• Australians Deserve Affordable Childcare
    My name is Will and I lost my job while my child was in childcare, it was extremely difficult. Wasn't able to pay bills, buy anything else - it was really hard. I don't want anyone else to go through the same thing.
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    Created by Jack, Will, Brad, Tim, Moira and McManus
  • Pay Aged Care Workers Fairly
    During the pandemic aged care workers had to look after some of the most vulnerable and at risk people in our community. They deserve better pay and permanent roles to prevent them from having to work across multiple work sites.
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    Created by Ruby Marshall
  • Better ballance of power in tenant-agency relationship through more engaged enforcement of RTA 2010
    It is in everybody's interest that government agencies do not passively side with private organisations to support, or encourage, lawless behaviour. but to proactively enforce the laws that are in place for good reasons. We all, landlords included, pay our taxes, in the hope to live a society that is not lawless thanks to the passivity or inertia of government agencies.
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    Created by Branko Bulovic
  • Stop contracting out our jobs
    Contractors to Queensland Rail provide a valuable contribution, but we would rather see them in QR shirts and in permanent employment.  Job insecurity leaves workers and families in the lurch and means they're unable to plan for the future and lead happy and healthy lives. The RTBU will always fight for permanent jobs in our industry.
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    Created by Peter Allen Picture
    As residents we are entitled to safe roads.
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    Created by David Cook
  • Safe Space for PoC at UTS!
    There is a high population of students from a variety of ethnic and migrant backgrounds who deserve a safe space to feel supported and validated in their time on campus. In 2020, UTS had 46,382 students enrolled and of those students, 13,963 were international students, 47% of students spoke languages other than English at home and 48% were born outside of Australia. Experiences of racial discrimination are common among students of colour, however, only 300 complaints have been reported to the Centre for Social Justice and Inclusion entirely with an even smaller amount of these complaints being relevant to racial discrimination. The equity complaint sector itself is a relatively new sector with minimal data and offering students a space to explore the options available to them is important. The introduction of a safe space for the Ethnocultural Collective would allow students of colour the chance and space to discuss, dissect and reflect on their experiences by connecting with other students who face similar barriers and difficulties. This would also allow space for students of colour to raise awareness among students and pointing them towards processes of resolve in the face of discrimination and utilise the complaint system that is currently existent, but not particularly accessible. Urging the need for an allocated room and therefore Ethnocultural safe space, is the University Senior Executives’ plans for the “phased reactivation” of campus, as quoted in Andrew Parfitt, Provost and Senior Vice-President’s email sent to students on Monday the 11th of October 2021. With the reactivation and reopening of campus, comes the obligation of UTS Senior Executive to fast-track the bureaucratic process, and align the Ethnocultural safe space’s establishment with the return of students to campus. An Ethnocultural safe space would improve the campus experience for students of colour by firstly cultivating an active, ‘sticky campus’; but also filling the gaps that the university’s formal complaints processes aren’t able to address for students of Colour. Ultimately, a safe space would give students an outlet to express frustrations and anxieties of systemic and interpersonal racism, resulting in improved student wellbeing.
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    Created by UTS Ethnocultural Collective Picture
    Workers deserve fair wages and conditions are working throughout the pandemic.
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    Created by United Workers Union Picture
  • Pension fund disappearance
    We were as pensioners never to be a burden o the welfare system, now politicians make us look like a drain on society, We have paid for over 50 years towards our retirement. Class action is the next step, over a million pensioners to back Me up.
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    Created by Steve Roberts
    Alone we can do little Together we can do so much This is a fight for Coles Meat members and to secure security for our future generation of workers.
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    Created by AMIEU NSW Branch
  • Just Transition
    • According to the Global Climate Risk Index 2020, between 1999 and 2018, Bangladesh ranked seventh in the countries worst affected by extreme weather events. Of the top seven countries, only Myanmar and the Philippines suffered a bigger death toll than low-lying Bangladesh. • Workers have the right to participate in all the aspects of Just Transition processes. Nobody can represent the interests of workers better than workers themselves and their trade union organizations. Trade unions are called to participate actively in these national follow-up and review processes on the Just Transition with a view to promote and defend workers’ rights as well as the interests of the poorest in society.
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    Created by Mostafa Kamal
  • Call for Corona vaccine for everyone
    Because it is a basic human rights.
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    Created by Yoko Morikawa
  • Compensation to essential workers
    The essential workers are forced to work risking their life. We all have been applauding their work by words of appreciation but they need reasonable compensation for their work. It will keep them more encouraged to work that is important at this stage as they are saviours of the people.
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    Created by Rajendra Acharya