• Stop exploitation of food-delivery riders!
    It's not good enough. We work hard and are entitled to fair pay and proper working conditions. We deserve the conditions and protections that Australian workers have worked hard for. Working as a delivery rider for Deliveroo was precarious. They offer no job security, no sick pay, no paid holidays and no superannuation. Insurance can be expensive and conditions unsafe. A recent survey by the Young Workers Centre found that 3/4 riders are earning below the minimum wage, almost half of riders have been injured at work and for many riders this is their full-time job. Riders are required to be responsible for their own insurance. This means that if workers are injured they will have to pay any medical costs and will not receive any pay while you are unable to work. For workers here on a visa, it is unlikely travel insurance will cover an injury sustained while working. There's no compensation if you get hurt and you can be out of work for months if you have a crash. The bigger the petition is, the stronger the message we can send: we need to change the rules so food-delivery riders get a fair go.
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  • Shut Down Work for the Dole
    Work for the Dole is dangerous. In 2016 alone, reported Work for the Dole injuries increased five-fold. According to an Ernst and Young audit commissioned by the government, 64% of Work For The Dole activities do not even meet basic safety standards. Rather than reining this dangerous program in, last month the Morrison government decided to significantly expand it. Knowing full well of the risks involved, the LNP are still sending more and more Australians like Josh to perform free labour at hazardous sites. Treasurer Fyrdenberg, how can you and your government possibly allow this deadly scheme to continue? When it poses such a threat to the lives of all participants, how can you keep burying your heads in the sand and proclaim Work for the Dole a success? So far, the LNP have refused more than a dozen parliamentary requests to release the report into Josh's death. Treasurer Fyrdenberg, why does your government continue to deny these requests? What are you and your colleagues hiding? Two-and-a-half years after their tragic loss, Josh's grieving family and friends continue to wait for answers. It's time they were given the justice, and piece of mind, they so rightly deserve. It's time to shut down this dangerous program once and for all - before it tears another family apart.
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  • Reinstate Aaron! Sacked by email 2 days before Christmas Eve! Rand Pty Ltd. No piece of cake!
    Aaron loves his partner and 3 young children; A job he can count on means fair pay & respect for union rights! Rand Pty Ltd stores most frozen bread, cakes, and even the garlic bread you buy at Coles & Woolies Australia-wide. Aaron and his co-workers have been bargaining for a new national pay deal, but Rand wants them to take a pay cut, so HR sacked Aaron at midday today, by email! Sign the petition and share it with ya mates! Let's get Rand to reinstate Aaron ASAP! Yours in unity National Union of Workers
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  • End the four year pay freeze for Department of Immigration and Border Protection workers
    The four year pay freeze has devastated workers at DIBP, with many heading into Christmas struggling to make ends meet. They work incredibly hard protecting our community from guns, drugs and terrorism and they deserve respect and fairness at work. "God knows how much longer we can hold out, we have already raided the kid’s education fund…I have to find ways to cut our living expenses even more in an effort to pay them back in the next 4-5 years whilst trying to pay the mortgage. So much for well supported and valued staff." - Worker at Department of Immigration and Border Protection Michaelia Cash has been attempting to slash the rights, pay and conditions of DIBP workers for years. The case is currently before the Fair Work Commission in arbitration which is a long and complex process. The Commonwealth has the power to issue a determination raising employee’s wages at any time. Instead the Turnbull Government chose to instruct their Legal Counsel to argue against the Full Bench making an interim wage rise. This is a heartless and unnecessary intervention from the Commonwealth. We are asking that newly appointed Minister O’Dwyer ensures fairness and acts to have Government provide an interim pay rise.
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  • Make industrial manslaughter a crime
    For more than 20 years, I've been attending sites where a worker has been killed. I've carried bodies out, cleaned up blood and consoled work mates. I've seen grown men in uncontrollable fits of tears and families devastated at unnecessary funerals. And what makes it unbearable is that every one of these deaths was preventable. If more had been done, these men would still be alive and their families would still be together. If there were significant consequences for big corporations that kill workers, then our workplaces would be safer.  The good news is that there are ways to make our work sites safer. That's why I've started this petition, calling on Daniel Andrews to introduce Industrial Manslaughter laws here in Victoria. Laws that would punish big corporations where they have been negligent and force them to take safety seriously. They send a clear message to corporations that their negligence can kill. By holding negligent employers to account, these laws will make our workplaces safer. Queensland, the ACT, the UK and Canada are ahead of Victoria, with laws that mean negligent corporations and senior managers can be charged over the death of an employee. 26 people have been killed at work in the last year in Victoria. One death is too many and it's time for action. It's not good enough that corporations and their senior officers can negligently cause the death of a worker and evade justice. If you or someone you know has been affected by a workplace injury or death and feel distressed by the content on this page, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14.
