• Students and Community Support UTAS Staff
    Staff at the University care deeply about the students they teach and support. But difficult conditions, insecure work (including casual contracts without student consultation hours), excessive workloads and salaries which cut the real pay of staff make it difficult to deliver quality teaching and student experiences. It is not too late. Management can still avoid high-impact industrial action by making positive steps to finalise a single, high-quality staff agreement for all staff. As students, future alumni, and members of the University of Tasmania community, we need your support to show that staff working conditions are student learning conditions.
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    Created by NTEU Tasmanian Division
    Retail and fast food workers perform a very important role for the community. Very often they live long distances from work across suburbs and have no choice but to drive to work. Traditionally in the majority of cases parking at work has been free for retail and fast food workers. Recently Southland has announced plans charge workers for parking. Southland workers could be forced to fork out up to $1300 a year extra. This is a cost retail and fast food workers cannot afford and do not deserve. There is also a health and safety risk if workers must park a long distance away at night. We call upon the Victorian Government to amend planning laws to require shopping centre owners to provide free and safe parking for retail and fast food workers at their centres. The SDA stands with workers against unfair parking charges.
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  • Save Secure Jobs in Tasmania!
    Edith Creek workers and their families deserve to know whether they will have secure jobs for 2018 before Christmas. While Murray Goulburn is working through what its future looks like, workers at Edith Creek have already been told they are not part of that future. To give Edith Creek workers security and hope going forward it’s important that Murray Goulburn sell the factory site and equipment to a new owner committed to continuing dairy manufacturing and secure jobs in the region.
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  • Support Fair Pay for Pharmacists
    The community relies on pharmacists, yet too often the respect, recognition and reward for this important work flow away from those who actually do it. We are committed to advocating on behalf of employee pharmacists so that they are heard by government and industry. The Fair Pay for Pharmacist case is an initiative by Professional Pharmacists Australia, the association and union for non-owner community pharmacists.
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    Created by Justin McKee
  • Be Fair Bupa: put resident care, staffing levels and nurses’ and carers’ wages before profits
    We are the nurses and carers who work in Bupa’s Victorian nursing homes. Bupa is a multi-national company, making multi-million dollar profits, with 26 nursing homes across Victoria. Bupa aged care nurses have made the difficult decision to take protected industrial action because we feel stretched and undervalued. Australian nursing homes are given funding for staff and wages. Yet, we find ourselves fighting for both. We’re asking Bupa for better staffing levels and skill mix (that’s the number of nurses and carers allocated to a number of residents each full shift) so we can improve resident care. We love caring for people who can no longer live at home. Many residents have multiple conditions, diseases and comorbidities and have very high complex nursing needs. Some need palliative care. Most require help with personal care needs. It’s intense, intimate and rewarding work. But it’s very hard to do our jobs well without enough staff. We’re also paid thousands of dollars less each year than our colleagues doing the same work. We’re asking for a wage increase that reflects the rising cost of living and that matches Bupa’s competitor nursing home groups such as Arcare, BlueCross, Royal Freemasons and AGSAG. Please sign our petition and tell Bupa to value, recognise and reward the people who care for elderly Victorians. Authorised Paul Gilbert, Acting Secretary, Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (Victorian Branch), October 2017.
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    Created by ANMF (Vic Branch)
  • Amazon workers deserve jobs they can count on
    Amazon is coming. We expect Amazon will be open for business in Australia on October 31 and we need to make sure that, from day one, Amazon workers have a job they can count on with fair wages and conditions.
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  • Don't pinch our public holiday
    Hardworking people need time off now and then. The Grand Final Eve Public Holiday is a day to spend with family and friends and celebrate Victoria's love of football. For the last 3 years record numbers have attended the Grand Final parade, spent the weekend in regional areas or simply enjoyed quality time with family and friends. Melbourne is the sporting capital of the world and what better time to spend with loved ones than the day before the Grand Final of the national game. Victoria is not just an economy, we are also a society.
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    Created by Felicity, footy fan
    My name is Robert Byrne and I'm an employee at PPG paints. Every year my workmates and I make PPG paint a lot of money, which has made them very rich and successful. We have been breaking production records but now that we're bargaining for our new Agreement PPG has decided to use their success and money to try and take money and conditions from us. Instead of negotiating with us fairly, PPG have decided to lock us out. That’s why I’ve started this petition to show PPG that denying workers the right to work is unfair and in bad spirit. Stand with us and show your support by signing this petition now. I believe that every worker should be able to enjoy a fair work/life balance to spend quality time with their family - that’s all that we are asking for. This heartless action by PPG means my family is missing out on my essential income. PPG is a multi-million dollar company - they should be bargaining in good faith, not denying our families their bread at the table. Together, we can send a powerful message to PPG: Stop the bully- boy tactics, look us in the eye and negotiate – that’s what any reasonable employer would do. Sign our petition to show your support!
