• No More Mrs! We Want Ms!
    Why is it that a mans marital status is unimportant. They only have Mr, while we have Mrs and Ms. Abolishing Mrs will take women one step closer to achieving the equality they deserve.
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    Created by Kendal Mitchell
  • Reopen the Eaglehawk to Inglewood Rail Line
    This will be a huge boost for rail freight companies and the chance to run extra freight services during grain season. This will also take away extra heavy vehicles on the roads and potentially bring the road toll down. Please take a good time to read this and listen to what the people have to say.
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    Created by Glen Brown
  • Stop the cuts at ANU: NO mass sackings!
    In the VCs financial update forum on the 16th of September on the university's financial position Brian Schmidt was asked Why ANU is cutting nearly as many staff as UNSW when ANU has a smaller workforce and is in a better financial situation. In response, Schmidt said that this is to "reshape ANU in response" to the pandemic and not just to purely cut numbers. Vice-Chancellors always tell us that job losses are necessary though it is always jobs and wages that are the first to be cut, without looking for other means to maintain staff such as borrowing against their assets. The ANU has the financial capital to cover the pandemic-related losses, but they are making the choice not to do this as it will increase financial risk. Students should have a say over what their education looks like. We reject the way that universities are run like businesses, and we think that education should not be for profit. The ANU should not cut staff numbers and erode working conditions to maintain a budget surplus. Education should be for all, not just for the rich.
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    Created by ANU Education Activism Network Picture
  • Slow Down, Open the Books: Don't Put Macquarie University at Risk
    MAJOR CUTS PLANNED: Macquarie University's Vice Chancellor and Executive are drawing up plans to restructure the University. The result will be major cuts to course offerings, cuts to casual staff and a large number of redundancies. We are deeply concerned that such major job losses in the middle of a global recession will not only cause significant hardship, but also compromise Macquarie University's ability to provide quality education for students and world-class research for the Australian community. WORST STUDENT-STAFF RATIOS ALREADY: Macquarie University is already one of the most poorly staffed universities in the world: Macquarie's staff to student ratio is the worst in Australia, and ninth worst (of 1,400) in the entire world [1]. WE ARE WORTH PROTECTING: Despite these workloads, Macquarie is remarkable: in recent weeks we just broke through the top 200 on Times Higher Education rankings [2]. WHY NOT SHOW US THE EVIDENCE? While the university declares a financial emergency, they have also refused independent scrutiny of the university's financial position. DON'T RUSH WHEN SO MUCH COULD CHANGE: Moving into 2021, so much could change. Now is not the time to make major, hasty cuts. Slow down! Open the books! Don't put our great institution at risk! [1] The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2020. https://www.timeshighereducation.com/world-university-rankings/2020/world-ranking#!/page/0/length/25/sort_by/stats_student_staff_ratio/sort_order/desc/cols/stats [2] Macquarie gains highest ever world ranking, 23 Sept 2020. https://www.mq.edu.au/newsroom/2020/09/03/macquarie-gains-highest-ever-world-ranking/
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    Created by MQ Casual Collective
  • Support businesses, sole traders & companies without employees especially in the music industry
    In the music industry there is very little hope that any form of normal operations will be possible for a long time and even teaching a musical instrument especially a woodwind instrument will only be possible on line, which is not satisfactory for advanced students. Soloists, Ensembles, Chamber Music Groups and Orchestras will have no way to provide any work for the many outstanding freelance instrumentalists probably for years rather than months even after a vaccine has been rolled out especially the impossibility of overseas touring which many artists rely on.
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    Created by Thomas Pinschof
  • No Job Losses in Cleaning During the Covid Pandemic!
    Cleaners have never been more important to society. We are on the front line of the battle against COVID 19. However cleaners are not being treated with respect during the pandemic. Large numbers of cleaners have lost their jobs under lockdown restrictions. Even worse, many cleaners who have lost work cannot access Jobkeeper or Jobseeker. The cleaning industry has largely been built on the backs of migrant workers, but Jobkeeper and Jobseeker are only available to Australian citizens. Cleaners should not be going hungry at a time like this. Let's take care of cleaners so that cleaners can take care of society.
