• Fight the Flinders Restructures!
    It is crucial we fight against these course cuts to maintain crucial academics and prevent further cuts to our education. We’ve seen that cuts can be stopped to Italian and other courses if we fight back. These cuts not only affect flinders staff and students but the broader community. Sign this petition and share it far and wide
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    Created by FUSA Student Council
  • Reject the Deprofessionalising Parental Rights Bill
    Within the last 18 months, teachers in NSW have had to monumentally shift how they approach their practice, with COVID leading to a change in how their work is done. This is why the consideration of the Education Legislation Amendment (Parental Rights) Bill is most deprofessionalising for school staff across NSW. Fundamentally, this Bill is an attack on the professionalism and deep knowledge and skills possessed by NSW teachers and support staff, and is a distraction from the key work of teaching and learning undertaken in NSW.
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    Created by Marco Cimino
  • Permanent visas for all refugees now
    Refugee communities who arrived by boat up to 10 years ago are still generally ineligible for permanent protection. This group must instead rely on temporary protection visas (TPV) or Safe Haven Enterprise Visas (SHEV) and constantly re-apply after every 3 or 5 years respectively. The differential treatment of refugees by the way we came to Australia to seek safety is not only out of step with the Refugee Convention, but also has life-changing consequences for people for whom Australia is now our only home. It means constant uncertainty about the future, lack of access to essential services and support, and indefinite separation from family not in Australia. These consequences unnecessarily create a cycle of disadvantage and also contribute to higher levels of stress, anxiety and depression. It’s past time to recognise all refugees as respected members of the community and enable us to fully participate in Australian society.
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    Created by Hassan Jaber
  • Don't leave workers exposed
    The Workplace Exposure Standard for Welding Fumes is a general exposure standard that sets the upper limit of exposure a workplace can have for welding fumes. It's a critically important tool to keep workers safe as welding fume is a known carcinogen and can also cause serious illness such as lung damage and emphysema. Everyone deserves to be safe at work. Unfortunately, Australian exposure standards already lag behind many other countries; removing them all together puts workers at greater risk.
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  • Smart Badge Petition
    We ask Primary Connect to commit to a memorandum of understanding with United Workers Union that includes: - An appropriate storage facility will be located at the turnstiles of each DC so that we don’t have to take smart badges home with us. - The smart badges will not be used to manage performance of team members. - No disciplinary action will be taken against a worker for loss or damage of the device unless proven to be deliberate and malicious. - A worker will not be charged the replacement cost of the smart badge under any circumstances. - Primary Connect will not hold or store any data gathered from the devices after required contact tracing has occurred. Once contact tracing has occurred, the business will delete the data and inform the relevant team members in writing. - Once a state or local area is no longer in a State of Emergency, Primary Connect will stop directing workers to wear the smart badges.
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    Created by Louise Dillon
    Without these health workers, the public health system would come to a grinding halt. It's not enough to call them heroes. These workers need an annual $500 COVID retention bonus in recognition of their drastically increased workload. It's the least the Victorian Government can do. Sign this petition. Join the campaign to recognise the hard work of Victoria's non-clinical public hospital workers. The Victorian Government needs to show it values these workers.
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  • Australia needs a Federal Integrity Commission. Now!
    Sports rorts. Special visas for au pairs for a Minister. Media tip-offs of police raised. Watergate. Grassgate. Car-park funding rorts. Expenses rorts. Fast-tracked grants to Foxtel. Special tickets to the Trump White House. Falsified documents. Since 2014, the Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison Government has faced scandal after scandal. The Australian public expect and deserve no less than transparency and accountability from their Government. It is not an unreasonable expectation, yet the Australian people have been let down by Scott Morrison time and time again.
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  • Tax avoidance and evasion costs Australia $50 billion each year
    The mega-wealthy should pay the same average rates of tax as everyday Australians, but the Morrison Government has failed to change bad laws that offer incentives and loopholes for mega-millionaires to reduce their tax to less than the average rates. The end result is that when mega-millionaires and billionaires use these tax loopholes, it costs billions of dollars each year. Tax avoidance is not a victimless crime. This is money that could fund hospitals, schools and job-creating infrastructure.
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    Created by Australian Unions
  • Don’t Cut Emergency Payments for Australian Workers
    This decision by the Morrison Government will mean that many families are forced onto the totally inadequate Job Seeker rate of just $45 per day. Cutting off emergency payments will leave working people unable to pay rent, power bills, or buy goods and services from local businesses. We need Scott Morrison to realise that hurting workers won’t heal the economy.
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  • Tell Sydney Trains To Stop Targeting Our Delegates
    Our elected representatives need to have the ability to represent us, the members, free of harassment and the threat of disciplinary hanging over their heads like the hangman's noose. The actions displayed from Sydney Trains set a terrible precedent and will impede the movement's ability to bargain into the future due to workplace delegates being in fear of the employment.
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    Created by Scarlett Bellette
  • Secure Jobs for Custodial Officers
    We are Care and Custodial officers who work for contractor Ventia under the Department of Justice (“DoJ”) Court Security and Custodial Services (“CS&CS”) contract. Some of us have worked in this role for 20 years and have not once received long service leave. The contract constantly changes providers and has been mismanaged since it was privatised by the Department of Justice in 2000. We work in a challenging role and a risky environment, transporting persons in custody to hospitals and keeping a watch on persons in custody who have left the prisons for the day, for whatever reason. The contract in its form is simply unsustainable. We deal with a high turnover of staff, untrained guards (often subcontractors the company uses to keep costs down), low morale, and low paid, insecure, casualized jobs. After being stonewalled on two occasions by the company and the Fair Work Commission when we tried to take protected industrial action, we are calling for the WA State Government to bring the contract back in house and provide us with safe, secure and reliable jobs we can count on.
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  • If you really care about our mental health, LISTEN TO WORKERS!
    We need urgent action to improve wages and conditions in the market and social research industry. If we win, our victory will reverberate across the sector and lift hundreds of workers out of precarity and the constant stress and anxiety that comes with it. By joining together, we can help make our voices heard and win the action that is urgently needed. Check out our list of demands and sign and share this petition to send a message to the industry that we’re united and ready to fight.
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    Created by Sam Davis