• Send Cathy McGowan a message - Stand up for penalty rates
    Independant Member for Indi, Cathy McGowan, likes to pretend she's a friend of workers. She likes to pretend she stands up for decent wages and conditions, and that she's different from the Liberals. In the coming weeks, she has a chance to put her money where her mouth is. There are members of the Coalition likely to cross the floor and Cathy will be a deciding vote. She can choose to protect penalty rates or she can choose to slash the wages of 700,000 Australians. Cuts to penalty rates can be stopped if people like Cathy McGowan do the right thing.
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    Tasmania’s salmon industry supports 5,000 jobs across the state – and most are in regional areas where jobs are already hard to come by. The Salmon industry has the potential to support many more local Tassie families, if it has the support of government. Demand for seafood will more than double over the next 15 years, which is a huge opportunity for our state. Tasmania produces environmentally sustainable salmon, employing unionised workers with quality jobs. But all this is at risk, if politicians give in to the anti-fish fanatics – it could mean thousands of Tasmanians will lose their livelihoods. Too much is at stake. Send this letter to the Tasmanian Premier to show your support for keeping Salmon jobs in Tassie.
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  • Dump Element5/Vcon - Victoria's worst builder
    Victorians deserve quality housing that is built by companies that care about the quality and safety of their job site. Element5/Vcon routinely put people's lives at risk by cutting corners on basic health and safety precautions like fall protection. Fall protection is mandated by Victorian law but Element5/Vcon persist in ignoring the law and cutting corners on health and safety. The result is that 104 serious incidents have occured in the last year and a worker was killed by a fall on an Element5/Vcon work site. Who wants to live in a home built on the mangled and dead bodies of Victorian workers? That's how Element5/Vcon operate, and that's what developers who use Element5/Vcon sell. Is that the home you want to buy?
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  • Deliver Stage 2 of the ACT Light Rail
    Stage 1 of the Light Rail project has provided workers with some of the best pay and conditions in the ACT. Many workers believed this project would provide years of work, but this Government has not made your job security its priority. Stage 2 is years away at the current rate but by early next year, layoffs are going to begin and the project is due to finish in March of 2018. Without a commitment from the Government to act, many workers will be looking for a new job, just before Christmas. It is no secret that the CFMEU members campaigned for and delivered Stage 1 and will do the same to deliver Stage 2. Our petition will be presented to the Chief Minister, Andrew Barr to show that there are real lives and real families depending on this job. Sign the petition to help secure your job!
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  • Don't discount wages!
    Thousands of Australians rely on the advice and support of professional pharmacists every single day. Pharmacists work weekends because illness can strike at any time. They shouldn’t be punished because they put the health of the community first. Plus, the Chemist Warehouse Group is very successful, it sells $4 billion worth of medicines, vitamins and beauty products each year, so why not pay staff fairly?
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  • Save regional Dairy jobs!
    Murray Goulburn’s proposal to close factories in Kiewa and Rochester, and also Edith Creek in Tasmania, and lay off more than 300 workers will have devastating effects on workers, families and regional communities. The proposal has been justified on the basis of wiping farmers’ debt. However, the farmers’ debts resulted from bad, short term decision making by the previous CEO and board of Murray Goulburn. Regional workers and families should not have to bear the brunt of Murray Goulburn’s mistakes. It is disingenuous to claim Murray Goulburn is helping farmers while devastating regional communities. Once again Murray Goulburn appears to be making short sighted decisions. While the decision to close sites may offer short term relief to Murray Goulburn, it will have long term damaging implications for regional communities, the dairy industry and farmers. I call on the Victorian Government to urgently convene a meeting with Murray Goulburn, the NUW and other stakeholders where the full and long term effects of this proposal can be discussed and alternative proposals considered. I call on Murray Goulburn to support the regional communities that have supported you for years, and commit to attending and participating in the meeting.
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  • Hands Off Penalty Rates
    I’m Selina and I work at my local club in Queensland. At the moment I still get penalty rates, which helps pay my rent and put food on the table. But on July 28 Clubs Australia made a submission to the Fair Work commission to axe our Clubs Award and move club workers and managers onto the hospitality award, where penalty rates have already been cut. My husband and I are trying to save for IVF. But penalty rate cuts will make it even harder to put a little bit aside each week so we can reach our dream of starting a family. https://youtu.be/LzSP4EYQz20 Losing penalty rates will make life a lot harder for us. It’s a pay cut I can’t afford and I don't deserve. Keeping the Clubs Award means maintaining weekend rates for clubs workers as well as the safety net of pay and conditions for club managers and staff, from the person pouring your beer, to chefs, waiters, ops and duty managers. Clubs hold a special place in our communities. They provide good local jobs, are run by members, and put profits back into the community. We need to stand together to say “Clubs Australia, we want to keep the Clubs Award and protect the penalty rates, pay and conditions of clubs workers and managers”.