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  • Scrap the Cap
    Tasmanian public sector workers deliver opportunity, protection and improve the lives of our whole community. But to have services you can count on, public sector workers need jobs they can count on. Tasmanians, like other Australians, need a decent pay rise. Even the Reserve Bank is encouraging workers to demand higher wages. To do this we are asking the Tasmanian Premier, Will Hodgman, to Scrap the Cap, negotiate in good faith and make sure public sector wages and conditions are provided for in future budgets. Bargaining is how generations of workers have built the jobs, wages and living standards most of us rely on today. This doesn't happen when governments decide wages outcomes before negotiations begin.
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    Created by Tom Lynch
  • Young people need real jobs, not rip-off gigs!
    First, they gave us the PaTH program. Then, while Australia was celebrating a YES result in the marriage equality plebiscite, Social Services Minister Christian Porter was sneaking through a new policy that will see young people end up in insecure, short-term "gig" work. “Y4Y Youth Force” is this government’s latest attack on young people. This new policy will see young people who are looking for secure, long-term work shoved into the gig economy. According to the Government's own fact sheet, young people engaged through "Y4Y Youth Force" can find themselves doing all kinds of work, from gardening to deliveries, catering to hospitality, and even child minding - all without being able to access the minimum wages, penalty rates, superannuation, and WorkCover that they'd be legally entitled to outside of the gig economy. The gig economy isn’t the answer for young people who are struggling to find work. We deserve real solutions, real training, and a real investment in our future. We don’t deserve to be cast off into insecure, short-term “gigs”.
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  • Michaelia Cash Must Resign
    The raid on the AWU last year was an outrageous abuse of power, an attack on democracy, and a waste of taxpayers money. After spending days denying her office had anything to do with the AFP raids into AWU offices in Sydney and Melbourne, Michaelia Cash was caught out. A staffer of the employment minister resigned after admitting to speaking to the media before the raids took place. Cash is now refusing to answer any questions about the incident in estimates. Earlier this year, she hid behind a whiteboard rather than facing the Australian public. Cash needs to take responsibility and stand aside. She's go to go. Turnbull must go. This government must go.
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    Created by Anthony H
  • Take Wage Theft Off The Menu. Make It A Criminal Offence
    Stealing is wrong. Yet every year hundreds of thousands of hospo workers in Australia are robbed. We are victims of wage theft. Wage theft, where companies deliberately underpay workers or refuse to pay superannuation, is also hurting people working in retail, farms and fast food. If workers stole from the till, we could go to jail. But if bosses steal from us, all they have to do is pay it back, if they’re ever caught. How is that fair? The rules are broken. The current laws make wage theft too easy and the punishment is too light. It’s now so common it’s become a business model. Venue owners right now are getting rich by stealing from their staff. WE NEED TO CHANGE THE RULES Prime Minister, if you are serious about upholding the law, make wage theft a criminal offence and introduce much bigger fines. We need to hold companies to account for their theft.
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    Created by Sorcha, bartender
  • USyd: Stop promoting Charles Waterstreet's jobs to students
    These allegations follow those launched against Harvey Weinstein in the US by numerous women in the entertainment industry, and the #metoo campaign on social media, which highlights the pervasiveness of sexual harassment and assault. For young women in particular, sexualisation, harassment and objectification are all too common. Sexual harassment in the workplace isn't just harmless flirting - it is an issue of fair working conditions. The Wom*n’s Collective stands with women who have experienced harassment and assault, whether at work, at university, on the street, or in the home.
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    Created by University of Sydney Women's Collective
  • Macquarie Uni Station Closing - Keep MQ Connected
    Closing Macquarie University Station will create a public transport nightmare for the University and the broader Macquarie Park area, as there is a high reliance on rail, too few campus parking options and typically a major traffic gridlock on Epping road during peak hours. Don’t let the NSW Government leave us in the dark about the Macquarie University Station closure. Sign the petition today.
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    Created by National Tertiary Education Union NSW
  • Keep Michaelia Cash out of our unions
    The Turnbull Government have been running a smear campaign against your union using all the same old dirty tricks and dodgy outlets. They don’t like us because workers are calling out the Turnbull government for failing to address inequality, failing to protect penalty rates, failing to lift wages and failing to create good steady jobs. Turnbull and Cash want to give themselves the power to be able to say who runs your union. They want to stop unions providing training to members about rights at work, how to get a pay rise or how to keep our workplaces safe. They want to put big banks in charge of your super. Attacks on unions hurt working people and make inequality worse. We must defeat these anti-union laws. Sign and share this petition to tell Michaelia Cash to keep out of our unions.
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    Created by Australian Unions