, support jobs, protect the rights of working people and promote a healthy environment. The PACER+ agreement will disproportionately affect Pacific Island nations. It will: - Give unprecedented rights to corporations Pacific governments will face restrictions on their regulation of foreign businesses. They will not be able to regulate to keep prices low, or ensure that services are available to everyone in the community. - Undermine access to essential services PACER+ will require Pacific countries to 'list' service sectors (including health, education, and water), allowing Australian and NZ companies to compete to provide these services in the Pacific. This will undermine access to services (especially for vulnerable people, like the unemployed or the rural poor) - Lead to a loss in public services like health and education PACER+ is calling on Pacific nations to drop tariffs on imported goods. This will result in a significant loss of government revenue - up to 19% in Tonga, 18% in Vanuatu, and 12% in Samoa. This loss in revenue is more than their total health or education budgets. - Lead to business closures and job losses Remoteness, small economies of scale and lack of human resources make it difficult for Pacific businesses to engage in global markets. Opening Pacific markets up to Australian and New Zealand corporations may wipe out Pacific businesses due difficulties in competing with their cheaper prices. - Undermine indigenous rights to land Land is central to indigenous people's spiritual and economic life. The removal of restrictions on ownership of land by foreign companies and investors will impact on Pacific communities' ability to determine their own economic future. (Source: Union Aid Abroad - APHEDA)
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  • Don't support freezing public health workers' pay
    Cassy O’Connor has said she supports a wage freeze for public sector workers, including hospital workers. RHH cleaners have gone above and beyond over last few months keeping people safe. They work in the heart of Cassy O’Connor’s electorate, Clark, and most live in the electorate too. They don’t understand why Cassy O’Connor and the Greens want to freeze their wages. In real terms, that amounts to a wage cut. Cleaners are calling on Cassy to change her position and support them, by allowing them to have the wage increase that the government agreed to. The agreements were negotiated in good faith and should be honoured. Health and community services workers deserve a pay rise that keeps up with the increases to their cost of living.
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  • Restoring fairness to injured workers
    At the end of the 2017-18, 18,519 workers have an active work cover claim in Victoria. 25 % of these claims are complex workover claims by workers who are not able to return to work and face multiple and cumulative adverse impacts, including ongoing financial strain, family tensions, subsequent health concerns, and adverse employment experiences. My name is Vasalia Govender, and I would like your help to change the workover system for injured workers. Our WorkCover system requires an overhaul, at least in its validation of injured workers claims and the unnecessary delays in finalising applications for compensation. Injured workers must receive early assistance to apply for work cover claims and treatment to aid a triumphant return to work.
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  • Give ACT catering workers portable long service leave
    Catering work has been seriously impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, with established workers taking their entitlements in order to keep themselves and businesses afloat. Catering workers should not be further robbed of their hard earned leave by structural factors of the industry. The portable long service leave scheme enables that accrued leave to travel between employer when workers stay in an industry but change employer.
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  • Don't hand public road maintenance to the private sector
    South Australians deserve safe public roads. If the maintenance of our roads, traffic signals, level crossings and street lighting is privatised, safety will be at serious risk, and will result in more costs to taxpayers. Public servants working in the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) have decades of experience in maintaining our public roads -- there is no logical reason to hand what is a key government responsibility to the private sector, which is renowned for cutting corners to increase profits. There are hundreds of publicly managed roads around in South Australia. Privatisation will lead to reduced quality roads -- slower turnaround time for repairs to malfunctioning traffic lights and signals, a deterioration of road quality, particularly in regional areas, and a loss of industry expertise. Private companies are only interested in generating profits for shareholders. This means any workers who are employed by the new private provider will eventually suffer reductions in wages and conditions. The Public Service Association is opposed to privatisation, which always costs the community more at the expense of quality services. We ask you to tell Premier Marshall to end his government's ideological obsession with privatisation and to start investing in our public services, not cutting them.
