• Fifo workers deserve a vote.
    The rosters for the 15,000 workers on these projects mean that early voting and postal voting options are inadequate and severely limit the ability to exercise democratic rights to vote. In many cases voting is impossible. We believe the WAEC must fulfil its mandate to maximise voter participation and enable us to exercise our democratic right to cast our vote in the same way that other members of the community can. We therefore call on the WAEC to provide voting booths on Barrow Island (Gorgon) and the Wheatstone Project workers’ camps as an urgent priority for the WA election.
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  • Building and Construction workers say No to Fortnightly and Monthly Pay!
    Faceless Bosses in our industry are trying to change the Construction Award and Joinery Award to give them the right to pay workers monthly or fortnightly. They also support bosses being given 7 days to pay money due after termination. The right to be paid our wages every week and within 2 days of termination has been an award right for construction workers for decades, and we want to keep it. As building and construction workers we are engaged on a daily or weekly hire basis and this makes it critically important that our pay cycle reflects the way we work in this industry. Those weeks when you work the long hours you can also run up extra spending. We deserve to have our pay reflect our work and the nature of our industry. We have also seen too many building companies go belly-up. We just don’t want bosses holding onto OUR MONEY.
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