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  • No Offshoring at Westpac Lockleys Broker Partnership Unit (BPU)
    Every Westpac employee contributed to the bank achieving $7.45 billion profit last year. Westpac can afford to invest in Australian jobs and skills. That’s the way to support Australia!
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  • Send an SOS to Asahi
    A secure, permanent job in regional Australia means a lot. It means you can apply for a home loan, start a family, send the kids to university or just plan a holiday once in a while. A secure permanent job in regional Australia means you can put down roots and start planning a future. In fact, secure, permanent jobs are essential for regional communities to survive and flourish. The Albury-Wodonga community embraced multi-national Asahi setting up a factory in their region three years ago. But now, over 50 % of workers at Asahi in Albury-Wodonga are still stuck in insecure casual work. Many of these casual workers have been loyal to Asahi for over two years. It is time for Asahi to show some loyalty back to these workers and to the Albury-Wodonga community by providing 40 workers with permanent jobs. Workers at the Asahi factory in Albury-Wodonga are currently negotiating their new workplace agreement. Casual workers at Asahi want to live with less stress and want to feel valued at work. That's why a key claim in negotiations is 40 new permanent jobs for casual workers at Asahi. You can support them by sending a letter to the Asahi Group CEO in Japan to help build support for these regional workers. When casual workers were asked how a permanent job would improve their lives, they said: “I could apply for a home loan”, “start a family”, “put kids through university” or just “go on a family holiday”. A permanent job means you are “valued at work” and “less stressed” at home. Importantly, a permanent job will allow workers to put down roots and start planning a future in Albury-Wodonga. Use this message to send your letter. You might want to personalise the letter; maybe you live in the region, or you have also experienced casual work, maybe you know one of the workers - there may be a number of reasons that this is important to you - add your own message and let Asahi headquarters know why they should ensure 40 new permanent jobs in Albury-Wodonga.
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  • Respect is the rule: stop rampant sexual harassment in hospitality!
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEJMSOPGBqY&feature=youtu.be I’m Cass, and I’m a bartender. I love my job - but some of my experiences over the last six years working in hospitality have made me feel powerless, vulnerable and simply terrified. When I was 14 working at a cafe, my boss used to corner me and smack my arse. His excuse? “Oh, the kitchen is small.” When I worked as a bartender, my boss tried to make a $100 bet on what colour underwear I was wearing. Another time a customer tried to pay me $400 for sex. That customer came in everyday after work and would harass me - and my boss did nothing because “they’re good drinkers”. These are just a few of my stories, but I know this kind of disgusting harassment is widespread in our industry. For thousands of us, this is a regular part of our working lives - and it’s got to stop. Together, we can send a powerful message to the hospitality industry: we’re human beings, and we deserve respect. Sign our pledge and share it with your friends.
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    Created by Sorcha Harrop, bartender
  • Stop the wage theft of school cleaners
    I am one of thousands of school cleaners in Victoria. We’re proud of our hard work keeping our schools clean and bright for the students, teachers and parents of Victoria. We are already some of the lowest paid workers in the state. We have families and lives too. We don’t deserve this kind of treatment. We deserve respect, and good secure jobs. Please stand with us and ask Premier Andrews to do the right thing by your school cleaners.
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  • 10 years overdue - Portable Long Service Leave for SACS workers
    SACS workers deliver services aimed at helping family violence survivors, providing help to people with alcohol and drug issues, as well as working to help youth in residential care and individuals overcoming mental health problems, among many other services. It is a sector that is underfunded, where the demand for services is endless and in which we are responsible for the well-being of the most vulnerable Victorians. Despite the importance of our work, the pay is low, there are few promotional opportunities and we deal daily with the stresses contact with clients in personal crisis inevitably brings. The State Government has commissioned a feasibility study to look into a portable long service leave scheme for social and community service workers. This government has the opportunity to make our lives a little bit easier. Please add your name in support of our campaign that will care for the carers.
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