• Qld Rail needs a firm but fair approach to AOD safety
    Workers at Queensland Rail can return a positive result of 0.001%, so low that many machines could not detect it, and lose their job. They don’t take into account any other factors that will affect a result, including cough medicine, asthma puffers, mouth wash, tooth paste, energy drinks, lip balm or hand sanitiser. The tests they use are only required to be calibrated once a year, with an accepted margin of error of 400%, which they ignore. These machines are likely to return a false positive and can be heavily affected by environmental factor like high voltage electrical disturbances and shock and vibration. These machines are not the gold standard, and that's why there must be a common sense approach in the assessment of any results. Queensland Rail currently has no interest in supporting workers, only punishing them and under their current practice they have zero discretion in ultra-low range readings other than to sack them.
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  • Support RTBU Newcastle Bus Drivers
    Newcastle bus drivers need your help. Newcastle’s private bus operator, Keolis Downer, doesn’t think these essential workers deserve pay rises that will keep up with the rising cost of living. Keolis Downer has offered drivers a meagre 10.5% pay increase over four years, despite inflation looking set to hit 7% just by the end of this year. Following a four hour strike on June 3rd, management told workers if they wanted extra pay they could work Sundays. Newcastle bus drivers just want to have their pay keep up with the cost of living and to be able to afford to live in the city they work in. Yet Keolis Downer refuses to accept RTBU’s very reasonable request of a 7% pay rise over 2 years. Continuing the fight, drivers went on strike for 24 hours yesterday and have turned off ticketing machines indefinitely. Now we need your help to support these essential workers. Sign the petition now to call on Keolis Downer to meet RTBU's demands!
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  • Help Disadvantaged kids
    Because there are less advantaged then we are and just because we take it for granted how lucky we are, there are people around the world who are less advantaged and dream of our lives
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  • Urgent Special General Meeting Request
    There is diverse opinion, inequality & an under representation from the member community at Yawa. Including a lack of transparency, communication and ultimately inclusion in the decision making process that stands to impact the YAWA members and their families.
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  • Rostering.
    * We believe the conduct of rostering staff is disrespectful to staff. * Failure by rostering to answer phone calls and lack of replies to emails is not acceptable, and disrespectful. * They should do the job they are paid to do. * Christmas is less than 7 months away, and we need to make sure the leave approval process for Christmas is fair for everyone.
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    Created by Mohammed Abdillahi
  • Workers Need a 5.5% Pay Rise
    Recent ABS Wage Price Index (WPI) data showed that wages have only grown on average by 2.4% for the year to March, well short of the 5.1 per cent increase in the CPI over the same period. This means real wages have actually fallen 2.5 per cent in the past 12 months. The WPI Index data is worse than projected in the Federal Budget and follows almost a decade of record low wage growth. Only a 5.5% increase will give workers a pay rise in real terms, relieving the pressures of the massive rise in cost of living that Australians are facing.
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  • Give Jenny a Break! FREE CHILDCARE
    Free childcare evens the playing field for all children’s wellbeing. Quality childcare for working parents should not be a luxury. If Scott Morrison’s government makes childcare free, all children will be able to looked after, and all parents will be able to get back to work in their own time, and continue with their career goals, whilst earning enough to support their young ones.
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    Created by Georgia Symons
  • Support a new Agreement at ACU
    The quality of the student experience, research outputs, community and industry engagement and campus life is shaped by the conditions under which ACU staff work. By failing to provide an Agreement to ACU staff with the conditions they need, the sustainability of the institution is undermined.
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  • Worksafe Qld investigate Scott Morrison!
    Scott Morrison is a safety risk. The best way to deal with safety risks is to eliminate them. If we cannot get rid of him this election - we need to investigate how to control his danger to workers. Particularly when he has a go at hair washing, blowtorches or hiding signs at press conferences.
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  • Demand the Creation of Roseworthy and Waite Officers!
    In the most recent SRC meeting, the student representatives from Socialist Alternative -- SRC President Ana Obradovic, Education Officer James Wood, Postgraduate Officer Jack Crawford, Environmental Officer Nix Herriot, and General Member Ramon O'Donnell -- collectively made the decision to block the Grassroots motion to better represent students from Roseworthy and Waite by granting both campuses dedicated positions on the SRC. SRC President Ana Obradovic described the problem of a lack of representation from other UoA campuses on the Student Representative Council as an "insignificant" issue. When she was further pressed about the critical mental health crisis currently documented at the Roseworthy Campus, she dismissed the need for a dedicated officer with grounded experience of the crisis as "unimportant." This is a stance that must be condemned as being completely and utterly unacceptable, and that's using polite language because in actuality the stance is nothing short of despicable. The position held by Socialist Alternative reinforces the segregation and detachment felt by students on both campuses and echoes the sentiment of upper management who care little about the students studying on rural campuses. Blocking a motion to further the representation of students at Waite and Roseworthy serves to do nothing but exacerbate the unique challenges that the student bodies of both campuses are facing. To dismiss these students and their need for a voice on the SRC as irrelevant is an absolutely shameful stance to take for a group that supposedly prides itself on championing the cause of student representation. The undersigned hence demand that the elected representatives from Socialist Alternative pass this motion or resign from their positions immediately seeing as they are failing to do their duty in representing student interests.
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  • Externally Review Our Pay Classifications!
    Hard working FTS staff need to be compensated for the range of duties they perform and they deserve to be provided independent evidence that they are being properly paid for the work they are doing. Independence in the Mercer review process is pivotal so FTS staff are confident that they are being compensated for the full range of duties they perform in Ambulance Victoria. FTS staff have waited 6months and can wait no more.
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  • Light up the footpaths & give more accessibility on the NB
    This is important because it’s not safe and people should be able to stand at a bus stop and feel safe. People should be able to walk home from work being able to see the footpath. People should have the right to safely access the footpaths while exercising or walking home. There are not many footpaths on the northern beaches. Many people have to walk on the roads to access the community and get to their destination.
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    Created by Rachael Leah