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    When properly funded, student unions can be both staunch advocates for young people and providers of essential services that many students depend on. As food insecurity continues to grow among young people, student unions can oversee subsidised canteens and free breakfasts. They can provide legal services, physical and mental health clinics, and support services. Since student unions are democratically run by students, they are also best placed to manage clubs and societies. They know university is about more than the classroom, and can deliver the student experience many of us have missed due to the pandemic. At the same time, student unions can continue their tradition of being an important political space, organising grassroots campaigns for things like climate justice, LGBT rights and free education. However, active and dynamic student unions are impossible without the proper funding, and across Australia, universities have been systematically underfunding student spaces for years. In 2006, the Howard Government outlawed Universal Student Unionism (USU), where students were required to join their student union and pay a membership fee. This change decimated funding for student unions and caused many student organisations to fold. In 2012, the Federal Labor Government introduced the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) to mitigate the damage to student unions. SSAF is like USU in that students are forced to pay the fee, however importantly, this money no longer goes directly to student-controlled organisations. Instead, the university charges it and has no obligation to fund student unions. Today the vast majority of funding for student unions comes from SSAF revenue, however, universities have made it clear that they are fully prepared to reduce or fully withdraw funding on a whim. Without financial independence, their ability to fight for student interests is systematically undermined. Under threat of reduced funding, our organisations are told that a stable relationship between the student union and the university is vital. As in, don’t make trouble, don’t cause scenes, don’t do anything to ruin our relationship with management because we can’t afford it. This system is an easy fix - the current legislation can be amended to mandate that all SSAF funds be directed to democratic student unions. Students pay these fees. So students, not university management, should decide what they are spent on.
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  • Priority RATs for Tasmanian Transport Workers
    The TWU has received an alarming number of reports from drivers and transport workers who are isolating because they are symptomatic or have identified as close contacts. In addition, we’ve had similar discussions with employers. These essential workers are unable to access PCR testing stations, or test themselves due to shortages of Rapid Antigen Tests. They remain in isolation and symptomatic for up to seven days without access to testing kits. This has resulted in severe driver and labour shortages, and dwindling stock in supermarkets and throughout the supply chain. With the rising infections, and without priority access to Rapid Antigen Tests, this situation will be catastrophic for the industry, associated industries and the public at large.
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  • Urgent action and support for ECC, educators and parents of under 5 to protect them from COVID
    Children are vulnerable and need to be protected not only with their current health but also future health. COVID is disruptive to ECC and parents and both require financial support. If the government does not provide this support you will see people leave jobs and ECC settings which will have ramifications on tax revenue and impact many small businesses. Women have been disproportionately been impacted in this situation from both the ECC which had a large female demographic to working mothers taking on a disproportionate load when keeping children home in addition to continue working from home for over 2 years.
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  • Stop contracting out our jobs
    Contractors to Queensland Rail provide a valuable contribution, but we would rather see them in QR shirts and in permanent employment.  Job insecurity leaves workers and families in the lurch and means they're unable to plan for the future and lead happy and healthy lives. The RTBU will always fight for permanent jobs in our industry.
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    As residents we are entitled to safe roads.
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    Workers deserve fair wages and conditions are working throughout the pandemic.
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  • Pension fund disappearance
    We were as pensioners never to be a burden o the welfare system, now politicians make us look like a drain on society, We have paid for over 50 years towards our retirement. Class action is the next step, over a million pensioners to back Me up.
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    Alone we can do little Together we can do so much This is a fight for Coles Meat members and to secure security for our future generation of workers.
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  • Just Transition
    • According to the Global Climate Risk Index 2020, between 1999 and 2018, Bangladesh ranked seventh in the countries worst affected by extreme weather events. Of the top seven countries, only Myanmar and the Philippines suffered a bigger death toll than low-lying Bangladesh. • Workers have the right to participate in all the aspects of Just Transition processes. Nobody can represent the interests of workers better than workers themselves and their trade union organizations. Trade unions are called to participate actively in these national follow-up and review processes on the Just Transition with a view to promote and defend workers’ rights as well as the interests of the poorest in society.
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    Created by Mostafa Kamal
  • Call for Corona vaccine for everyone
    Because it is a basic human rights.
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  • Compensation to essential workers
    The essential workers are forced to work risking their life. We all have been applauding their work by words of appreciation but they need reasonable compensation for their work. It will keep them more encouraged to work that is important at this stage as they are saviours of the people.
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    The governemnt has given relief packages and tax benefits to businesses to tide over this crisis period. Free food grains are distributed through public distribution systems and a small relief was given to people under poverty line in direct benefit transfer. But what about the workers? The workers in urban areas have no money to pay the rent or school fees for their children. Paid leave for COVID 19 affected workers will ensure that their families do not go hungry during the breadwinners illness. It is important to have proper nourishing food to recover from COVID 19. If the wages during the COVID 19 illness are not paid then not only the worker but his/her family members will be victims of the pandemic. It is to ensure food on the plates for the family that we demand Paid Leave for COVID 19 Affected Workers.
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    Created by Anjali Bedekar