• No plebiscite - equality is union business
    Union members work hard every day to end discrimination in Australian workplaces but we cannot win that fight until we end discrimination in all Australian laws. That includes the law that currently bans same-sex couples from getting married. This civil law was changed in 2004 to deny loving and committed same-sex couples marriage equality. And just as politicians did in 2004, the Turnbull Government should now put this to a free vote in Parliament without resorting to a costly, divisive plebiscite the outcome of which they have already said they will not be bound by. They should also not change our anti-discrimination laws to allow people and companies to refuse to do business with same-sex couples, as is proposed.
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  • Pay up! Honour entitlements to dismissed Timorese security workers
    Eduardo Belo is the owner of Gardarmor Security. He is also the biggest private sector employer in East Timor. Despite a recent article in the Nikkei Asian Review promoting his rise to ‘top business man in East Timor’, Belo has recently overseen the dismissal of over 100 Timorese security workers at Gardamor Security. Workers are angry that East Timor’s top businessman - who runs one of the most profitable private companies – has sacked these workers without paying them their entitlements. The General Workers Union of Timor Leste (SJT-TL) has turned to the Australian union movement for solidarity. We need your help: tell Eduardo Belo to honour his commitments to his security workers under Timorese labour law. We care about workers’ rights and support the General Workers Union of Timor Leste in their pursuit of compensation for these workers. Please sign and share to demand Eduardo Belo pays workers their entitlements.
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  • Don't celebrate screwing over injured workers
    Insurance companies offer their staff financial incentives if they can figure out a way to avoid paying for injured workers' costs. They celebrate "wins" when they can deny -- or delay -- workers compensation. They even hold an awards ceremony each year to celebrate their success. But while they celebrate, injured workers are contemplating suicide. Insurance agents are dealing in human misery. We need to stop rewarding them for it. I lost my arm and was almost killed while working on a crusher at work. I had to break my own arm and use the broken bone to rip my arm off, in order to save my life. But that was still not as bad as the process of trying to get my insurance claim sorted. If you're seriously injured at work, you don't want the person assessing your compensation claim to get a cash bonus and a prize to turn you down. But that's what's happening. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SdZ0IOvlag&feature=youtu.be
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    Created by Ged Wilkie
  • Respect us, not replace us.
    We are the cleaners at 469 La Trobe Street. Between us, we have decades of experience keeping your building clean and safe. But we’ve just been told that we are out of a job because the new cleaning company Elite Property care wants to replace us. Questions for the building manager? If you’ve got more to say, send your concerns to the building manager, CBRE, via Peter Starsunn, National Operations Manager at peter.starsunn@cbre.com.au.
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    Created by Cleaners at 469 La Trobe Street
  • DV leave for all University Staff
    Submissions made to the Royal Commission report into Family Violence, delivered in March this year reinforced that paid leave rights and other arrangements for people experiencing domestic or family violence are crucial in terms of both reporting and recovery. People employed casually experience intimate partner or family violence too. Workers in precarious employment already have fewer protections. Of course, the casual loading does not consider this form of leave. It is self-evident that domestic and family violence paid leave rights should be extended to all staff of all Victorian universities.
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    Created by NTEU Victoria
  • Equal Pay for Equal Play
    I'm a lifelong Bulldogs fan and I'm so excited for the new professional women's AFL league, but by offering such measly pay rates for women players, the AFL is preventing women from training and playing as equal professionals. While rookie male players can live off their wages, rookie women will have to work another job. I want the league to support the women players the way any employer should: by providing a safe working environment and decent wages and conditions. Paying a women’s team playing list of 26 players the AFL’s minimum for a rookie would cost just under $1.5 million dollars per season, or just 14.5% of the current total player payment for the men’s teams. These women will be role models: The AFL should show that they value women players by paying professional wages, and protecting the players from being chewed up and spat out if they are injured.
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  • Open letter: Academics and university staff say ‘Let SCA stay’!
