• We want our public hospitals in NSW to remain PUBLIC!
    Health care is a universal right and should be about patient care. A private operator will have to generate profit. That can only be achieved by underpaying or reducing staff and scrimping on services. Ultimately it’s the patients that suffer. If it's the choice between treating a private patient or one on Medicare we all know who misses out. We want to ensure our hospitals remain in public hands for the benefit of everyone. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFTflWk8h5Q
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  • Protect Disability Care
    What is the government doing? The Victorian Labor Government has announced an Expression of Interest (EOI) process for the provision of the Victorian public disability services. Taking the next step toward privatisation of the sector. The Labor Government’s privatisation agenda is a breach of the Labor Party platform, and a broken election promise. What does this mean for workers? There are currently over 5000 public disability workers who are already very low paid, privatising these jobs will see wages cut by up to 30% and huge cuts to conditions and a loss of job security. The disability workforce is dominated by hard working women, who have fought for many years to win important protections offered by the public sector EBA. What does this mean for people with a disability who live in public services? This will mean that current residents of Victorian public disability services will HAVE NO CHOICE but to be moved into the private/not for profit sector, where there is a higher turn around of staff, much less supervision, less support and less funding. The private/ngo sector at a glance: No EBAs Award wages No minimum shift length No minimum hours required in permanent contracts Minimum maternity leave provisions No EBA Health and Safety protections No discipline processes No family violence leave No recognition of qualifications No career structures
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  • More parking for RPA hospital staff!
    Our health workers are the backbone of our hospital system but changes to staff parking at RPA is making it harder for employees to get to work every day to provide the excellent service we are all used to. NSW Health has caused chaos for staff by implementing changes to car parks that are already heavily used by hospital users, university students and those who use local businesses. It’s bad enough that NSW Health is slugging the public with exorbitant parking fees, but now they want to push staff out so they can raise even more revenue. Instead of trying to rip off the public with huge parking fees, Jillian Skinner should be finding ways to support long-suffering employees. We are calling on the Baird Government to instruct the Local Health District to reverse its unfair parking decision. It is clear that this is another mean decision from a government that puts dollars and budgets before patients and staff.
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  • Forget the survey - Save Medicare!
    Health care is a universal right and should be about patient care, not profit. The Ministers' survey is a smokescreen designed to push for further privatisation and erosion of Medicare. We will all suffer if health care becomes a race to the bottom only focused on the bottom line.
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