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    Created by Robert Byrne
  • Council must retain home care services
    Council-run home care enables those in need to live independently at home for as long possible. Being able to retain a sense of independence is so important for mental and emotional health. Our ageing relatives, friends and neighbours deserve to retain the quality care they get from our highly trained Council workers.
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  • Stop The Cashless Welfare Debit Card coming to Hinkler Hervey Bay-Bundaberg
    The people of the Hinkler region ( Hervey Bay-Bundaberg) are feeling threatened , scared and worried for their financial futures and inclusion in our communities. Our population of people on legal eligible centrelink payments across the board, from youth allowance, newstart, dsp, carers etc should not be feeling like they are being excluded from our society and fear losing their sense of self. The insults that we cannot manage our funds, that we are all drunks, druggies and pedos are unjust and not true. People cannot be held responsible for gov't failures to create sufficient jobs and training for people who are isolated and are limited in their prospects. People with addictions need the funding put back into the services that have been removed and treated under the health system, not pushed onto a fantasy card that is being touted as the cure all for all of social ills, at the same time the mantra being pushed that only people on centrelink suffer those ills! Common sense is to provide help to those who need it, and not allow the privatisation of our Social Security sector to a private corp, ready to make big $$ off of the backs of our battlers. The added costs to the tax payer per person per year could be better spent in inclusive public service funding, not a punitive, segregating punishing, dehumanising boot being put down on people who have committed no crime. Australian citizens deserve to feel safe from their own gov't The current gov't is attempting to split our citizens into segments who are judged by their circumstance as to what level their citizenship counts for them. People on Centrelink payments are not "lessor" people just because they receive their rightful payments. Workers who cannot access enough hours are not lessor citizens, and current workers should not be placed in situations where they accept lessor protections at work, in order to stay employed in fear of , if they lose their jobs they will be on the card ! This card threatens our small business, markets and public events . Tourism cannot support these regions alone and the "cash flow" that circulates through our regions economies keeps people going, it keeps our centrelink recipients from becoming destitute, as they have access to secondhand items, cars, and are able to pay their cash rents. We have a large amount of older workers doing their mutual obligations, free labour hours to receive their payments, our younger out of work workers are also doing their work for the dole, part time work and studies, The cashless welfare debit card will completely destroy people on so many levels and we don't have the mental health services to cope with the loss of self and autonomy. This is not how any gov't should be treating any of it's citizens. The card does not care what colour your skin is, your religion, or your circumstance, it is about profits for private business. Indue Terms and Conditions show no mention of any persons health, mental health or general well being, it only has terms and conditions that remove peoples' right to privacy, contract and consent laws, it is about control. If the gov't was serious about helping people overall, they would lift the amounts of centrelink payments to make sure people can keep up with the modern costs of living and provide the health services that all of our community should have access too. The moral of the people is important to how a country works, removing the worth of so many and then the media and the gov't backing of the media "welfare bashing" is causing a great deal of distress across the country as whole. We in the Hinkler region want JOBS not CARD ! Training and PAID work for able bodied people, for older out of work workers and DSP need to be treated with respect too, Dignity NOT Poverty. The card will segregate people and cause more than just financial difficulties for recipients . Stop the Card!
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    Created by Kathryn Wilkes
  • Stop Hate Speech Against Unemployed
    It is the worse time in Australia's post-war history to be unemployed, yet the government and the media continue to blame the unemployed. It is clear that the problem is the system (of which mainstream media is a part) which is upheld by the politicians. The focus needs to be on them, not the unemployed. Politicians and media need to be held to account. Where are the jobs? What are the government doing about the Newstart rate which is $380 per fortnight below the poverty line? What are the politicians doing about the disaster of work for the dole, cashless welfare, job search agencies, drug testing and so on. They profit, while the unemployed suffer. Sign this petition and demand the unemployed are given a voice!
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    Created by Australian Unemployed Workers Union
  • Care for the public sector doctors that care for our community
    Doctors have a duty to make patients their first concern. Providing the best patient care relies on having access to specialist trained doctors. Sadly, patient care continues to be compromised by the State Government’s position on doctors’ workloads, staffing and professional development. Amidst a backdrop of constant change, driven by politics rather than patient care, the Government now wants to cut pay and are refusing the security of a new work agreement for doctors. In the end, it’s the patients who suffer.
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