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    Created by Hannah Smith
  • Lockdown relief for SA workers
    My name is Luna Voelcker-Sala. I am a casual worker in the hospitality industry. As a result of the recently announced lockdown for South Australia, I have lost all of my shifts and all my income for (at least) the next 7 days. Yes, important measures have been taken to protect the public's health, but financial support for unemployed workers should be at the heart of these measures. I am fortunate enough to be living at home with a family that can support me, but there are so many others that need to pay rent, alongside groceries, medicine, personal bills etc. And I am just one of the thousands of workers that have lost their entire incomes. We all want to keep everyone safe from COVID-19, but us workers need financial relief to make ends meet.
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    Created by Luna Voelcker-Sala
  • Build a Secondary School for Lalor Northern School for Autism
    Ensuring all children get equal access to education, funding, facilities and support. Last years budget committed to Peter Lalor campus (which are two campuses for senior school students and should be covering mainstream and NSA) is not addressing the gaps and substandard facilities available for our children. WHY? Why will my child’s education be of a lesser value than that of Peter Lalor Voc. College
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    Created by Vanessa Hewitt
    International Students, particularly those study offshore have borne the brunt of the pandemic. We have to stand in solidarity with our International Student community, they continue to pay exorbitant tuition fees while the quality of their education is suffering.
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    Created by ISA La Trobe
  • Obviously kick out Nazis Supanova Expo
    Pleas sign the petition where we can through public pressure push to make sure no event in Australia invites nazis to sell merch. I mean we should not have to do this, but we need to
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    Created by Nadia Montague
  • Stop One voice printing hate speech
    Your focus is a barrier to fair education and evidence based information. You promote the dumbing down of any broad opinion and evidenced information with your cheap headlines and nonsense content articles. The Clayton's ‘ I love Victoria ‘ opinions space is just deliberately dumb hate speech opportunities. It’s cheap and an ignorant deliberate poor focus. Is it anarchy you want? Do you want to trump Trump at being irresponsible mob inciters.
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    Created by Mary Ebbott
  • Testa
    It's really important
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    Created by Anthony Smith
  • SRC Pay Up: Workers must not bear the costs of WFH!
    These costs are an additional and wholly unnecessary financial strain on workers who have already been struggling under precarious employment conditions in the midst of a global pandemic. Many staff have made big-ticket purchases of hundreds and even thousands of dollars in order to keep their jobs. Others, with no promise of being reimbursed, have gone without, resulting in many of us working under conditions that cause pain and discomfort and pose risks to our OHS. This has gone on for far too long and it must end now. The COVID-19 pandemic is not an excuse for companies to shift the costs and burdens of employment further onto the individual employee who cannot afford to bear them. Workers have struggled through the past year while the multi-million dollar company we work for has survived and thrived and workload has been higher than ever. This situation is wholly unethical and represents the erosion of our rights as workers and our financial security. Rest assured that call centres around the country are watching what happens now at SRC, and if we sit back and allow them to close our office, make us bear all the costs of our own employment, and not support us or pay us anything, then other workplaces will surely follow suit. It's time to set a strong precedent that we will not be taken advantage of.
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    Created by SRC Staff Picture
  • Did you know...wage theft only became a crime in 2020?
    Despite wage theft being criminalised in September 2020 in Queensland, young people continue to be underpaid and exploited at work. Many young people are unaware of the change to the legislation and also what this means for them when it comes to getting their money back! That's why we think the government and employers need to do more to help young people understand the changes to wage theft legislation and how they can address it.
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    Created by Young Workers Hub Picture
  • Homophobic cruel MP's have no place in local councils
    This week, the Victorian State Government passed a bill through Parliament that made it illegal to try and change or suppress a person's gender identity or sexual orientation. Gay conversion therapy is a harmful practice that can have dire consequences. The therapy can involve forcing people to undergo electric shocks and drink substances to induce vomiting when shown homoerotic images. There are also role-playing exercises where men are forced to do stereotypically 'blokey' things like chatting about football and tinkering with cars, while women are told to wear feminine clothes and apply a full face of makeup. This practice is cruel and bigoted. It is dangerous and unsafe. It is, at it’s very simplest, a violation of human rights and equal opportunity. The practice sends a message to the LGBTIQ+ community that gay isn’t “right” and that therapy will “fix” them. The handful of sitting Members of the Western Metropolitan region in the Legislative Council who voted against this bill should not be considered as dignitaries to Cities like Brimbank, Maribyrnong, Hobsons Bay, Melton, Hume, Wyndham and Moonee Valley; the council areas that make up our Community. As per their adopted policies, defined in the Annual Plans of every one of these councils, creating a safe and inclusive, diverse and proud community is vital to ensuring that everyone can live their own life, as they choose. If these Councils aspire demonstrate strong leadership, promote healthy and inclusive communities, develop strategies to enhance the inclusion and engagement of the LGBTIQA+ community every possible way, and creating welcoming environments, then removing those who promote bigotry and hate from your invitations and ceremonies should be top of their list. I call on each of these Councils to cease spending rate-payers money on hosting these members and to publicly declare that they will not pander to these bigots any longer.
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    Created by Megan Bridger-Darling
  • Health and safety risk of Registered Nurses in Aged care
    For the health and safety of registered nurses in Aged care
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    Created by Ramandeep Dhaliwal
  • Save our breakfast station 92.9
    This is important as there Is a lot of love for the 92.9 breakfast crew.They are the best Crew ever and they should not be ripped apart .Shame on you Southen Cross Media .
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    Created by Anthony Mead