    According to the leaked University draft change proposal, jewellery, ceramics, and glassmaking will be scrapped, and 60 per cent of jobs will be cut. The University has closed enrolments for the Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA) for 2017, and is proposing to move all SCA students into ‘transitional’ spaces on the main campus. This threatens the future of the historic campus at Callan Park. Arts, and arts education, are an invalueable part of any humane and progressive society. The University is not in financial trouble, as the recent construction of the $180m new Business Building attests. The University could fund SCA. Instead, they have decided to prioritise courses that can attract high enrolments, fees, and sponsorship. The expertise and opinions of staff and students have been ignored as the University pursues a top-down managerial approach over a collegial one. In an affront to academic freedom, staff have been told they risk disciplinary procedures if they speak out for their jobs and their students. Sadly, situations like this are too common in the higher education sector, where, in an environment of economic rationalisation, secure employment and educational quality are under threat. It is heartening to see the protests and community opposition by students at SCA, and their determined occupation of the University administration building. We believe that this is more than a fight for one art school, but a fight for the future of higher education.
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    Created by Amy Thomas, University of Technology, Sydney
  • Properly fund Tasmanian Public Services
    We need investment in our public services so they can strengthen our Tasmanian communities. Services like: • Our hospitals, which care for the sick and get them back on their feet; • Our Parks & Wildlife Service, which protects our world-renowned environment; • TasTAFE, which build the skills Tasmania needs; and • Legal Aid, which keeps us safe and turn lives around. Cuts have undermined the services that generations of Tasmanians have built. Sign the petition and tell Premier Will Hodgman to invest in the services you need.
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    Created by Tom Lynch
  • Crown Melbourne: your profits are built on our sacrifices
    We call on Crown to support United Voice Casino Union members’ proposal for a weekend night shift allowance. We also call on Crown to agree to support their push for fair annual pay increases and greater job security.
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    Created by Benny Fong
  • Stop stealing money from Working Holiday Makers!
    We are Eden and Ula. We came to Australia on Working Holiday Visas. We wanted to travel this beautiful country, have new experiences, make new friends and work along the way to help pay for our trip. We loved Australia so much that we wanted to stay for a second year and saw a regional job going at a zucchini farm in Bowen, Queensland through a labour hire contractor called AZIT. We had to fill out many forms and there were lots of conditions for us to be employed as casual labourers. We also had to pay the contractor $800 each before we could start work. The work never came. The contractor gave excuses about the weather. When we decided to look elsewhere for work, we asked for our money back. The contractor refused and told us we could take him to Fair Work. Now, with the help of our union the NUW, we are campaigning to get our money back and put an end to dodgy labour hire contractors ripping off workers. AZIT exploited the fact that we didn't have a good understanding of workplace rights in Australia and now has stolen hundreds of dollars. How many others have they stolen money from? We are taking a stand for all workers who are exploited in Australia. Workers should join the union and the campaign to stop the rip offs, wage theft and exploitation.
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  • End exploitation at Subway!
    https://youtu.be/UolcRec2Ezs I've worked for two different bosses at Subway - but it's the same experience every time. Wage theft. Unpaid training. Bullying. And I know that there are thousands of other young workers right around Australia just like me. Young workers who are being paid at less than the Award rate, working overtime for no pay, facing intimidation and threats from franchisees, and being expected to complete the official Subway training program "Subway University" in our own time. When I tried to report this wage theft to Subway's head office, I was told that there was nothing they could do. But that's a lie. Subway's head office has a responsibility to make sure the people it permits to run businesses under it's brand are not exploiting workers. This isn't just one "bad egg" franchisee. This is systematic. Subway needs to take responsibility for this mess.
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  • Reinstate sacked CUB workers
    In an outrageous act of corporate greed, 55 CUB workers were terminated without notice and then offered a take-it-or-leave-it non-union deal with a 65 per cent reduction in monetary entitlements and cuts to most of their hard-won conditions. The Abbotsford CUB brewery makes huge profits producing leading brands like VB, Crown Lager, Melbourne Bitter, Carlton Dry, Pure Blond and Strongbow. It’s shameful that CUB workers are paying a price for being union and doing their job well, while SAB Miller (CUB's parent company) made $4.4 billion in profits this year and is currently part of the biggest ever corporate takeover in the history of the global beer industry. We need your support to call on CUB to reinstate the workers and end their shameful anti-worker, anti-union tactics.
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