• Hey, do our thing!: Jenny Aitchison
    Because we're passionate about it! Yours sincerely,
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  • Hey, do our thing!: Brad Somebody
    Because we're passionate about it!
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  • Grant International Students Opal Concessions!
    NSW is the only state across Australia that does not offer international students concession opal cards. To prevent them from accessing concession opal cards as full-time fee paying students prevents them from treated as students and also places several limitations on their ability to freely travel around NSW. International students have played a significant role in upholding the economic backbone of NSW through the pandemic and it is important to treat them as more than cash cows.
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  • Remove the cap on International Student working hours
    International students have worked through the harsh lockdown periods in the earlier years of the COVID-19 pandemic and demonstrated that we care about the Australian communities we are a part of. We deserve to have greater opportunities for our selfless contributions and be part of new exciting ventures that help grow, recover and stabilise the Australian economy.
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  • Living wage during teaching placements
    Financial strain, which jumps 600% during placement periods (Smith et al., 2018), is one of the leading drivers of preservice teacher drop outs. Not because these teachers are poor at the job, nor that they do not enjoy the work or the high workload, but purely because they cannot financially sustain themselves for weeks without pay. During a teacher shortage, this is a broken system. Furthermore, there should not be an education system that only allows for those who are financially viable to succeed, especially in a sector that so desperately needs new staff. Let's fix this now! Support the AEU Preservice Teacher Association members in our fight for preservice teacher payment by signing below. Join our Facebook page to assist in the campaign here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/635367530941019
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    Created by AEU/IEU Preservice Association
  • Qld Rail needs a firm but fair approach to AOD safety
    Workers at Queensland Rail can return a positive result of 0.001%, so low that many machines could not detect it, and lose their job. They don’t take into account any other factors that will affect a result, including cough medicine, asthma puffers, mouth wash, tooth paste, energy drinks, lip balm or hand sanitiser. The tests they use are only required to be calibrated once a year, with an accepted margin of error of 400%, which they ignore. These machines are likely to return a false positive and can be heavily affected by environmental factor like high voltage electrical disturbances and shock and vibration. These machines are not the gold standard, and that's why there must be a common sense approach in the assessment of any results. Queensland Rail currently has no interest in supporting workers, only punishing them and under their current practice they have zero discretion in ultra-low range readings other than to sack them.
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  • Support RTBU Newcastle Bus Drivers
    Newcastle bus drivers need your help. Newcastle’s private bus operator, Keolis Downer, doesn’t think these essential workers deserve pay rises that will keep up with the rising cost of living. Keolis Downer has offered drivers a meagre 10.5% pay increase over four years, despite inflation looking set to hit 7% just by the end of this year. Following a four hour strike on June 3rd, management told workers if they wanted extra pay they could work Sundays. Newcastle bus drivers just want to have their pay keep up with the cost of living and to be able to afford to live in the city they work in. Yet Keolis Downer refuses to accept RTBU’s very reasonable request of a 7% pay rise over 2 years. Continuing the fight, drivers went on strike for 24 hours yesterday and have turned off ticketing machines indefinitely. Now we need your help to support these essential workers. Sign the petition now to call on Keolis Downer to meet RTBU's demands!
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    Created by Courtney Hardwick
  • Help Disadvantaged kids
    Because there are less advantaged then we are and just because we take it for granted how lucky we are, there are people around the world who are less advantaged and dream of our lives
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  • Urgent Special General Meeting Request
    There is diverse opinion, inequality & an under representation from the member community at Yawa. Including a lack of transparency, communication and ultimately inclusion in the decision making process that stands to impact the YAWA members and their families.
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    Created by Jo Murphy
  • Rostering.
    * We believe the conduct of rostering staff is disrespectful to staff. * Failure by rostering to answer phone calls and lack of replies to emails is not acceptable, and disrespectful. * They should do the job they are paid to do. * Christmas is less than 7 months away, and we need to make sure the leave approval process for Christmas is fair for everyone.
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    Created by Mohammed Abdillahi
  • Workers Need a 5.5% Pay Rise
    Recent ABS Wage Price Index (WPI) data showed that wages have only grown on average by 2.4% for the year to March, well short of the 5.1 per cent increase in the CPI over the same period. This means real wages have actually fallen 2.5 per cent in the past 12 months. The WPI Index data is worse than projected in the Federal Budget and follows almost a decade of record low wage growth. Only a 5.5% increase will give workers a pay rise in real terms, relieving the pressures of the massive rise in cost of living that Australians are facing.
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    Created by Professionals Australia
  • Give Jenny a Break! FREE CHILDCARE
    Free childcare evens the playing field for all children’s wellbeing. Quality childcare for working parents should not be a luxury. If Scott Morrison’s government makes childcare free, all children will be able to looked after, and all parents will be able to get back to work in their own time, and continue with their career goals, whilst earning enough to support their young ones.
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    Created by Georgia Symons