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  • Bus Driver Safety Screens must be fitted to every TransLink urban bus
    The issue of bus driver assaults is not new, it has been going on for years. In Queensland for the past 10 years the issue has been researched, debated and reviewed and the need for public transport buses to be fitted with bus driver safety screens clearly identified in the 2017 Bus Driver Safety Review. Queensland public transport is administered by the government department of Transport and Main Roads under the TransLink banner. TMR/TransLink awards contracts to bus operators and it fully funds the cost of providing these services and provides funds for the purchase of buses used in these contracts. The Bus Driver Safety Review identified the need for bus driver safety screens to be fitted to urban buses under the TransLink banner. All new buses purchased by TransLink contractors must be fitted with bus driver safety screens. It will take another 21 years for the entire fleet of buses under the TransLink banner to be replaced with buses fitted with driver safety screens. Therefore, for another 21 years bus drivers working for contractors under the TransLink banner will be at risk of assault because they will be driving a bus that is not fitted with a driver safety screen. I am asking for your assistance to petition the Queensland Government to fully fund the cost of retrofitting the entire TransLink branded bus fleet.
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  • Protect our rights for representation
    This is a fundamental workplace right and shows a clear lack of care for staff to ignore and erode workers rights during this time of crisis whilst hundred of Deakin staff are made redundant.
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  • Student Teachers Acting Against LANTITE Campaign
    Literacy and Numeracy Test for Initial Education Students [LANTITE] and the administration of LANTITE. We can understand your frustration given Education and the COVID-19 pandemic; We believe you can understand and appreciate our frustration in regard to the LANTITE and our inability to graduate. As a result, we implore you for your support in removing the Literacy and Numeracy Test for Initial Education Students (LANTITE) administered by ACER. There are currently a number of petitions to abolish LANTITE in Australia. In total there are 7,854 signatures. This number continues to grow. The removal of LANTITE now, more than ever, is imperative due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its devastating effects on both the Australian economy and Education sector specifically. As a result of these unprecedented times, testing centres are closed and the students only option is to sit the LANTITE test online, for the foreseeable future. As the online version of LANTITE is run by an overseas company (U.S), spaces are limited and the majority of education students are being left without access or alternatives, forced out of their degree and are having their degree’s withheld from them. This is stopping thousands of pre-service teachers from entering the profession, progressing in their education degrees, graduating, and registering. This will not only stop people from graduating and entering the field this year but also delay students in graduating for years to come. These students have successfully completed the units in their degrees, as well as professional practise in the form of placements. Throughout degrees and placements, the importance of literacy and numeracy is highlighted, and students are graded on their abilities to successfully implement these areas in their teaching. According to the Australian Education Union, we are facing a federal teacher shortage. In fact, the NSW Secondary Principals Council President Craig Peterson has stated that this year such a shortage will be “critical”. When you add the comments of Prime Minister Scott Morrison “We need more people working" (2020). The ramifications of the LANTITE become crystal clear. It must be made clear that a standardised test will never successfully measure the quality of an education student. This is why teachers use multiple modes of assessment. Pre-service teachers’ abilities are assessed throughout their degrees and practicums, and as such the need for LANTITE is not valid. It is time for a new way to measure teacher quality. We teachers are constantly participating in professional development to further our understanding and knowledge to better our teaching and student learning and engagement. For four years now, universities across Australia have decided who graduates and who does not which is purely based on the universities individual implementation of LANTITE. There needs to be a blanket effect when it comes to graduating students, that being allowing students to graduate without sitting the test and as a result, not leaving them with a HECS debt of $40,000 or more. Robbery. There are thousands of qualified, competent teachers who are prevented from graduating and being employed due to LANTITE. These individuals should be teaching, allowing them to graduate and gain teacher registration. This will allow them to seek employment which will not only help the critical teacher shortage being felt across Australia but will also give the economy a much-needed boost in a time where Australia’s unemployment is at a level never seen before. Below is a list of demands that we are making along with the participants and supporters of the petitions and petition to come. • The removal of LANTITE in its entirety. • The removal of LANTITE during COVID-19 based on the critical teacher shortage and the fact that ACER cannot keep up with the testing demand via ProctorU. • Unlimited attempts of the LANTITE in conjunction with point (2 &4) • To allow all students Nationally to graduate without the LANTITE. It will provide students with the choice to participate in the LANTITE or use their degree for other avenues of study or employment. • All students who began their degree prior to July 2016 to be exempt from the LANTITE. No student was informed of the LANTITE prior to entering leaving them with a HECS debt of $40,000.00 or more, with no degree and the inability to pay the debt they incurred for a degree they have not received. We implore you to support the removal of LANTITE. In doing so, you will be contributing and assisting Australia’s economic return through this pandemic as well as ensuring that our children continue to have access to quality teachers.
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