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    Created by Victorian Cleaners Action Group
  • Uplift restrictions for cares working multiple sites in south Australia aged care
    It’s very hard to survive Only aged care workers are targeted There is no new case in South Australia and even in aged care This restriction is only for cares don’t understand the reason why only Carers Mask being mandatory for all personal care workers including the nursing staff so why still the care workers can’t work at multiple site
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    Created by Chintan Goradia
  • save our childcare at Cumberland city council
    provides care for my child is a very important issue as are the standards that my child is center provides.
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    Created by Ghadah Salem
  • Extending ATS2084 Quiz Time.
    This petition has been requested by multiple students completing ATS2084 as a way to alert the ATS2084 teaching team that we wish for fairer circumstances. In no way is this petition meant to detriment the quality of teaching of the ATS2084 teaching team. We only want a fairer opportunity to complete the quizzes to the best of our ability. Quizzes are an important element of assessment and can help determine the overall grading of a unit.
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    Created by Gabby Borg
  • Fire Michael Sukkar
    As revealed in the 60 Minutes' expose on Sunday the 23rd of August, the Federal Member for Deakin and Minister for Housing, Michael Sukkar, has been accused of being complicit in an extensive and fraudulent scheme to increase his ideological influence through the Victorian Branch of the Liberal Party. This scheme was also alleged to have helped install Marcus Bastiaan and himself into influential positions between the state and federal branches of the Liberal Party. If true, Minister Sukkar’s involvement with Marcus Bastiaan is reprehensible. It’s been alleged they collaborated and organised together, and used high paying ministerial offices of various members of Parliament to funnel taxpayer money and resources to help increase the internal influence of the Bastian-Sukkar political faction, as well as externally influence political donations. They’re accused of employing a network of friends, and even Minister Sukkar’s immediate family, and the pair were able to utilise taxpayer funds to pay these accomplices for the organising and branch stacking. These insurgent operatives in electorate offices have been employed to purchase votes, and register fake members, in order to stack branches within the Liberal Party of Australia. As a likely participant in this insidious plan, Michael Sukkar has allowed his office to host an unknown number of Party recruiters and organisers in fake political jobs. Minister Sukkar is lacking any shred of personal integrity, as he has overseen part of these criminal actions, employing a graphic designer with the express purpose to create flyers that were used to either solicit political donations to the Liberal Party or discredit political opponents within the Party. This position was also funded by taxpayers. It is an utter embarrassment and disgrace that the current Liberal Prime Minister, Scott Morrison has failed to properly address and respond to these allegations. Any politician alleged to have been involved in the misuse of public funds should be temporarily stood down, and doubly so when that same politician is implicated in alleged fraud related to branch stacking. Minister Sukkar, if any integrity resides within him, would happily volunteer to stand down from his positions until a full investigation takes place, and his lack of action speaks volumes about the validity of these claims.
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    Created by Aaron Williamson
  • Midwives want water immersion
    Water immersion is proven to reduce epidural rates by up to 70%. Epidurals can lead to longer labours, much longer second stages (more expiratory effort), increased risk of instrumental birth and therefore increased risk of PPH and longer hospital stays. If you want to reduce the pressure on our health system, keep birth normal and low risk and encourage non-medical pain relief. If your PPE gets wet, change it. Birth is a splash hazard already. Bodily fluids expelled into a bath, are kept away from HCWs and furthermore diluted. Listen to midwives, the ones who are providing the care!
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    Created by Roxane Ingleton
  • Make it here
    Australia's unemployment rate is at record highs. By spending money on locally manufactured goods, instead of imported ones, the government can support our economic recovery.
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    Created by Australian Manufacturing Workers Union